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Online File Hosting – Whether you need to receive files for your own business, or you represent a large number of clients who need to receive their own files, there’s a more professional way to do it than a Google Public Folder.

One thing you should understand is that having a file uploader is not all you need. You need to have a way to be notified that a new file has been received and also to manage the files.

Online File Hosting

Online File Hosting

Getting files uploaded directly to a cloud account is something you can do using Dropbox or Google Drive integration. And this is a big help when it comes to automation as you can work with the data collected with the form and the file associated with it, without having to waste time searching for them and adding them to your storage folder in the cloud

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The file upload field was created so that you can simplify a company’s workflow and make the process of uploading and requesting files easier. And you can add this field to your online form in your form builder in the easiest way.

Currently, there are two cloud storage services that you can automatically connect to your online forms to receive files. Set up the integration in the My Apps dashboard or in the Integrations menu when you create a form. You can even set up more than one account if needed.

Then drag and drop the Upload File field to the form and set in the builder itself which folder the files will be sent to.

All uploaded files go directly to the registered Cloud account. Don’t worry and keep looking for it in your emails (although you can add a notification to receive the file by email). To download content, simply sign in to your Drive account and use the uploaded files however you see fit.

How To Increase Maximum File Upload Size In WordPress

You can receive all uploaded files directly into a designated Google Drive folder by integrating it with your account. This way you won’t lose your uploaded files and you can organize everything you upload, simplifying your workflow.

Files are automatically uploaded to the built-in account, which means you don’t have to waste time searching for the file and adding it to the right place you need.

To set up this integration, the first thing you need to do is go into the app and create or edit an existing form, then go to the integrations settings and select Google Drive.

Online File Hosting

Now all you have to do is sign in with your Google account and enable its integration with the app. Enable the integration and go back to the form because now you need to drag and drop the File Upload field to where you need it on the form and enable the integration in the field properties.

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You can then adjust everything about that field, such as the type of file that can be uploaded and its size, the name of the field, and whether it’s a required field or not. Learn more about supported file size and file type limitation.

Just like Google Drive, you can streamline your workflow by integrating Dropbox. The choice between the two cloud storage services only depends on your usage preferences. offers both to choose from.

The first thing you do after creating the new form is to go to the integration and add the Dropbox account, sign in and give the app permission to access the account. Remember to activate it by editing it before returning to the form.

Then just edit the form, add the File Upload field and set all the options in the field properties, adding a name to the label, such as “Upload your profile picture”. Adjust the field exactly as you need it, with the correct extension and size that you decide the file should be allowed to upload.

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You can use any form you create on your WordPress website. Customize your form with your own branding and review it before publishing. Then click to share the form, copy and paste the code into your website, using the plugin, and this way you can receive a file upload through your WordPress website.

It is also available as a form builder plugin within WordPress. The first thing you need to do is activate the plugin. You can create, organize and edit your form there in your WordPress dashboard so you can add drag and drop file upload field by following the steps we gave above. Then select the form desired by the editor when you edit your page. Check out our step-by-step guide to creating a contact form in WordPress.

Imagine you have a product to promote and you want to know how a demographic in the market perceives it. If the feedback form allows users to submit an image or screenshot along with their written opinion, you can see what the customer sees and better understand from their point of view.

Online File Hosting

Another use case is to accept files using the contact support form. If there’s a problem with a website, an app, or even a physical product, it’s much faster to perceive what the problem is when you have a visual cue. Because you put the File Upload field on the form, the user can add the message they are sending, which also lets you understand what each customer needs.

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Of course, it becomes an invaluable tool for a B2C business, and if you’re B2B, you can offer it as a solution. Helping businesses create a better relationship with their customers is part of what you should do when you offer your services.

Just remember that all forms should be clear and easy to understand so that you don’t have a high dropout rate and you can have the most accurate information and data collection possible.

Now you know that it integrates with Cloud platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. But what makes it so important to use this integration over other file sharing options? Well, in simple words, this integration allows you to keep a company’s brand associated with the conversation that is taking place on the exchange.

There are many reasons to attach uploaded files to your forms and we discuss them in this article. Some use cases include:

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And there’s no better way to access, securely store and manage those received files than to have integration with a cloud storage service, which makes your job easier and easier. All the collected files go directly into the folder and you can access them whenever you need them.

With the integration, your received files are always organized and you know where to find them. You can access your files from anywhere and anytime, and most importantly, you won’t lose them, after all, they are stored in a cloud service.

You can also receive them as an attachment directly to your inbox by setting up a notification using the autoresponder tool. The file size and format can be determined in the field settings, so you don’t have to worry about files that are too heavy.

Online File Hosting

Being mobile-friendly is one of the basic rules when working with online forms. You must remember when creating any type of online form that 81% of all Americans own a smartphone.

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With this data, it’s easy to see why any form you create should be 100% responsive and easy to fill out on any device. With this in mind, online forms built with them are auto-responsive, making forms easy to fill out on both mobile and desktop.

Having these concerns can put you ahead of some companies that don’t pay the same attention to their customers. Being responsive and mobile-friendly is essential in the market. Especially when you need to receive files via an online form. So make sure your resources are designed for all devices.

Right after the respondent hits the send button, they may receive an automated message from your company. The message ends the submission with a positive note confirming that the form was successfully submitted and that it appreciates your participation or message.

This is part of the customer experience and can have a huge impact on business growth. Especially since this action represents the concern that the business has with the customer. Because the customer isn’t holding back, wondering if they’ve made the right presentation, they can see the business as a respectful business and recommend it to friends and family. Sometimes a simple action is all you need to see your business grow.

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You can customize the exact file type you will receive. All you have to do is go to advanced settings and select “Custom”.

First click on the Upload field and go to basic configuration tools on the right side of the screen. There you can edit the field and select, in advanced

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