Menghubungkan Domain Ke Hosting

Menghubungkan Domain Ke Hosting – Connecting a domain to a hosting server is the next step we take after a successful domain purchase. This step is known as setting the domain in the DNS or DNS (Domain Name Server) configuration.

There are times when webmasters buy domains and hosting from different places. No problem, because the union of the two is still easy to do through name servers.

Menghubungkan Domain Ke Hosting

Menghubungkan Domain Ke Hosting

Therefore, in this article, Panda will discuss specifically how to connect a domain name to a hosting server. Let’s find out more!

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Server Hosting

Before we start with the steps, there are a few things we need to know and pay attention to first. These are, namely:

Make sure your domain name is ready. People usually look for articles on how to combine domains and hosting after they have finished buying a domain. The goal, of course, is to combine the two so that the website can survive.

Web hosting is where all the files and data of a website are stored, which can be accessed and managed on the Internet. The files and data of this website include scripts, applications, databases, images, email and videos.

The later hosting accepts website files that were previously accessed through domain names. Of course, you need to make sure you have the right configuration in order for the two to connect.

Tutorial Menghubungkan Domain Freenom Ke Cpanel

We use hosting with a rental system, meaning payment to a company that provides hosting services. There are many types of hosting that can be our choice. Whether it is the best hosting in Indonesia or abroad.

Connecting a domain to a hosting server is technical. But trust me, this is quite easy to do. In general, the steps are divided into just two, namely:

Before the route of a domain name, the first step is to already know the name servers used by the web hosting. The easiest way to get this information is in the email that your hosting sent you when you signed up for the first time.

Menghubungkan Domain Ke Hosting

Another easy way to find a name server is to access the client area of ​​your web hosting. In the hosting settings of, for example, you can take a look at the domain name servers in the Customer area > My Products and Services > Product Details section.

Bedanya Hosting Dan Domain, Berperan Besar Pada Website? Terbaru 2022

After you have a domain, you can go to your domain name provider’s website to view information about your domain. Here you will find a tool to set up or change domain name servers.

In general, each domain can have a different menu layout. This means that the provider you use may have a different appearance than the example image that Panda points to.

The purpose of this step itself is to tell the domain to point to the web hosting service you are using. In simple words, you change the DNS or Name Server (NS) of a domain so that when people have access to the domain, they can access information about the data on the hosting server.

If the domain you are setting up is another domain, the alias is not the main domain, then additional configuration is required on the web hosting service. This Addon domain itself means that it is a new domain that is added to the hosting and has a unique resource locator (URL) that is different from the main domain.

Menghubungkan Domain Ke

The concept of Addon Domain itself is to present multiple domains or websites on the same web hosting account. The resource usage (space and bandwidth) from the addon domain will be shared with the main domain.

After successfully adding an addon domain, you will see this domain in the list of Addon domains as shown below:

I successfully reset the nameservers according to the hosting information, how come the website still can’t activate? Be patient, don’t panic. Domain promotion takes time.

Menghubungkan Domain Ke Hosting

Domain propagation means the time it takes for a domain to connect to the hosting server after the configuration process. By default, domain propagation takes 1 × 24 hours or 1 × 48 hours.

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Although pointing a domain to a web hosting server is considered a technical tutorial, it is actually quite easy for us to practice. There are only two keys, which already have the data to host the name servers and configure the name servers with the domain provider.

Nameservers on this hosting are relatively easy to find. If you do not receive this information in your email, you can access it from your hosting panel or customer area. But if you still can’t find it (this is very rare), you can ask your hosting provider for customer support.

If this domain configuration is for another domain and so on, aka domain addon, for one hosting, be sure to follow step C in the guide above. After that, all you have to do is wait for the domain propagation process to complete, and voila…. Your website is live and ready for further management.

We hope that this Panda guide on how to connect a domain name to a hosting server will be useful. Nice try, gentlemen! 🙂

Cara Pointing Domain Ke Server Hosting

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