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Membeli Hosting – In simple terms, a web server or web server is a hard disk or medium where website files are placed so that they can be accessed from the Internet. Web hosting plays a very important role in web development because all the data of html documents will be stored in web hosting. The role of web hosting is to provide a service that allows users to store their data (both databases and html) to be accessed from anywhere via the network.

Choosing or buying hosting is complicated, because there are too many web hosting providers to choose from. To do this, we will provide various things to consider before buying hosting, including the following.

Membeli Hosting

Membeli Hosting

Before you decide to buy hosting, you should consider the amount needed by your website, whether it is 25 MB, 50 MB or 1 GB. You have to choose carefully according to your needs because the more capacity the storage support of a web host, the price is of course also more expensive.

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Also, look at the technology used by the host, whether the server uses a Linux or Windows operating system, and if you create PHP files, make sure the host supports PHP files. Likewise, if you build a website using ASP, JSP, Perl, Python, and Ruby, your hosting must also support these files.

Support is very essential in a web hosting service, make sure the web host has a good 24 hour support, so if you have a problem with your website in the middle of the night, you can direct a query to the hosting company.

If you create a dynamic website, make sure your web host offers a database. Also check how many databases are there and which ones are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, etc.

Before we guarantee to buy hosting, ask if the web host backs up your data every day? This is important because there are many malicious machines that don’t back up, and if your data suddenly disappears, they don’t want to know.

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Badwitch is very important on a website, so check the bandwidth capacity provided by your web host. the more bandwidth, the faster the access to your website. Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred per month. I think this is what it means. If a hosting company offers 1GB of bandwidth per month. So if you have an HTML file with a size of 20 kb (including images) and visitors to your website per day are about 100 people, you are consuming bandwidth per day: 20 kb x 100 people = 2000 kb = 2 MB. Monthly: 2MB x 31 = 62MB, if you have 10 sites then: 62MB x 10 = 620MB. Many websites suddenly crash when they have high traffic, this is because the hosting bandwidth is insufficient with very high traffic. Buy the best cheap hosting – Web hosting is an essential part if you want to create a website. This hosting takes care of the storage and performance parts of your website. For this reason, hosting is the first thing to think about before building a website.

Managing hosting is also not difficult, there are already many of the best cheap hosting providers that offer many options of hosting packages with various types of control panels and hosting specifications. Before you buy the hosting that is right for you, there are a few things to consider. Here is the explanation

There are several things to consider before choosing the best hosting for your website. This refers to the size of the disk at the location of the server. Some of the preparations are:

Membeli Hosting

The first thing to consider when buying hosting is to adapt the hosting package to the needs of your website. Therefore, you will not go wrong when buying hosting. If the hosting requirements do not match the website, you will lose money because the website is not optimal because the hosting specifications are insufficient or vice versa.

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If you subscribe to hosting for a year, for example, and choose the wrong hosting, you will of course lose a year with the wrong hosting.

The type of website will give you an idea to determine the size of the disk needed. Note that each website has different disk benchmarks. For example, a personal website has different needs than an e-commerce website.

This affects the need to upload content, not only text but also images and other things.

Therefore, the type of website will affect the requirements of your chosen disk hosting. So, know your website type and choose the right disk size.

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Website traffic will later affect the need for hosting resources. Pay attention to resources before choosing a hosting service, for example RAM, bandwidth, CPU.

Websites with high traffic also automatically require a lot of resources to maintain website performance. Website visitors can visit your website conveniently.

The number of sites you develop will also affect your choice of hosting. Because there are many hosting packages that offer packages to use more than one domain.

Membeli Hosting

If you have more than one domain, choose a hosting provider that offers hosting packages that can be used for more than one domain, making it easy for you to host multiple domains on a single host.

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Server conditions will also affect the performance of your hosting service. There are many things to consider for server hosting, including

Currently, many providers are already using LiteSpeed​​​​ technology on their hosting servers. As this technique can maximize the performance of the server, which will definitely affect the performance of your website.

Look at the server technology you use in your web hosting, if the server technology is what you want it will also benefit your website.

Server location is also important to consider. During hosting registration, you will definitely be asked to choose a server location. The best server location is the server location according to the user’s country.

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If many visitors come from all over the world, please choose US server, if most visitors are from Indonesia, please choose Indonesian server.

Voltage is one of the things that affects the reliability of a server. The higher the uptime, the higher the server performance. In general, this span has a value of 1-100 in percentage.

Many hosting providers only offer up to 99.9% uptime because the server actually has downtime, be it intentional or not.

Membeli Hosting

If the website goes down due to this amount of downtime, it will cause a loss of business to your brand.

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The features of the hosting service are no less important. Each provider offers different features, so choose the one you need the most.

For example, security features, backups, free domains, free themes, warranties, etc. So, for your comfort and convenience, choose a hosting provider that offers the best features for you.

When you subscribe to a service, there are of course barriers and inputs we can provide, as well as the hosting subscription. You need the best cheap hosting provider that offers reliable CS.

Because the presence of CS will always be needed, whether it is asking easy questions to help you solve problems related to hosting.

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These are some things to consider when choosing a website host. In addition to looking for the best performance, you should also find a service that is right for you.

Easily find the best cheap accommodation in . There are many options of hosting packages that you can choose according to your needs. Starting from cheap to unlimited hosting packages.

Cheap hosting packages suitable for beginners, those learning websites and hosting, as well as small web owners to facilitate with easy-to-use panels and affordable prices.

Membeli Hosting

Cpanel hosting is suitable for users who want convenience because cpanel is a simple and easy to understand hosting panel.

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For those of you who want to try creating a website and learn, you can try using CWP hosting. With a price from 0 IDR, you can use it to build your website.

If you want to upgrade to a bigger package, you can also use CWP Premium, Ultimate or Unlimited, depending on the type of website you have.

The DirectAdmin hosting package is also very suitable for beginners and professional developers because it uses a direct control panel that is easy to use. With affordable prices from 10 thousand to get the best hosting.

Buying the best cheap hosting for your website requires doing some research in this area to find the best hosting for your website. Choose a hosting service based on the needs of the website, from disk space, resource requirements to additional features.

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One of the hosting services that can provide you with the best quality of your website is . Hosting providers at affordable prices and providing the best service to their users Types of hosting – If you want to buy a web hosting service, you should first know the type and specifications. Because knowing the types of hosting will make it easier for you to choose the type of hosting package to buy the right hosting for your website or blog.

Well, here is an explanation of the different types of web hosting that you can find on the hosting provider’s service pages.

The first is Shared Hosting, which is the cheapest and most affordable type of web hosting option, such as VPS or Dedicated Server. This is because multiple sites using this web hosting service will share the resources of one large web server.

Membeli Hosting

Many hosting providers offer shared hosting package prices ranging from $1 per month to $6 per month. Shared hosting is ideal for small businesses, blogs and websites.

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The following types of hosting are Cloud Hosting, which uses technology with a cloud computing concept that has higher speeds and is known to be more secure. This is because Cloud Hosting does not just rely on one server but uses multiple servers spread across the country.

This is what makes Cloud Hosting more secure than other types of hosting, because if one server fails, another server will take over.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting) provides virtual machines for customers. The concept is similar to Shared Hosting where one server computer can have multiple sites running.

However, virtualization technology allows each account to be treated as a separate machine with its own dedicated resources and operating system. VPS

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