Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

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In other words, the difference between domains and hosting lies in their functionality. A domain is the web address and hosting is where the website is built. So of course if you’re trying to build a website you need both.

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

Now that we’ve covered the difference between hosting and domains in detail, let’s take a closer look at domains and hosting below.

Apa Itu Hosting? Penjelasan Lengkap Web Hosting

Hosting or web hosting is a server where all website files are stored and can be accessed and managed over the internet. Start with image files, videos, scripts, etc.

Now, hosting servers are not standalone. Servers are managed and stored in data centers. This is to ensure that our hosting servers are secure and function optimally.

There are many types of hosting services for rent, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The prices offered also follow the facilities offered.

For example, let’s say you rent a room in a boarding house or share a house. You share the same facilities with other residents in the unit. For example, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Apa Itu Cloud Hosting? Manfaat Cloud Hosting Untuk Website Anda

Similar to shared hosting, your site’s files are placed with other users. They also share the same features like speed, disk space, etc.

Shared hosting is a good choice if you are creating your first website or if you have just started your website and do not need advanced specifications.

Has several shared hosting packages: Baby, Student, Personal and Business. The price also depends on which hosting package you choose.

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

So you can freely configure and set your resources. However, this process requires technical skills.

Pengertian Hosting Dan Domain Serta Detail Lainnya Yang Perlu Diketahui

A single physical server divided into several different resources. Since software is used to share this server,

Yes, think of it as an apartment complex. you live in one of the houses. You are free to organize and do what you want in your own home.

However, since they are in the same complex, they still share key resources. For example, electricity, water, etc. When the power goes out, well, a complex feels it.

Just like cloud VPS, when a server goes down, the VPS users on the server feel it too.

Control Panel Hosting. Pengertian Control Panel Hosting Antarmuka Berbasis Web Yang Disediakan Oleh Layanan Web Hosting Yang Memungkinkan Pengguna Untuk.

VPS is suitable for high traffic websites that shared hosting cannot handle, requires freedom to manage and configure servers and technical skills to manage servers.

To do this, spread the load across multiple servers at once. So if one server goes down, there is another backup server.

It’s like opening a store or a branch restaurant. Where not all consumers are gathered in one place. Avoid long queues when there are too many visitors.

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

Cloud hosting is great for hosting high-traffic websites that require simple configuration. For example, online stores, project websites, company websites, news portals, etc.

Fungsi Web Hosting Untuk Website Anda

Cloud hosting is available at a variety of prices, with large disk capacity for hundreds of thousands to millions of traffic.

The importance of hosting is how it later affects the performance of your website. So you have to be wise in choosing it. There are several criteria that must be considered when looking for the best hosting service.

Small or personal websites usually require less than 20 GB of disk space. On the other hand, large websites (eg online stores, news portals, etc.) require 20 GB or more of unlimited space.

Websites experience a lot of bandwidth activity. So choose a hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth to help your website run more smoothly.

Apa Itu Control Panel Hosting Dan Fungsinya Untuk Website

3. Webmail – Manage your email on your hosting server with your domain name suffix. The goal is to make it look more professional.

You also want unlimited email to accommodate very high email activity. For example, adding an email account for site administrators, sending emails to clients, etc.

5. Data center quality – Server storage space hosting with infrastructure to protect servers from disruption. The top tier of data centers is held by Data Center Tier 4.

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

Originally, a domain was in the form of a very complex combination of numbers and letters that indicated the address of the host server where the website files were stored. It is very difficult for internet users to remember.

Pengertian Domain Dan Hosting

So that the browser can know where the website files are from the domain name. Same as your apartment building or host server address.

Not only that, but armed with domains, you can also find information about the owner. It starts with your name, address, email, etc. Well, WHOIS is one such list of personal information. You can check the domain whois to see the domain owner information.

A TLD is the extension after your website name, for example .com, .id,, .gov. You should consider your choice of add-on as you can choose the one that best suits your site’s purpose.

For example, if you are creating an online store, it is better to use a school website such as .com or

Apa Itu Localhost? Pengertian, Jenis, Dan Kegunaannya

SLD also serves as a domain name for registration. It can be a trademark or a company name.

But choose your SLD carefully. This is because this SLD will later be remembered by your website visitors.

Normally, if a domain has subdomains, they are placed first. Its function is to divide the pages of the website according to their purpose, such as blogs, orders, courses, etc.

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

Do you know what domain and hosting are? Those are two different things. The two working methods complement each other.

Top 10 Web Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia » Page 2 Of 2 » Romeltea Online

A domain as an address to a house and where the house is hosted. You cannot visit a house without an address.

Impressed by the long process? However, the five steps above are relatively quick and only take a few seconds. It also all depends on the performance of the server.

Host buyers usually buy domains all at once. It’s like a home buyer buying the “address” of their home at the same time.

But what if you already have hosting and want to change your domain? The process is short and simple.

Inilah 5 Perbedaan Cloud Hosting Dan Web Hosting

It is often difficult to distinguish between the two, but you now know the difference between hosting and domains. Both are related to each other and work to build a website.

Both are available in hosting package services to create the website you need. Add extra speed and security and you get cheap domain hosting for free.

As additional information, we currently have a free vps sharing program and free web hosting for anyone to join. Interested in trying our premium service for free?

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

Get a variety of self-study articles, interesting insights and tips about the online world straight to your email. Subscribe Now and Start Succeeding With Us Web Hosting Features – What is Web Hosting? This should come as no surprise. In fact, the term is only familiar to those who already do business online. Below is a full explanation of what web hosting means and how it works and what types.

Pengertian, Kelebihan Dan Kekurangan Colocation Server

Web hosting, if defined, is a computer used to store data for a website and must be connected to the internet to be accessed online. In more detail, websites can display information because it is already stored on what are called web hosting servers. This web hosting server is then managed in a data center, or data storage space, for everyone to access.

In fact, you can use your home computer as a data storage server. However, it is quite inconvenient as it requires ongoing maintenance for human access. So usually people prefer web hosting providers.

There are many different types of hosting services available today. It is very suitable for website usability and file storage needs. These types of hosting services include:

This type of hosting only offers servers that are shared by the website owner. These host users should share the server’s capacity and resources. This means that each user has limited server access rights. In comparison, shared hosting is like renting a house with several people living in it. The rooms are separate, but the kitchen and bathroom are shared. This web hosting is suitable for beginners with low resource usage.

Pengertian Web Server Beserta Fungsinya

This type of hosting gives you more freedom to access the internet. Because this host can be split into virtual servers that act as separate host servers. Therefore, each user can set his own desired amount of Internet access. In comparison, VPS hosting is an apartment, with its own facilities that are not shared with others. All these facilities are free to use and manage. However, other residents have their own premises in the same building, so electricity and water must be shared. This host is suitable for users who use larger hosting resources and cannot be served by shared hosting.

This type of hosting gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your website without any restrictions, let alone share it with others. In other words, this host is like your own home in a complex. Even if you can manage everything in your house, if there is a problem in the data center (complex), it will affect you.

Therefore, it is a complete description of the web hosting features of the website. So if you are interested in starting an online business and need web hosting, please contact us. By using our service, you can quickly solve the problems of starting an online business. For more information about this service call 0812 6363 0633.

Pengertian Web Hosting Adalah

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