Sewa Hosting Website

Sewa Hosting Website – As we strive to create a professional website, at least two main components are required, hosting and domain. Hosting is where your website files are stored online. While a domain is the address you need to access a particular website. To get the above two supporting components, a service or site is required to build the website. That place is web hosting.

Of course, there are many parameters that must be considered when choosing a service package from a web hosting company. In this case, offers the best service, so they are always ready to help you, especially in building this website. What sets Niagahoster apart from other web hosting is that, in addition to a money-back guarantee, fast and reliable web servers, Niagahoster also offers a forever free domain with full administrative management access for anyone who wants to build a website there. Are you interested?

Sewa Hosting Website

Sewa Hosting Website

Through this article, I will try to guide you step by step on how to order or rent a domain name hosting service on the Niagahoster website. For that, here is a full review:

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1. Please visit the official website You can then click on the Hosting menu or scroll down a bit on the home page to determine which hosting package you want to use. For example, I chose Student Package.

2. After clicking the Select Now button. Please identify the hosting package and the hosting period for which you have rented the package. If click Next.

3. Then specify the domain address and its extension, and click Find Domain. A message will appear if the domain is available. Good news, the domain is available. Then click the “Add to Chart” button.

4. On the next page, you will see the details of the hosting package and the domain name you ordered. If you are sure that nothing has changed, click the Next button.

Cara Sewa Hosting Di Hoster :: Panduan Hoster

5. If you do not have a Niagahoster Cpanel account, please register first through the New User tab. However, if you already have an account like me, all you have to do is log in with your email and password in the form provided.

6. On the payment page, complete all your purchase data. Decide which payment method you will use. Don’t forget to check the list of agreement terms and conditions. Then click the Process Payment button.

7. If a page appears with the message Thank you, your order process is complete. Check the email inbox of your registered Niagahoster login account for payment details, destination account number and information related to your membership/cpanel account with Niagahoster.

Sewa Hosting Website

8. Pay your domain order to one of the accounts offered by Niagahoster. If you have transferred funds, please confirm the payment on the invoice. You go to the Niagahoster member page and click on the payment confirmation menu.

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10. The final step is to complete your payment confirmation data so that your hosting package and domain are activated and ready to use.

Now here are the series of processes that must be completed to rent a domain and hosting at If you have hosting and the domain is active, you can use it to upload your website files using the Cpanel hosting tool available at Idhostinger. Or you can also install a CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal according to your needs. However, if you get stuck, please contact the Niagahoster live chat section as they are always online and available 24 hours to help you. First, more or less forgive me. Thanks, hope it’s useful.

NOTE: This is a review article. Sponsor orders articles to promote a product/service. All forms resulting from the above written material are the sole responsibility of the respective sponsor and not the blog administrator. Interested in producing the review articles above, please contact me via the review services page below. thank you The web as a means of communication and a source of information is a testament to the rapid development of the information technology industry. The web is not only used as an information tool, but has evolved into one of the driving forces of social and economic growth, which is marked by the emergence of thousands of online buying and selling sites or what we usually call electronic commerce.

For those of you, especially economic players, creating a website is a must, a website is a bridge that facilitates the growth and development of the business you manage and market. Therefore we need a facility, ie. web hosting to exist so we can have the website we own online. One of them uses the services of Web Hosting

Mengenal Kapasitas (space) Web Hosting

After reading my review above, there is no reason why you should not choose Hostinger as your hosting provider. Through this article, I will try to guide you step by step on how to order or rent a domain name hosting service at Web Hosting Hostinger. For that, here is a full review:

1. Please visit the official website You can then click on the Hosting menu or scroll down a bit on the home page to determine which hosting package you want to use. For example, I chose the Premium Web Hosting Package.

2. After selecting the hosting package of your choice, then on the next page specify your desired hosting lease period. Also consider whether you want to use SSL (Secure Sockets Lawyer) as your website’s security facility. Of course, you will pay a monthly fee for this facility. But this is optional.

Sewa Hosting Website

At the same time, if we order Premium Package or Business Package hosting with a hosting lease of 12 months, we will receive a free domain name. So, if you choose to order hosting for this type of package, you will have the opportunity to choose your desired domain name. You can order a domain name as long as it is still free, that is, no one else owns it yet. If you have completed a checkout.

Penyedia Jasa Sewa Hosting Terbaik & Terpercaya

3. Then select your desired payment method. Please do not forget to login first before continuing the purchase process. If you do not have an account with Hostinger, please register first. Finally checkout again

4. If you have been directed to this page, the purchase process is almost complete. You only pay for your hosting rental order.

5. If you have already paid. Confirm your payment so Hostinger can verify your order.

Or another way is to send the confirmation directly by email in the following format:

Buat Kamu Yang Mau Membuat Website, Cobalah Beli Domain Dan Hosting Murah Di 3 Provider Ini!

6. Wait until the Hostinger team validates your domain and payment for your hosting order. After your payment. On the Cpanel Hostinger home page, your unpaid hosting bill will appear.

The appearance of this configuration pop-up window indicates that the process of renting free domain hosting at Hostinger Web Hosting was successful.

With your Cpanel Hostinger account, you can upload website files using the available tools. If your website basically uses a content management system (CMS), then you can also install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop and various other CMS as needed. Don’t forget to combine your uploaded website with the domain name you ordered earlier. so that your website can be accessed by the browser you use.

Sewa Hosting Website

If you encounter difficulties, please communicate with the CS hosting provider, 24/7 service. This is more or less similar to the series of stages/processes that need to be followed to rent a domain and hosting at That’s all, I hope what I share is useful to all of us. Domain name options: .com / .xyz / .online / .site / .website / .space / / / .biz. id. Comes with hosting purchase for at least 1 year. The free domain name is valid for the first year.

Cashback Offer On Domain And Hosting

You can contact us through various available channels. The support team is ready 24 hours a day to help you with your problems.

Used by over 200,000 customers Our backup systems are located in data centers located in 2 different buildings.

Cloud storage technology based on NVMe SSD with 3x data replication gives you 100% data uptime, maximum performance, maximum stability and prevents data corruption.

Protect against data loss or corruption due to disasters with backup capabilities stored in data centers with different buildings. There are 3 restore points which are daily, weekly and monthly.

Membuat Website Toko Online Dan Landing Page Tanpa Sewa Hosting Dan Domain

CPanel is the best control panel because it is easy to operate, fully functional and time saving. CloudLinux’s resource isolation makes the server very stable.

There are various features available to speed up your website such as WordPress Accelerator, PageSpeed​​​​​​Plugin, Nginx Caching, GFonts Accelerator, Redis and Memcached.

The latest HTTP/3 technology with QUIC makes your website faster. Coupled with Brotli’s best compression, it will boost your website’s performance.

Sewa Hosting Website

The best web hosting in Indonesia with 10 Gbps connection with OpenIXP, IIX, JKT-IX and C2IX through a modern network supporting IPv4 and IPv6 for a large address space.

Web Hosting Unlimited

Easily migrate your hosting. We will help you migrate all your data within 1×24 hours for free.

One-click defeat of malware attacks. Imunify360 hosting features are the best solution to protect your website from malware attacks.

Comes with over 400 user-friendly apps including WordPress, Online Stores, Marketing Tools, News, Company Profiles, Blogs and more.

Advanced and Pro features provide powerful features included in any hosting plan: Python, Ruby, Golang, Rust, Java (OpenJDK), Memcached, Redis, SSH, Bash, Git and MongoDB.

Cara Memilih Web Hosting Andal, Terbaik, Dan Berkualitas

For your developers and power users, now you can run complex applications on hosted packages without bothering with server management, which takes a lot of time.

Already uses cloud technology to give you the experience of owning a website

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