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Upload Image Hosting – After ordering the hosting and sending the domain to the server, the final steps remain to complete the website setup. One is to upload the website files to the root directory.

In the “file manager” in the “domains” folder, select the folder with the name of the site and go to the root directory – “public_html”. Note that for subdomains, the root directory is created in the directory of the main domain.

Upload Image Hosting

Upload Image Hosting

Select and delete the index.php file in the website root directory. Then click the CREATE button in the upper left corner and select Upload Files.

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To connect via FTP, you will need the server address, username and password. You can get them in the “Hosting” section of your account. Click the gear button next to your order and go to the “Hosting Settings” section below.

Enter the data from the hosting settings into the FTP client settings (the image below shows an example of connecting using the FileZilla client). As “Host” you can use the server’s IP address, server name (tzk301.nic.ua) or your domain name.

After connecting to the host, in the “Remote site” window, open the folders “domains” => “example.com” => “public_html”. Instead of “example.com”, choose a folder with the name of your website.

In the opened directory, copy the necessary files from the local computer, instead of the current standard server page file – index.php.Hosting, upload the service landing page design. database network upload to server services, cloud, hosting. data backup and access protection. vector illustration for poster, website, flyer, mobile app

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Upload Image Hosting

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Upload Image Hosting

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Turn your hard drive into online cloud storage. file sharing on hard storage in cloud hosting. Vector flat illustration concept, marketing.Home – Featured – Best platforms to host your files online Best platforms to host files online Want to host your files in the cloud? Here are 10 of the best file hosting services that can directly upload files and host them for uploading.

File hosting services store user data and files for easy access and sharing. These services may be used for personal or commercial use. Finding a file hosting platform that perfectly suits your needs is difficult. Each file hosting platform has its own characteristics. All these platforms have different hosting limitations, bandwidth etc. File sharing platforms increase productivity and keep files safe.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten file hosts and apps to help you decide which one is best for you.

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Here are the best file hosting and storage platforms for uploading files and creating a download link.

MEGA was launched almost eight years ago, back in 2013. It is a popular file hosting and cloud storage. According to Wikipedia, in 2020 it had 195 million users. Its massive 50GB storage feature makes it the top spot on this list. MEGA has full encryption and automatic synchronization with the MEGA cloud.

The best part about MEGA is that it gives users control over encryption keys. This means that no one but the user can access their files. Files are quickly and easily accessed using a command line tool. The platform has both a free and a paid version.

Upload Image Hosting

Next on the list is 4sync. This file hosting platform allows users to store and sync their files. It’s a great tool for collaborating with others. 4sync is an encrypted platform that makes it easy and secure on the go. Registered users get 10 GB of free storage. Once approved, they can get an additional 5GB. Premium subscriptions start at $8.25 per month or $99 per year.

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The service offers 1 TB (1000 GB) of direct download bandwidth as a free trial (no credit card required). The best file hosting platform if you want users to download a file directly without an intermediate download page.

Next up is Mediafire! These file hosting, syncing and cloud storage services are quite popular. Uploading custom files like images, videos, documents is very easy. Accessing files from different devices has become hassle-free. File sharing is also possible; this can be done through a link or social networks. Mediafire also allows you to collaborate with others.

Users can choose from three plans: Basic Plan, Professional Plan and Business Plan. The Pro plan starts at $3.75 per month.

Next on the list are 4 shared basic and simple designs. We should mention that 4shared is more like a database. But it’s a huge database. Users can upload files such as audio, video, apps and books to the platform. Searching for selected files is quick and easy using various tags and search filters.

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The free version offers 15GB of storage, but is only available for three months/180 days. The premium version starts at $9.95 per month.

24/7 technical support, ad-free sharing, password protected folders, QR codes, lets you share files up to 100 GB

SabercatHost makes it easy to upload, share and manage files. The platform supports multiple file uploads, and for Chrome and Firefox users, files can be uploaded with a quick drag and drop. It is also possible to share files via a link or via social networks.

Upload Image Hosting

Free users can upload files up to 50MB, while premium users can upload up to 10GB. Premium plans start at $5.99 per week and go up to $59.99 per year.

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Sugarsync allows users to save, share and access files across multiple devices. It has an efficient backup feature that seamlessly backs up all user files. Sugarsync lets you sync an unlimited number of devices, which is impressive. Files can also be shared via links or folders with permission.

Deleted files can be recovered with one click. Unfortunately, Sugarsync has a 30-day free trial, after which you have to purchase a subscription. There are different plans for personal and business use. Personal plans start at $7.49 for 100GB per month.

Google Drive is one of the best and most popular platforms for storing user data. Since almost everyone has a Gmail account, Google Drive is the most preferred way to store files. Well, this file storage platform also syncs and hosts files. Great for collaborating on multiple projects. It is safe, reliable and easy to use. Initially, each user is given 15 GB of disk space. To get more storage space, users have to buy it.

Tiiny.host is an unconventional file hosting and web hosting platform. The process of uploading files is simple, all users need to do is upload the zip file along with the static file and that’s it! It is built using robust AWS technology. Once downloaded, the sites are free for users to use for 7 days.

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Premium users can extend this by subscribing to the Pro plan. The Pro plan costs $10 per month and the Pro Plus plan costs $13 per month. There is also a special plan for students called Pro Student that costs $18 per year.

#BoxDrive is so powerful that most Fortune 500 companies prefer it. It is a cloud storage and file hosting service with many features. Files of any format can be saved and shared in Box. Files are synced across all shared devices, and a backup feature ensures users never lose anything. The box is secure with enterprise level security and all files can be managed with one click. Box has different plans for different purposes.

Last but not least is the File Dropper. File Dropper is a platform

Upload Image Hosting

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