Paket Hosting Rumahweb

Paket Hosting Rumahweb – RumahWeb Hosting Review – With the growing demand for websites – personal and business, the number of web and hosting providers is also increasing. Rumahweb can compete with promises of high speed and low cost.

Rumahweb hosting reviews are very easy to find online, with various social media forums like Facebook, Instagram and others. This is enough to prove that Rumahweb host users are spread all over.

Paket Hosting Rumahweb

Paket Hosting Rumahweb

Based on this analysis, you can clearly see whether this option is suitable for your website needs in 2022.

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With servers located in Indonesia. In fact, there are 30 server points spread across all local and international locations.

Not only is it high in terms of servers, but there are many package deals that attract attention. In each of these packages, various unlimited features are available at competitive prices.

Additionally, the current payment method is considered very convenient. For a comprehensive review of RumahWeb Hosting, let’s first explore the content of the service.

In terms of speed in Asia, it reaches 138 ms which is in the top category, with a special unlimited receiving service costing IDR 15,000 per month.

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Many people say that Rumahweb’s day-to-day service is excellent. Several communication methods are available to help struggling users deal with potential errors.

One of the best is hosted by LiveChat service which can provide fast response. Apart from this, Facebook chat and WhatsApp chat are available for easy communication with users who want to bring complaints.

In addition to communication support, order processing system support has not escaped Rumahweb’s attention. Providing the best support within minutes, order requests can be confirmed instantly and customers can proceed to make payments. Similarly the processing efficiency is faster.

Paket Hosting Rumahweb

According to the testimonials shared by the users, the customer care team is very efficient. Especially in the LiveChat service. Not just the speed of response, the responses that users get when they talk to them are friendly so that Rumahweb users feel comfortable.

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You don’t need to worry when you register Rumahweb for the first time. Creating a website is also easy, all you need to do is provide a Google account or a social media account like Facebook.

These are supporting details that facilitate the registration process. This payment method can speed up registration so you can manage your website right away.

There are various methods available from sending debit cards to wallets, which are credit cards as well as ATM, OVO, GoPay and Paypal online payments. You can also go to supermarkets like Indomaret and Alfamart.

Not only to win with communication services, Rumahweb also excels in management systems by implementing the latest version of PHP that can meet all the needs of web owners. It is integrated with support system

Hosting Gratis 2023 Terbaik Sampai Selamanya

RumahWeb is one of the many hosting providers that offer a variety of hosting options at affordable prices. There are .com, .net, .org, .id and hundreds of other options. .xyz is the cheapest domain name for beginners. You can get this type of domain for only IDR 29,000 for one year.

If you have talked about the service with all its benefits. However, it is incomplete if you do not discuss the limitations. So, here is a Rumahweb host review regarding the limitations that another provider of this host still has.

As an ICANN accredited registrar, it is a unique opportunity to be able to provide free domain services, the best hosting provider in Indonesia. These benefits are only available if you are registered with Rumahweb. Benefits can be enjoyed throughout the year, so you can save even more in the first year of enrollment.

Paket Hosting Rumahweb

Those that reach the perfect number are preferred by website owners, so that the website loads faster. However, sustained efforts will not support the high percentages promised. There are times when Rumahweb goes a little wrong. However, this is not really a big problem compared to other free perks and services offered.

Cara Custom Domain Rumah Web Ke Blogspot

Among many web hosting and hosting companies, Rumahweb is the best because it has experience and many benefits.

Starting a service is always worth reaching out through several social media forums. The products offered can be selected as needed to provide the cheapest subscription budget. Unfortunately, this is not covered by warranty

Rumahweb is a reliable and trustworthy site and host. Even now 155 thousand sites are registered in Rumahweb. Some of the big names using RumahWeb’s services include:

Rumahweb can be a good option to sign up to host and buy sites at a low price, seeing that there are many people who trust their website. And sometimes, there are promos that can help you save on website management costs.

Top 5+ Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia 2023

For those of you who are just starting to convert, a simple .com promo is now offered for less than Rp. 100,000.

Therefore, a review of Rumahweb hosts can be considered important to provide an overview of the services, advantages and disadvantages. We hope this is helpful and you can find the right service from Rumahweb to suit your needs. For budding content creators using GB WhatsApp? Beware of the threat of permanent ban! Need cash fast? Here are 7 easy money making apps

– Rumahweb’s name in hosting and domain services is no longer in doubt in the hosting world. Rumahweb, founded in 2002 in Yogyakarta, has over 14,000 customers and has received many positive reviews of Rumahweb.

Paket Hosting Rumahweb

If Kanka IT has used the services of Rumahweb, surely others will understand the following points of excellence. But for the relatively new Kanka IT, see below some disadvantages of Rumahweb as a hosting and domain service provider.

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The first benefit that Rumahweb offers for Kanka IT is the 24/7 support service. Through the ‘Orang Rumah’ brand, RumahWeb strives to provide services to its users through various channels such as chat and phone.

Questions submitted to customer service are answered in less than 5 minutes in a friendly environment. This makes the customer care support service the best with a score of 8/10.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a host and network provider is the ability to handle heavy traffic. To determine the capacity of a RumahWeb server, Kanka IT must look at the results of the load impact.

A load impact test is used to determine the stability of the response time from the Rumahweb server. Based on load performance testing, the maximum response time for 15 virtual users and 25 virtual users is less than one second.

Rumah Web Hosting Indonesia

This test shows that the RumahWeb server can handle the traffic and 25 users very well. However, when the number of visitors increases simultaneously, the response time of the RumahWeb server is close to 1 second.

One of the factors that Kanka IT should pay attention to is the service registration period. However, many hosting and domain service providers offer extended uptime.

Rumahweb offers its customers the convenience and ease of hosting and domain services for a limited period every month. In terms of cost, the monthly subscription actually costs more than the annual fee.

Paket Hosting Rumahweb

However, the monthly subscription makes it easier for Kanka IT to test the services offered by RumahWeb. So that Kanka IT can change the subscription every year when it feels comfortable with Rumahweb services. Mengintip Lebih Jauh Tentang Rumahweb

A common problem faced by hosting and web users is managing migrations. Some service providers charge a fee to move or relocate a host.

Rumahweb offers free and easy moving services. Apart from this, Rumahweb also offers free guest rent for the first month and 50% discount if you sign up for a year.

Another advantage that Rumahweb offers to Kanca IT is a free site and website builder. With professional hosting packages and above, every purchase gets a free site and website builder.

There are 2 types of website builders offered by Rumahweb, Weebly service or Rumahweb Sitebuilder. The web builder service will be supported by Rumahweb until it is properly installed and everyone can access the (published) content via the Internet. Oh yes, hosting is not just for content creation and it can be easily discovered. Hosting also has many other functions to develop buying and selling activities (

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Domainesia is a website from Yogyakarta. Domainecia has three types of services, namely, Domain Packages, WordPress Hosting and Cloud VPS. Domania CloudFlare also hosts enterprise SSDs such as Railgun and web development applications, particularly WordPress. Apart from Indonesia, Domania now has servers in other countries including Singapore, America, England and Japan. Domania hosting is perfect for beginner bloggers on a simple content portal. Domania has supporting tools like CloudFlare, Latest PHP, Python, Ruby, Node JS, Intel, SSL with Let’s Encrypt. Package prices start from IDR 24,000 to IDR 9,600,000.

DhyHost is a website and web hosting service in Indonesia. DyHost itself is based in Cirebon. Founded in 2013, this company is one of the most popular companies in Indonesia. More than 2500 sites are trusted by more than 1000 internet users in Indonesia. Tools used by DhyHost include CloudLinux OS, LiteSpeed, Valley Cooler manufacturers themselves off their stuff. DhyHost has four hosting options: Personal and Business Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting and Pro Cloud Hosting. There are three types of server locations in individual hosting plans.

Server locations include Indonesia, Singapore, and the USA. Indonesian servers have different price ranges and features, while USA hosts have slightly lower prices. So

Paket Hosting Rumahweb

For those who want to build such a site, cloud hosting and semi-dedicated cloud hosting projects are suitable for more complex sites. You can subscribe to a host for one month, one year, up to 2 years.

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This, right? Niagahoster offers it

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