Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services – In providing IT capabilities and services, some companies choose to manage their own infrastructure and applications, while others use managed hosting services. This article outlines the general benefits of using these types of services.

While self-hosted options may seem more convenient and cost-effective, the benefits of managed hosting pale in comparison. From great technical support to time-saving bonus features, a third-party solution can be the difference between your online store facing an unexpected cyber threat or slipping into digital obscurity.

Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services

There are providers for both small and large business owners. In fact, managed solutions are growing as more companies choose this type of hosting.

Hosting & Managed Services

In this article, I will discuss how managed hosting as a service model works and the various benefits it offers to customers and business owners.

At its core, the managed hosted IT delivery model places the core of the technology, such as a website or online store, on an external third-party team rather than an internal individual or team.

This is always an extension of dedicated hosting, where the required hardware (physical servers) is owned by the service provider, who repeatedly charges the individual. However, unlike dedicated hosting, it leaves the day-to-day administration and maintenance of the server to the provider.

Basically, it’s all or nothing. Most providers include various levels of management in their tiered marketing model, allowing you to retain or trade off management control as your needs and budget allow.

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Encryption, security, data backup and resource management are some of the services offered by hosting providers through their team of experts. Many providers also offer integrated cloud backup solutions.

Although some other web providers offer these features to a lesser extent, managed hosting is the only one that offers all the services listed below as an industry standard.

While not every managed hosting provider can offer every one of these services, you’ll find that many of the following features are central to a managed service offering:

Managed Hosting Services

Customers will fully benefit from using your managed hosting. Although most of these customer benefits are hidden from their view, customers appreciate the overall effect. Some key customer benefits include:

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Does your company benefit from managed hosting – is it something as simple as WordPress sites or a more complex business system/service? If so, what would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages?

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When a managed hosting company handles the setup, management, administration and support of servers and/or applications. Managed services vary by host, but typically include basic security measures like OS updates and patches, 24/7/365 support, network infrastructure and hardware management, virus and spam protection, as well as monitoring and fixing anything that affects performance. server.

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It’s the managed hosting company’s job to ensure the customer’s websites and applications are always up, and these guarantees are usually backed by a service level agreement that outlines how the managed hosting company will compensate the customer when something goes down.

You can outsource hosting management and eliminate the need for in-house hosting infrastructure or experts, and you can scale more efficiently and effectively with contractors.

We’ll talk about why this is useful in a second, but first let’s answer the obvious question – why manage your hosting?

Managed Hosting Services

With unmanaged hosting, you rent space on servers owned by the hosting company, but it’s often a do-it-yourself experience. You get a server with the OS of your choice, and the hosting company is responsible for running the equipment and maintaining the physical environment in which the server is stored. You are responsible for remote administration of the server, including software updates, patching, security and monitoring.

Why Hosting Support Is Important

A common example of unmanaged hosting going bad is when your server crashes in the middle of the night and none of your global customers can access your website.

You’ll notice a huge decline in your lead pipeline, and you’ll notice your site’s bounce rate going through the roof due to slow load times.

If you make the software more stable, you see network trips that never happen.

You launch a new product and it’s getting tremendous press, but your website can’t handle the traffic, so it slows down.

Managed Dedicated Hosting Service

Some companies choose to hire someone in-house to manage their hosting to avoid these situations. The problem is that technical talent is not only difficult to find now in historical skill gaps, it’s also expensive.

The average salary for an IT manager is $86,000 and can reach $130,000 per year.

In today’s digital enterprise, risk mitigation is not just a departmental job. In many ways, everyone from employees choosing not to open suspicious emails to accountants has a responsibility to ensure financial information is shared securely.

Managed Hosting Services

The thing is, people aren’t always perfect, and effectively mitigating the effects of online risk isn’t easy. The back end requires a high level of monitoring and constant maintenance.

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Outsourcing this part of the job to a managed hosting provider is a great way to ensure it’s done correctly and smoothly.

Business development is not always straightforward. Sometimes volume can happen quickly and even change with seasonal changes and market changes.

Your managed hosting provider will work with you to tailor your hosting resources to your needs and ensure your business’ IT scales. Most importantly, if you maintain good communication with your managed hosting team, they can help you create a technical roadmap that supports future development and product releases.

Moore’s Law is that technology is getting faster, faster, and more sophisticated. Not all organizations can adapt to these changes, meaning many are missing out on the efficiency and customer service benefits of emerging technologies like IoT and machine learning/AI.

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Working with a well-managed host means you have access to the latest technology without making a huge investment. When advancements occur, your company benefits from them and your competitors struggle to catch up.

Organizations that manage sensitive or highly regulated data, such as information provided by HIPAA or PCI regulations, have many requirements that must be met on an ongoing basis – and ongoing compliance with these requirements requires time and attention. Your managed hosting provider handles these tasks for you, freeing up time and space to focus on other things.

Remember the talent gap? Hosting companies can strongly attract talented people who enjoy the challenge of serving a diverse clientele. Your managed hosting provider can train these workers and keep them abreast of the latest IT threats and opportunities. With every problem they solve for another customer, they learn new and innovative ways to improve your IT technology. (As the most helpful people in the world, we think this is very important.)

Managed Hosting Services

Fully managed hosting is our ideal service for organizations looking for the most seamless end-to-end experience. That means we work closely with you to help you choose the right hosting plan, and our experts set up your infrastructure for optimal success based on your business operations and goals.

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We also take care of migration and assist with on-boarding, limiting disruptions to your business during establishment. Once you’re up and running, we provide round-the-clock management to ensure your infrastructure and applications are up-to-date, secure and running fast for customers around the world.

As technology changes and your business evolves, we recommend that you stay ahead of the curve and improve your administrative processes.

Anyone who has built a website on WordPress knows that it is a great platform. WordPress offers a wide variety of templates, plugins, features, and tools to help small and large businesses create professional and functional businesses.

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