Jagoan Hosting Reseller

Jagoan Hosting Reseller – Pak Kamalludin is an ICT teacher in a high school and the owner of Elhwa Tech. The product he uses is Cloud Hosting Mix Match for the purpose of building school applications and websites.

The experience of using the master hosting service had no major issues except that in some cases, such as CBT Candy installation, the test could not run even if it was installed correctly. So JH rebuilt from Cygnus server to Virgo and now the service is stable.

Jagoan Hosting Reseller

Jagoan Hosting Reseller

After trying to open the app first, He was interested in trying something else. He is active in school and is currently receiving many offers to create school websites.

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Not a few requests. Over time, We managed 32 academic and non-academic websites (including annual updates). Most of them are still using JH’s service, so they are still looking for the best server, so it’s not complicated. Payment is also not difficult; Communication is also not difficult. Because the response is fast and the price is competitive with their needs. Customers.

In September 2020, I came across JH when I was looking for a VPS for my school’s E-Learning needs. In November 2020, the highest specification VPS with 6 cores and 9 GB RAM arrived at a competitive price. Can I get higher specs out of the box? But he said no. I finally chose JH. I ultimately chose something else, but I had high hopes for JH and even consulted Cloudweb.

Due to the December contract with another service provider. In January 2021, JH decided to use VPS X. JH Servers provides complete satisfaction and service. Integrated cloud hosting service with 10 GB RAM and 10 CPU cores specifications for the school’s CBT E-Learning website during July-August 2021.

Despite the limitations at the time, it could easily accommodate up to 1000 students. The CBT program is run by bimasoft and E-Learning by PJJ El Candy. With JH Every service I use is good and satisfactory. It is not difficult to even pay the money involved and the mandatory fee is very affordable. It is a better option than other providers.

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[Christmas promo] Love, Compare VPS and free dedicated domains hosting discounts from December until the end of the year See promotion here Do you have a reseller hosting company or are you planning to become a successful Indonesia hosting marketer for stable and profitable hosting? Income? The Indonesian merchant hosting industry has proven successful with an established business model. Reseller hosting Indonesia is ideal for web developers who have a large number of clients and want to benefit from the cost of server hosting. We offer the cheapest reseller hosting packages in Indonesia.

You can set your own server name; You can set your own prices and hosting packages; You can use your own brand.

You get free WHM & cPanel to easily manage all your customer hosting accounts. We do not provide license restrictions for WHM and cPanel.

Jagoan Hosting Reseller

You know that server hosting is a basic requirement for every website to be online. With the growth in Indonesia, which has reached 70 million internet users, it is clear that the online market will have more opportunities to generate profits. It is definitely an opportunity that should not be wasted. do you agree.

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Jagoan Hosting Indonesia is ready to join you in the best hosting company. Instead of buying a new server. No need to bother managing a hosting server. We manage it for you. You can also create a cheap hosting plan and set a price to sell it. You will get free WHM to manage your business and your clients will also get their own 1 CPanel to manage their website. Easy and useful, right? In addition, Web hosting is an essential tool for any website.

Indonesia reseller hosting is ideal for you as a web developer with many clients. It couldn’t be more profitable if you could design your own package and set your own selling price. Therefore, We are ready to help web development companies grow by providing opportunities to get more profit from hosting costs.

Unlike most hosting providers, Jagoan Hosting is the best solution for you all. They have good and reliable support services. Based on our support tests, Jagoan Hosting is the #1 fastest in fixing errors we’ve made on purpose. A champion is a real champion.

I have been using Jagoan Hosting’s VPS service for almost 2 years now. So far I have not had any problems and I have even successfully completed the online exam with Cendrawasih University.

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I feel that server status is always normal and features are always updated. For service to JH; CS responds well if there is a problem. JH provides the right hosting resources for the client’s needs. Definitely the cheapest carry-on. Download KUY

Work with Jagoan Hosting and BEON without a doubt. good hosting speed, The service is good. Security is also good. Want hosting? Use Jagoan Hosting. 😁

My website clients are 3 star hotels and above. They are very happy with their web development services as well as after sales services. This is because hosts at Jagoan Hosting have almost no problems. As soon as it becomes a problem, The support team was very quick to help. The prices are very competitive.

Jagoan Hosting Reseller

In my opinion, The service is very good in terms of support team and the performance of cloud hosting is very light so why would you want to use it? So I switched my hosting to cloudhosting. 🙂

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Before I used **** host I often had problems managing cpanel; Now I use it and it’s easier and faster to support it while managing Cpanel.

Earlier I used a blog and it was difficult to manage but later I used good performance and hosting.

In the past, before using overseas hosting, the price was much more expensive than foreign providers, but in terms of support. The response is very long and valid 24/7, but if the service provider is in the right place. Great prices and support. Finally, I moved directly there.

Since its establishment, Jagoan Hosting Indonesia has won the trust of thousands of customers all over Indonesia. With over 12 years of experience, we can understand your every need and find the right solution for you. With the support of technical engineers who are experts in their field. We are sure to serve you well and quickly.

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Network uptime is very important and must be maintained by all Indonesian hosting providers. We know this; So we can guarantee up to 99.9% network uptime.

Affordable Reseller Hosting packages are specially designed for those who want to profit from Indonesian hosting business. how’s it going? You are free to decide how much your profit margin will be and how much hosting space each package includes. It is definitely beneficial; You get additional benefits from each of your clients, especially if you have a web design company. Isn’t it amazing?

Cheap price It is free to determine the selling price and packaging; Therefore, what else? With our affordable Reseller Hosting plan, You can use your own domain name. Your customers will order directly from you without our intervention. With free WHM we provide your own welcome email, Billing email; You can create notification emails and more. You can also create your own Name Server. So you can be sure that our cheap reseller hosting packages are truly 100% WHITE LABEL. If your customer is satisfied, you get credit. We will be responsible for managing your hosting server so that your customers will appreciate it.

Jagoan Hosting Reseller

We provide pages on our website to help you learn about the best hosting. We also have an online business website with the address www.mebiso.com. We will help you succeed in this business.

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As we said, you will get free WHM to run your Indonesia hosting company. WHM is the largest control panel used by the world’s largest hosting providers. Not only that, but every one of your customers will get a free CPanel without any download. It doesn’t matter to your customer. Unlimited You know CPanel is the easiest and most used website management panel in the world.

We have served more than 7000 customers and experienced the many benefits of Indonesian shared hosting. When you become our reseller, Your customers will automatically get all the benefits of Indonesian shared hosting. what’s up? You can find it on the Hosting Indonesia usage page.

You can contact us anytime 24 hours a week with our online service. We are your chat, Email or pick up your phone; We will reply even by 12 midnight. You can rest easy because we are always here to provide the best support for your customers. The Jagoan Hosting Forum is where you ask questions; Answering and serving; A place to discuss server or website development techniques. For online businesses. This forum is available to both customers and non-customers.

You can access the forum through the url https://forum./ This forum is very useful for you to start seeking knowledge and share the knowledge and experience of experts.

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Hosting SEO You can talk about anything related to technology in the internet world, including digital marketing and more. Including a wide variety of ready-to-use forum content;

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