Jagoan Hosting Ticket

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– Has anyone here from Kanca IT used Jagoan Hosting? So if Kaca IT hasn’t used it or you don’t want to use it, you can read Jagoan Hosting review here. Yes, this hosting service is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Jagoan Hosting was founded in 2007 and has served nearly 70,000 websites.

Jagoan Hosting Ticket

Jagoan Hosting Ticket

If Kanca IT doesn’t know, Jagoan Hosting is part of PT BEON Intermedia. If BEON caters to specific customers who want reliable hosting, Jagoan Hosting caters to customers who want good hosting but at a relatively affordable price.

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If we talk about the advantages of Jagoan Hosting, one of them is the page loading speed, which should not exceed 1 second. Jagoan Hosting itself offers hosting services with an average speed of 0.790 seconds, which is pretty good.

So, if Kanca IT uses hosting at Jagoan Hosting, you can be sure that the loading of the website will be fast. Page load time stability is very good as pages can load quickly which can improve website SEO.

In addition to handling customer complaints through Ticket, Kanca IT can now also use the available live chat to contact Jagoan Hosting support. Through this live chat feature, Kanca IT can request complaints for quick resolution.

The IT Boar then receives instructions on how to resolve these issues. In fact, this kind of support services has become the standard and applies to almost all hosting in Indonesia. So you don’t need to worry if you face any problem while using Kana IT Jagoan Hosting hosting services.

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Is Hook IT still a beginner and doesn’t really understand website techniques? Don’t worry, Jagoan Hosting has a complete knowledge base and hosting glossary feature. Through this service, Kanca IT can learn several terms related to websites.

Even easier is that all terms are listed alphabetically, from A to Z. So if you don’t understand a term in Kanca IT, you can go directly to the Knowledge Base and Hosting Glossary and look it up alphabetically.

If Kanca IT uses Jagoan Hosting, it is entitled to a warranty for the first 30 days after use. However, several warranty-related conditions must be implemented before Kanca IT is satisfied, namely:

Jagoan Hosting Ticket

Like most web hosts in Indonesia, Kanca IT can use free hosting and domain migration services. Boar IT can migrate from old hosting to Jagoan Hosting for free.

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In addition, Boar IT is entitled to a .COM domain if you purchase the SUPERSTAR package and subscribe for 1 year. The .COM domain is the most searched domain, if it’s worth it according to Kanc IT, give it a try.

As it caters to a new customer segment, the hosting packages and prices at Jagoan Hosting are relatively cheaper. Here are the details:

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