Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting – Payment system on the spot. The website is one of the best means for promoting and branding a product or service. A business that does not yet have a website feels that something is missing. Especially in the digital age like now, the need to appear in search engines is increasing. So when you don’t have a branding tool in the form of a website, you are far behind your competitors.

The ever-increasing business needs for websites have led to the emergence of purchasing a domain and hosting provider services to build a website. In this day and age, it doesn’t have to be difficult to create a website. In the past, we had to be good at coding and thinking with computers before we could create a website. Now with a few clicks, proceed to the domain payment system, it worked. And be the website you dream of.

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

In this article, we will discuss the domain payment system. Since we cannot create the domain ourselves, we have to buy it from the service providers. At the bottom of this article, we will also discuss some cheap domain providers that you can go for. If you clicked, all you have to do is contact them and complete the domain payment system.

Beli Domain Murah Indonesia Rp12.000 Cek Domain Sekarang!

For those of you who are still confused about what is the difference between domain and hosting, see the explanation below first, friend. If you already know, skip ahead and go to the heart of the discussion.

Many business people and entrepreneurs who want to create a website, do not know what domain and hosting are. Both are really a bundle when we need to build a website. But the two are also different things, so we can buy them separately later.

For those of you who are still confused about the difference between the two, check out the review below, my friend. Hope can help.

If we compare the website to a house, the domain can be the address that people will look for when they come to our house. While hosting is the country or land where we will later build a house. Easy analogy for you to summarize, right?

Cara Beli Domain Di Niagahoster Terbaru 2022

This domain is our home address. So when you want to buy a domain, you first need to decide which URL to use. It may be that the URL you want is already in use, so prepare a backup URL or Plan B. Then hosting is the land where we build a house. If you don’t buy land first, you won’t be able to build a house. Hosting is closely related to namespace. So later when you want to make a website, you must first rent or buy a space so that you can build a website. This is a simple domain and hosting analogy.

On another occasion, we will discuss how to buy hosting, but on this occasion, we will first review the domain payment system. We can buy it on Google or in the services of the domain provider. Later we also share where to buy the domain. Come on, see where to buy cheap domains below.

In fact there are many places we can buy domains on Google. You must choose a supplier from within the country or abroad. If it is a foreign domain, obviously the domain payment system will be more complicated than using the services of a domestic provider.

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

If you want to find it, search on Google with the keyword “cheap annual hosting sale”. This is the way when you want to buy it in new condition. If you want to buy a used expired domain that belongs to someone else, we will discuss it on another occasion. This article is specifically for buying a new domain, friend.

Hosting No. 1 Di Indonesia

Who says buying a domain has to come with hosting? Of course, we can’t just use a domain without hosting to create a website. But if you already have hosting, you no longer need to buy or rent it. You just buy the domain and it’s cheaper. The average price for a domain with a .com extension is around 90-150k rupiah per year. If you want the ID extension, it will be a bit more expensive.

Okay, let’s just talk about how to buy a domain and where to buy it. Let’s see the presentation below.

There are many paid domain provider services in Indonesia. Of course, each provider has its advantages and costs. Here are some services that have been tried and trusted in Indonesia.

Please select a variety of providers above. Of course, each supplier is different in terms of quality and price. If the administrator suggests you choose Niagahoster or Domainecia. But other providers are also recommended. Now, if you already know where to buy it, we will discuss how to buy the domain.

Tips Cara Membeli Domain Murah Dan Hosting Murah Berkualitas

Before we go over the new domain payment system, first consider the following tips on how to buy a domain, friend. I hope this helps with the steps;

How are you guys? Easy enough is not the way. Only now that our homework is the post payment system. So that you are not confused about how to complete the transaction and where to transfer it, see the explanation below.

Usually, every website or hosting provider service already has payment tools on their website. But if you don’t know, it would be better if you register first to create a new user to make it easier when you contact the service. The following are the steps for the on-site payment system;

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

These are some simple steps to complete the domain payment system in some website provider services in Indonesia. It is quite easy and uncomplicated. If after buying a domain and you are still confused about the next step, see this article about

Cara Mendaftar Domain

Basically, there are no providers that have free website listing services. Because domains with the extension com, network, credit or ID usually have to be paid for. But if you want to get a cheap URL, continue to see the social media website providers above. Usually at certain moments they have promotions and discounts. So many articles about payment systems and purchasing from a website. Hope this is helpful Hello friends. Do any of you want to create your own website but have a tight budget? Have you chosen a suitable domain name and hosting service but the costs are not enough? My advice, just buy the domain first. Is it possible to buy a domain without using hosting? you know Just check out the tutorial on how to buy a domain without hosting below.

In the beginning, when I wanted to create a personal website (blog), I was discouraged because when I saw the cost of buying a domain and hosting, it was quite expensive for me. 😢

So as soon as I verified that the website domain name I wanted was still there, I quickly bought the domain name for the next year.

Therefore, said Mas Andin, for example, if we want to build a house, we must first buy a lot and have the name of the street. After that, we can build a house. 😉

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Bagi Pemula

From the above explanation, we can conclude that a domain is like a street name, hosting is the land and the website is the house we are building.

If you just want to create a website for the first time, of course you are still a little confused about choosing a website domain name. right?

If you are still confused, it would be a good idea to follow the tips or advice to choose a website domain name from SB1M’s senior mentor, Mas Agus.

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

The owner of the site advises that if you are going to create a website for the first time, it is better if the domain name is a personal name.

Cara Beli Domain Tanpa Menggunakan Rekening Bank 2022

Because of what? Because if you are really a first timer, a newbie just entering the world of digital marketing, it is important to build one

From the image above, you can see that the domain name will be the name of your website.

So it is very important, before you create a domain name, you should first design a domain name that is simple, short, unique and easy to remember. 😎

In contrast to the domain and hosting service providers who are abroad whose payment method uses a credit card, if you buy services from Indonesia, you can pay with a debit card , mobile banks, OVO, GoPay, pay at Alfamart, Indomaret etc.

Hal Yang Harus Kamu Perhatikan Saat Membeli Domain

Oh yes, in addition, to check whether a domain name is available or not, you can use the CHECK DOMAIN feature below.

If the domain name you want is still available, just log in, guys, select the domain name and hit the Add to CART button.

Because you really want to buy a domain without hosting, don’t forget to select without hosting as shown below.

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

There are also many options of payment methods on Niagahoster. You can use BCA virtual accounts, Mandiri virtual accounts, credit cards, PayPal, GoPay and many more.

Cara Membuat Subdomain Blogspot Tanpa Hosting

Click the link in the email and you will receive another email with your domain name activated.

Hopefully this information is useful and can answer the question of can you buy a domain without hosting? Yes, the answer is quite possible.

However, if you want your website or blog to be online, that means you have to have a domain and hosting. ⚠️

If you want to get a free domain, all you need to do is buy a hosting service from Niagahoster. Although it’s up to 70% off, it’s also free SSL, not just free domains!😉

Jual Software Ajaib Pembuat Website Online Tanpa Hosting Dalam Hitungan Menit

Cheap Hosting Recommendations Limited Budget for Beginners Niagahoster Review: Best Hosting for Blogging Website Domain Name Making Tips for Beginners Website SEO Audit with Niagahoster, Fun and Free!! The only thing I know is that on the other side of a decision I am there. And if I’m there, it doesn’t matter which way I go, there’s always something to love.

According to the Hostinger site “A domain name is a website address that is equivalent to a physical address, useful to help users find sites easily instead of using Internet Protocol (IP) addresses”.

There are two alternatives if you don’t want to use a domain, first you can use an IP address, of course, this option is not recommended because users have difficulty remembering a set of numbers rather than a name.

Membeli Domain Tanpa Hosting

The second alternative is to use a subdomain, for example, if you are still loyal to using the subdomain name or, that is fine.

Pengertian Domain, Manfaat Dan Cara Membeli Domain Murah

Digital branding is an attempt to project an image

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