Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain – Web Hosting Service for Your Website – What is Web Hosting? This question is asked not only by ordinary people, but also by those who run an online business for the first time. This is not surprising. Because this term is really only known to those who already run an online business. Below is a complete explanation of the meaning, operation and types of web hosting.

When defined, a web host is a computer that is used to store website data and must be connected to the Internet to access it online. More specifically, a website can display information because it is already stored in a place called a web hosting server. Then, for everyone to access, this web hosting server is managed in a data center, i.e. a data storage location.

Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

In fact, your home computer can be used as a data storage server. However, this is quite inconvenient as it requires constant management for people to access it. Hence, people generally prefer web hosting providers.

Kenali Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain Secara Lengkap

Currently, there are many different hosting services available. It is highly customizable to your website’s usability and file storage needs. Some of these types of hosting services include:

This type of hosting only provides a server shared by the website owner. These hosting users must share server capacity and resources. That is, each user has limited access rights to the server. In comparison, shared hosting is like renting a house where several people live. The rooms are separate, but the kitchen and bathroom are shared. This hosting is for beginners, so the resource usage is still low.

This type of hosting gives you more freedom to access the Internet. Because this hosting can be divided into virtual servers that act as separate hosting servers. Thus, each user can set the desired amount of Internet access. In comparison, VPS hosting is an apartment where you have your own content that is not shared with others. You are free to use and manage these facilities. Simply because you are still in the same building with the other tenants and their facilities, they still have to share electricity and water. This hosting is suitable for those who use larger hosting resources and cannot afford shared hosting.

This type of hosting allows you to freely use anything on your website without any restrictions, let alone share it with others. In other words, this storage space is like your own house in the complex. Although you can manage everything in-house, if there is an outage in the data center (complex), it will be affected.

Pentingnya Memiliki Banyak Domain Untuk Bisnis

So a complete explanation of web hosting services for your website. So, those who are interested in starting an online business and need web hosting, contact us. By using their services, your problems related to opening an online business can be solved immediately. For more information about this service, call 0812 6363 0633.

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Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

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Fungsi Penting Hosting Bagi Website Dan Bisnis

Website creation companies and service providers We were founded in Medan in 2013 and work with more than 50 companies. We are committed to helping your company get more exposure in the online world. You can guess! Maybe you’re planning to build a website, but you’re being asked to buy hosting and a domain instead. If you’re confused about what hosting is, try googling “hosting is” or “what is hosting” and you’ll come across this article.

Web hosting is something that you really need when creating a website. So you need to know the meaning and features of hosting. Don’t forget what type of web hosting is right for your site.

Fortunately, you have indeed visited the right article. You can learn everything about hosting in this article. Ready? Come on, watch the debate!

Hosting or web hosting is a place where you can store all your website files and data to make it available to many people over the internet. Site files and data can be in the form of videos, images, emails, scripts, applications and databases.

Pengertian Control Panel Hosting. Contoh, Fungsi Dan Fiturnya

Of course, you cannot create a website without hosting. Therefore, you first need to rent a hosting space to build a website.

It’s like building a house. If you want to build a big house, the land has to be bigger, right? Just like a website, if you want to create a website with high capacity and performance, you need hosting with high resources.

But even though hosting seems simple, not all hosting works properly, you know. Many hosts are often not working, features are not rated, so website access is slow, etc.

Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

In fact, the role of hosting is important for websites and companies. And to guarantee the protection of the website, to maintain the performance, to increase the credibility of the online business.

Cloud Hosting Adalah

So you need to be smart to choose the best hosting provider. As much as possible, choose a host that promises up to 99% uptime to keep the site up and running for 24 hours. Then, also make sure that the data center is the best to keep your website secure and running smoothly.

You should also know that each type of storage has its own characteristics. Now that you know what hosting means and how it works, in the next section you will learn about the types of hosting and their advantages and disadvantages.

Compared to real estate, there are many different types of real estate, right? From apartments, boarding houses, houses to villas.

It’s like renting a guest house with only a shared bathroom, kitchen, electricity and water. So you have to share these facilities with other residents.

Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting Yang Jarang Diketahui

The same goes for shared hosting. You can share hosting features like disk space, speed and more. So if a user is using too many resources, it will affect your website as well.

A VPS or virtual private server is a private hosting whose resources are used by only one user. Therefore, the server is not affected by the use of other users.

With these types of hosting services, you are free to organize and manage the available resources. In other words, you must have technical server management skills.

Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

Similarly, this VPS is like a 1 bedroom apartment that provides private facilities. Where every apartment has its own electricity, water, bathroom and kitchen. Unlike a guesthouse, all these facilities are integrated with other rooms.

Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain

Still confused about what cloud hosting means? Imagine opening a restaurant in multiple locations. The goal is to not only have queues in one store.

Similar to cloud storage, which distributes the load across multiple servers at the same time. So when one server goes down, the website remains stable with backups from the other servers.

The difference is that WordPress hosting servers are configured specifically for WordPress users. Where users can more easily create websites with a few clicks.

Like shared hosting, this hosting type requires you to share your hosting space with other users. So if other users are overusing resources, you will be affected.

Apa Beda Hosting Dan Domain?

If you compare it, it’s like renting a guest house with the same shape and layout as the other rooms. All you have to do is decorate it a little according to your taste, the guest house is ready to move into immediately.

Just like WordPress hosting. All you have to do is install the plugin and edit the content on WordPress, then you can publish your website.

So, Simple WordPress hosting is a special type of hosting for those who want to build a website using WordPress CMS without worrying about the technical stuff. Including the need to access cPanel to edit website files and other settings.

Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

All website settings and cPanel optimizations such as security, speed and bandwidth are handled by the hosting provider. This is what differentiates simple WordPress hosting from WordPress hosting. This makes it easier to create a website.

Cpanel Menu Domains: Pengertian, Fungsi, Kegunaannya

Yes, it’s like booking an all-inclusive guest house. The rooms have built-in burglar-proof windows, mattresses, and lockers that are ready to use and accommodate your belongings.

Dedicated hosting is a server that is used by only one user. With a dedicated server just for you, you don’t have to worry about your website going down.

In addition, you are free to manage and configure the server according to your needs. So you need to know server management.

In comparison, dedicated storage is a private residence that you buy from a developer’s home. You can freely organize and manage your home.

Tips Memilih Hosting Dan Domain Yang Tepat Dan Berkualitas

Hosting serves as a place to store your website’s files and data. Meanwhile, the domain function is like a website address, such as

A website actually has an address that is a combination of numbers (IP address), such as However, this combination of numbers is hard to remember, right?

Therefore, a naming system is created that is easier with domains. That way. people just type in, the browser displays the Facebook website page.

Kegunaan Hosting Dan Domain

So, if hosting used to be compared to a residence or a house, then the domain is the address of the house. Without a home address, others will not know your home location.

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The answer to this question really depends on what kind of website you are going to create. Let’s look at the explanation of the table below.

Basically if you are a beginner

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