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Tempat Hosting – The most important thing to do before building a website is to choose a hosting provider. Choosing a server location can be difficult for first time website builders. Some people think that choosing a server location is not that important, which is a big mistake. Choosing a hosting server is an important part of the website creation process.

Hosted sites are now available in almost every country. But not all of these servers provide good performance. So which server hosting is best for the website you want to build? So, pay attention to the following considerations and make sure you choose the right hosting for your website.

Tempat Hosting

Tempat Hosting

Indirectly, server location affects your website’s Google search performance. The following is the importance of the location of the hosting server on your website.

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Uptime is the amount of time the server can be accessed by users. This time is in the form of a percentage, and when the value is large, it determines that all activity on the site is performed optimally. If you select a site in a disaster-prone location, the uptime may be reduced. Therefore, choose a hosting site with quality infrastructure.

Server location determines the speed of your website. The distance that the server must travel when sending data must be as short as possible so that users can access it more quickly. For example, your visitors come from Indonesia, you use Indonesian hosting, then these visitors can access your website faster.

Higher website speed results in higher website ranking. So the faster your site is accessed, the higher your site will rank in Google search.

It was explained from the start that your server location is in almost every country in the world. But here we discuss the best servers that you can use for your website.

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This server is located in Jakarta. This server allows users to access websites faster because they still use the same IP address. This server is perfect for your target audience in Indonesia.

These servers are great choices for those who need good international access. Its proximity to Indonesia makes Singapore servers less efficient. The Singapore server is perfect for your target audience in Indonesia and overseas.

US servers are suitable for those with a worldwide target audience. Hosting USA has the cheapest price compared to others.

Tempat Hosting

After knowing the best examples of web hosting sites, make sure to think carefully before choosing the right server location. Tips for choosing the best server location.

Memilih Tempat Hosting Dan Domain Yang Terpercaya

You need to understand who visits your website. If the website content you want to build is in Indonesia, then an Indonesian server location can be a good choice. Meanwhile, if your website visitors are abroad, you can choose the Singapore server. Due to its short distance from Indonesia, international access is also high.

You can configure your server location depending on your website type. Types of websites such as corporate websites, personal websites, blogs and others. If so, all you need to do is determine the proper server location for your website.

If your website visitors are in the same location as your server, the website access time will be faster. If you use a server from abroad, you can guarantee that the access time will be slow. So the closer your website visitors are, the faster your website access time will be.

Indonesia Internet Exchange is a gathering place for all internet networks in Indonesia. IIX allows servers to access foreign servers directly back and forth to Indonesian servers. This will speed up the delivery of the website to the server.

Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting

Indonesian servers have a higher budget than US servers. You need to be more careful while choosing the hosting server price. Pay attention to the access speed when visitors visit your website.

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In short, the difference between domain and hosting lies in their capabilities. The domain is the address of the website, and the host is where the website is built. So, if you want to build a website, you definitely need both.

Tempat Hosting

So, let’s discuss the differences between hosting and domains in more detail, and learn more about domains and hosting below!

Apa Itu Hosting Web? Pengertian, Fungsi, Dan Jenisnya Lengkap!

Hosting, or web hosting, is a server that stores all of your website’s files and can be accessed and managed via the internet. Files of photos, videos, manuscripts, etc.

Well, the host server does not stand alone. Servers are managed and stored in data centers. This way the server is secure and can perform at its best.

There are various types of hosting services that are rented out and you can choose the service that suits your needs. The price offered also follows the facilities offered.

For example, imagine if you rented a room or bedroom. You will share the same facilities with other residents in the same unit. For example bathroom, kitchen, etc.

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Like sharing, your website files are shared with other users. And sharing facilities such as speed, speed and disk space.

Shared hosting is suitable for those who are building a website for the first time or who don’t need high standards.

There are several shared packages available, including Baby, Student, Personal, and Business. Prices also vary depending on the host you choose.

Tempat Hosting

So you have the freedom to customize and adapt your resources. However, you need technical skills for this process.

Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia 2023 (kecepatan Teruji!)

Distributed across multiple resources on one physical server. This server uses shared software, hence the name

Think of it like an apartment building, you have one of the rooms. You can organize and do anything at home.

However, because it is still in one complex, the main resources are still shared. For example electricity, water, etc. If the power runs out, such a complex will sense it.

It’s the same with cloud VPS, if the server is down, VPS users on the server will also feel it.

Pdf) Penerapan Server Web Hosting Berbasis Linux Ubuntu Pada Jaringan Komputer Sd Negeri 15 Pangkalpinang

VPS is suitable for websites with high traffic, so sharing can no longer accommodate those who want to have the freedom to set up and configure the server and have the technical skills to manage the server.

You do this by distributing the load to several servers at once. So if one server goes down, it has another backup server.

It’s like opening a shop or restaurant. Where all consumers are not focused on being in one place. You can avoid long queues if there are too many visitors.

Tempat Hosting

Cloud web hosting is ideal for websites that have high traffic but want easy configuration. For example, online stores, project sites, company sites, news sites, etc.

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Cloud hosting services are services with large disk space that can accommodate hundreds of thousands to millions of traffic, and you can get a variety of prices.

The importance of hosting will later affect the performance of your website. So, you have to be observant in choosing it. There are several criteria that you should consider when looking for the best hosting service.

For small or personal websites, they still need less than 20 GB of disk space. At the same time, large websites (online stores, news sites, etc.) may exceed the 20GB limit.

Broadband activity is more visible on your website. So, choose a hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth so your website can run smoothly.

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3. Webmail – Manage email on your web server using your domain name extension. The goal is to make it look more professional.

You also need unlimited emails. For example, adding a site admin email account, sending email to customers, etc.

5. Data Center Quality – Server storage facilities with infrastructure to avoid server outages. The highest data center tier is managed by Data Center Tier 4.

Tempat Hosting

Initially, the site was a complex combination of numbers and letters indicating the address of the server where the site files were stored. Internet users are difficult to remember.

Tempat Hosting Domain Lokal Terbaik Yang Penah Saya Pakai Bertahun Tahun

So the browser can recognize the domain name from the domain name. Same as the address on your rental property or hosting server.

Not only that, armed with a domain, we can also find out information about the owner. Starting from the name, physical address, email, and more. Well, WHOIS is just a list of personal information. You can check Who’s Domain for domain owner information.

Top-level domains are extensions after the website name, such as .com, .id, .co.id, .gov, etc. It is important to pay attention to the choice of this extension, because you can choose the one that suits the purpose of the website.

For example, if you want to create an online store, it is more appropriate to use a school website such as .com or .sch.id.

Faktor Menentukan Hosting Terbaik

SLD can serve as your registered domain name. It can be your brand name or company name.

However, you have to be careful when choosing an SLD. Because later this SLD will be remembered by your website visitors.

It’s at the front, usually if the domain is a subdomain. Its ability to segment website pages like blogs, orders, courses etc according to their purpose.

Tempat Hosting

Do you know which domain and host? They are two different things. The way the two work is complementary.

Pengertian Domain Dan Hosting

The domain is the address of the host and that host. Of course you can’t go home without an address.

Too long huh? However, the five steps above occur relatively quickly, only in a matter of seconds. It all depends on server performance.

Typically, host buyers buy domain names outright. Just like a home buyer who simultaneously buys the “address” of his house.

Anyway, it’s hosted, but what if you want

Bingung Tentang Apa Itu Hosting? Simak Di Sini Penjelasan Lengkapnya

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