Pesan Domain Dan Hosting

Pesan Domain Dan Hosting – At least two key components are needed in our efforts to build a professional website: Hosting and Domain. Hosting is a place to store website files online. Although a domain is an address, you need to access a specific website. To get the two supporting components above, you need a service or a place to set up your website. This place is Web Hosting.

Of course, there are many parameters to consider when choosing a package of services offered by a web hosting company. In this case, has the best service, so they are ready to help you create this website. What sets Niagahoster apart from other web hosting services is that Niagahoster offers free forever access to domain names and a full domain administrator in addition to a fast and reliable web server, a money-back guarantee, and a full domain administrator. will give. Do you interfere?

Pesan Domain Dan Hosting

Pesan Domain Dan Hosting

Through this article, I will try to give you a step-by-step guide on how to order or rent domain hosting at Niagahoster Web Hosting. Here is the full review for it:

Cara Beli Hosting Dan Domain

1. Visit official website. You can then click on the Hosting menu or scroll down a bit on the main page to determine which hosting package you will be using. For example, I chose the Student package.

2. Now after clicking the select button. Please specify the hosting package and for how long you will rent the hosting along with the package. If you click Next.

3. Next, specify the domain address and extension and click the Find Domain button. If there is space, a message will appear. Good news, this place is available. Then click Add to Chart.

4. The next page will show the details of the hosting package along with the domain name you ordered. If you are sure that nothing has changed, click the “Next” button.

Buat Kamu Yang Mau Membuat Website, Cobalah Beli Domain Dan Hosting Murah Di 3 Provider Ini!

5. If you don’t have a Niagahoster Cpanel account, please register first from the New User menu tab. If you already have an account like I do, just log in using your email address and password in the form provided.

6. Fill in all the purchase information on the payment page. Decide which payment method to use. Be sure to check the list of contract forms and terms. Then click the Check button.

7. If a page with the word “Thank you” opens, your order has been completed. Check your Niagahoster registered email inbox to get payment details, target account number and your member / Cpanel account details on Niagahoster.

Pesan Domain Dan Hosting

8. Make payment for your domain order to one of Niagahoster’s recommended accounts. If you did, confirm the payment on your invoice. You go to Niagahoster member page and click on “Confirm Payment” menu.

Tutorial Menyewa Web Hosting Gratis Domain Selamanya Di Niagahoster

10. The final step is to fill in the payment confirmation information so that your hosting package and domain name are activated and ready to use.

This is a series of steps to rent and host domains on If you have hosting and domain active, you can use Cpanel hosting tools on Idhostinger to upload your website files. Or you can install CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal according to your preference. However, if you face any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact Niagahoster live chat as they are always online and at your service 24 hours a day. First of all, let me apologize. Thanks and I hope this is helpful.

Note: This is a review post. Sponsored commissioned articles to promote products/services. All forms arising from the above written material are the sole responsibility of the respective sponsor and not the blog administrator. If you would like to produce review articles like the one above, please contact me via the review services page below. We thank you. We pay annually, for those of you who are serious about building your own website, we share this guide on how to buy a cheap domain name and hosting for Rp 262,722. This tutorial is equipped with a picture guide to make it easy for those who want to practice. And this guide continues with links to other related pages. For those who want to practice our tutorial, please! We guarantee that you can get your website up and running, which means you can buy a domain and hosting, as well as build your own website.

After clicking on the blue text “Site for selling domain and hosting”, a site for selling domain and hosting will open.

Cara Order Layanan Domain

Then transfer the amount of IDR 262,722 to BCA account number 8165103030 via BCA ATM transfer or internet banking.

After remittance, send remittance receipt to WA number 082140001000. A photo of the transfer receipt can be taken from the camera of your Android mobile phone.

Also, send a message to WA 082140001000 as follows, request immediate activation of the domain hosting and invoice number 814845, after which you will receive a notification of your payment within 15 to 30 minutes. It has been accepted and your hosting and domain have been processed for activation.

Pesan Domain Dan Hosting

A CMS is software for managing your WordPress website. An example of website management is writing articles and uploading photos to articles on your website.

Beli Web Hosting Murah Gratis Domain Diskon 30% Selamanya

At this point, the domain purchase and hosting process is complete, so Rp. We hope this tutorial will be useful for you. Some people who want to start a website business or start a website for their business sometimes only buy hosting. or confused about buying hosting and domain name together. Some, perhaps you, do not know the advantages of hosting and domain at the same time. But before moving on to the advantages of buying and hosting a domain name, we will explain step by step what domain name and hosting are.

Domains or domain names are essentially the same as physical addresses. For example, satellite navigation requires a postcode or street name for the system to navigate to that address. It’s the same as a web browser that needs a domain name to take you to your destination website.

This domain name actually consists of two main elements. As an example, let’s take the website name Facebook and the domain with the .com domain extension. Therefore, when you want to buy a domain name, you can use your own name or company name as the domain name.

A domain name is like a shortcut that directs us to the server that is currently online, your website. Without a domain name, people will enter your IP address to open and access your website. Of course, this will be very complicated, because in reality the IP address is long and difficult to remember. Also, an IP address name that is too long is definitely not efficient when advertising, right?

Cara Membuat Website WordPress Gratis Tanpa Perlu Membeli Domain Dan Hosting

Currently, the registration of distributed domain names is regulated by an organization called ICANN, which stands for the Internet Assigned Names and Numbers Administration. ICANN, which determines the available domain extensions. It also maintains a database to focus on where the domain is leading.

Hosting or what many people call Web Hosting or Rental Hosting is a place that is rented to host the information needed to access a website over the internet. Such data may be in the form of files, emails, applications, scripts, programs, databases or images and videos.

The definition of hosting can be likened to a kiosk or a location in a large shopping mall. In addition, the management of a large mall then rents out the kiosk or space they own, including all the amenities, electricity, telephone and other facilities, and people can do business there. Each kiosk or location has its own manager. They also receive various decorations and are guided on their way. As with kiosk rentals, there should be a maximum time and space limit.

Pesan Domain Dan Hosting

For example, one of the best hosting companies in Jogja provides the best facilities for this type of hosting rental, starting with hardware, networking, email and more to help you start or create a website. A proprietary server already has many clients and each of our clients has a disk space or usage limit.

Review Domainesia, Shared Hosting Murah Dan Cepat

Of course, hosting and domains are the needs of all website owners. Both of these have a very important function for a website. Therefore, getting the best domain and hosting is a must for anyone who wants to create or own a website. But what are the real benefits of buying hosting and a domain name at the same time?

When you decide to buy a domain and hosting together, the first advantage is saving time. For website owners who have a large number of visitors or visitors and are very busy, buying a domain name and hosting at the same time is an absolute advantage. Buying a domain name and hosting at the same time can save website owners a lot of time. This way, website owners will have more time to use for other things that will have a good impact on their website.

Finding the best hosting and domain name service providers is difficult for many people these days. The options are very diverse with various attractive offers. With so many options, of course, if you have to buy a domain name and hosting separately, you will need more energy. First you need to find the best hosting provider. It takes a lot of time and effort. Not to mention the challenges of finding the best domain name provider. If you still want to do it separately, be prepared to spend energy on customizing your website. This is one of the advantages of buying and hosting a domain name at the same time. You choose the service provider that you think is the best, then buy hosting and

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