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Jagoan Hosting Tos – After 8 years of serving more than 7,000 customers of cheap Indonesian hosting and cheap domains under the JagoanHosting.com brand, INTERMEDIA is now ready to serve cheap Indonesian cloud services with new technology. The premium technology used makes it possible to provide unlimited Indonesian shared hosting for professional websites and valuable websites that require reliable hosting. is an original Indonesian hosting provider with world-class servers and technical capabilities. it uses CDN technology that allows fast access to your website from within and outside the country.

We are a professional company. We have a vision of “More profit than you can imagine”. A vision that will guide us to always give you the best. The best service and service. We will realize this vision through our mission statement which is “To Provide Excellent Professional Services to Clients and Prospective Clients”. We will continue to improve to be the best. We believe that if we want to always be the best, we have to challenge ourselves. With this, we will always serve you better and better.

Jagoan Hosting Tos

Jagoan Hosting Tos

Our culture is TOP, which stands for balance, excellence, ownership, comfort, collaboration, optimism and gratitude. This practice is implemented by our team in all operations. We cultivate this culture in our services as well. There is never enough goodness. Together with you, we are determined to “be at the top together”. It is our pride to serve you successfully.

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The premium version deals with providing cheap Indonesia server services of unlimited web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers and cloud Indonesia. Using world-class server technology, it was developed to serve premium and professional clients who want to have the BEST website ALWAYS.

A cheap Indonesian hosting provider established since 2007 dedicated to serving entry-level customers who want cheap hosting and reliable quality hosting as well as cheap sites. JagoanHosting.com is ready to KEEP YOUR WEBSITE ALIVE.

A professional Instant Online Store service provider established since 2011. This service is designed to make it easier for customers to sell online. In addition to easy installation, JagoanStore.com will also help customers bring SEO-friendly features to your online store, as well as many other features that will provide customers with the convenience of online sales. JagoanStore.com is designed to increase online sales.

Quick Website Profile service provider established since 2012, specializing in quick website creation for companies that want to present their business online. JagoanWeb.com is here to make website creation easy for customers as customers don’t need to understand the technical details of website creation. With JagoanWeb.com, customers can create a SUPER SITE themselves.

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Sparx Up is a prestigious event to select the most innovative websites. Through the PesanDulu.com website, it won the “Best E-Business” award in 2011. This award proves that it will always continue to provide a variety of high-quality and professional services to customers and potential customers.

ISMBEA is an award-winning event for entrepreneurs who have achieved success in their business activities. ISMBEA 2009, Danton Prabawanto, CEO, became one of the inspirational personalities who received recognition, thanks and support to further develop their business.

CEO Danton Prabawanto had the opportunity to become a regional finalist in East Java in the Young Entrepreneur Awards 2009 program organized by Bank Mandiri Tbk. Continuous experience in business led him to bear the name PT. The presenter is in this famous event.

Jagoan Hosting Tos

Celebrate your ten year anniversary with a ‘Ten Year Appreciation Night’ as a way of thanking the loyal customers and partners who have been with you over the last ten years. In addition, Intermedia Group launched a new VPS Devops product. The product was launched to support the national 1000 Digital Startup movement. He also became a host partner of the movement founded by Kominfo and Kibar. Intermedia’s CEO, Danton Prabawanto, revealed that Devops VPS is a new product for developers at the same time collaboration site Ngalup.co was launched in 2017.

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