Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting

Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting – Examples of hosting shown are very diverse The use of hosting as a supporting element in a website is always important Because, there are different types of hosting Yes, one of the types of hosting that can be done on a website is shared hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting service that includes a website The way shared hosting works is by hosting several websites on one physical server, so this service is often called shared hosting.

Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting

Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting

Shared hosting has many advantages, especially in terms of cost. Thus, it will be very light, especially for new website owners who do not have a lot of capital.

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Before you know the example of shared hosting, you should know the tips of choosing the best hosting as below.

The first tip you should think about when choosing a shared hosting is to check the performance of the server The performance provided by the hosting server should be better, better and faster, so that you can use it more effectively

The next point that you should do when choosing shared hosting is to look at the storage capacity High storage is a criterion for the success of the hosted server

Thus, before you choose this shared hosting instance, make sure that the storage is high and it can be used together.

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Customer reviews are the next criteria that make it easy for you to choose the best hosting From customer reviews, you will see customer feedback after using the hosting service

Price is the next criterion to consider when choosing shared hosting This is because shared hosting is known for its advantages in terms of cost So, choose shared hosting that has an affordable price and good quality

Bandwidth is one of the things to consider when using hosting for a website. This is because from this bandwidth it can be clearly measured how the hosting performance or server usage can be measured on the website.

Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting

Examples of shared hosting are Bluehost Hosting, Flat Host, Hostinger, Verpex, Galore Host and other shared hosting services. However, this variety of shared hosting offers more affordable prices and more savings than you can expect from private hosting.

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The first hosting service we recommend is Nyhoster This service is very popular in Indonesia and is widely used by various well-known blogs and websites Nyhoster offers a shared hosting service Of course with the quality and price you don’t need to doubt anymore

Not only Nyogaster is well-known in Indonesia as well, even this service is preferred for installing hosting on various websites. Currently, Domania also offers hosting capabilities that can reduce costs

Website administrators choose Idwebhost when they want to install hosting In this single hosting, the shared hosting feature will be the main service installed on your website

Below are some examples of well-known shared hosting in Indonesia. You can choose the type of service according to your needs and convenience. Don’t forget to set the price for your budget. website, what you need to pay attention to is the hosting of the domain and the server associated with it. Especially when we are new to creating a website, we ask about the functions and how it works. hosting.

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The difference between domain and hosting is true in function If the domain is where to store the address and hosting Because not everyone has a website, of course many do not So basically without a domain and hosting this website cannot be found on the internet

When we search in the search engine many search results will be displayed and we can see the website address etc. at a glance. In short, the domain is the address of the website. Without the domain, we will not be able to access the website on the internet. So, this domain is very important so that we can see the content of the website.

First, the domain uses a different form than today, which is a combination of numbers and letters to enter the website hosting server, in addition to being more difficult to remember. For example etc. It must be very difficult to log in, especially if you write wrong numbers or letters, you will not be able to log in.

Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting

However, with its development, the term domain appears that will facilitate the name of the address of the website For example, our browser will automatically recognize the address that () domain

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For cheap domain prices, domains with the extension .xyz cost Rp 11,000/year, domains with the extension .com, Rp 129,900/year. Don’t forget to get cheap domain promos too

Hosting or what can be called web hosting to store your website needs Hosting can be compared to a house when a domain is a home address Here hosting can be used to store images, audio, video files etc. for your website content needs Because it is a place to store various files and data, of course the hosting service provider must also offer the best 24-hour performance and security. Hosting has its own type, of course with advantages and disadvantages and also the needs of our website

Among the best types of hosting, the price is according to the facilities offered by the hosting service provider Currently there are types of hosting from shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting For more details as below:

The first is shared hosting, which is a hosting service where the server is used by many users at the same time (shared). This shared hosting has a shared server, which means your website files are placed on the same server as other people’s website files. In addition, shared facilities in terms of disk capacity, speed, etc

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If the hosting service provider you choose offers the best performance guarantee, then don’t hesitate to choose it But also consider that hosting providers often experience downtime and variable performance always hurts us. So, choose a reliable hosting provider

Shared hosting is suitable for those of you who are just starting to create a personal website or blog that does not require high specifications.

VPS or Virtual Private Server stands for, it is a virtual server that is completely managed by an individual, so there is no influence from other users. If shared hosting is used together, while VPS is used only by one user Then it is about managing and managing everything here, you must have knowledge or skills to manage this vps hosting. Generally, VPS hosting is used by website owners with medium to high traffic such as online stores.

Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting

After knowing about the previous types of hosting, which are shared hosting and vps hosting, then there is the latest technology, which is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting itself allows you to store various website files or data in the cloud or in the cloud. In fact, the cloud is just a term or a metaphor for the Internet, meaning that all data files and all website requirements are stored in a virtual environment on the Internet. This type of hosting service does not use physical storage like previous hosting Cloud hosting is suitable for websites with high traffic

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A server is a computer service that can store complex data documents A server can send or receive data or information quickly In its physical form, a server consists of components such as RAM, processor, etc. servers, such as web, file, proxy, database, DHCP, FTP, game, and mail servers.

After understanding about hosting and domain servers, it is better to understand how Domains work as website addresses and then we can direct users to access information from hosting to websites while servers handle traffic from accessing domains and hosting. In more detail, website files are stored in hosting, visitors access the domain address, the browser requests the server to send data or files to the browser, the server sends data and information to the browser, the visitor can access the website.

From the above process, it looks very complicated and long, but depending on the domain hosting provider and server performance, it is actually a quick process. So, choose the best service that will definitely give you the best service and performance for your website Choose a cheap hosting package and always remember to check for cheap promos So, I hope this information is useful to add value to our readers When talking about websites, it will be interspersed with domains, hosting and servers About hosting, do you know what VPS is? Otherwise, together, we will discuss the meaning, functions, advantages, disadvantages and uses of VPS hosting

In this article, we hope you will learn more about the need to make your website accessible to people on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) is one of the most popular web hosting services offered by hosting providers. If you already know about shared hosting, then you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting. Especially if you want to create a website, this type of hosting is the right choice for you

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting that uses virtualization technology and capabilities as a whole. Private resource usage (one user) will not be affected by other users

That said, it is a type of server using a virtual server

Jangan Vpn Dari Shared Hosting

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