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Ever used Kanca IT’s Jagoan Hosting here? So if you do not have Kanca IT yet or want to use it, you can read Jagoan Hosting review here. Yes, this hosting service is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Jagoan Hosting was founded in 2007 and serves about 70,000 websites.

Jagoan Hosting Member

Jagoan Hosting Member

If you are not familiar with Kanca IT, Jagoan Hosting is part of PT BEON Intermedia. While BEON offers special customers who want reliable hosting, Jagoan Hosting provides services to customers who want good but affordable hosting.

Life Jagoan Hosting

Speaking of the advantages of Jagoan Hosting, one of them is the speed of Page Load Time, which should not exceed 1 second. Jagoan Hosting itself offers hosting services with an average speed of 0.790 seconds, which is very good.

So if Kanca IT uses Jagoan Hosting. This can ensure that the page load time of the website will be faster. Page load stability is very good because of the fast page load which can improve website SEO.

In addition to resolving user complaints through Ticket Kanca IT, it is now possible to use live chat to contact Jagoan Hosting Support. Through this live chat service, Kanca IT can request an appeal for an immediate solution.

Later, Kanca IT will have instructions on how to solve these problems. In fact, this support service has become a standard and is controlled by almost all web hosting sites in Indonesia. So Kana IT does not need to worry if there is any problem when using the hosting service from Jagoan Hosting.

Teaching Factory Smk Telkom Malang X Jagoanhosting.com

Kanca IT Are you a beginner and do not know much about website techniques? Do not worry, Jagoan Hosting has a comprehensive knowledge base and hosting dictionary functionality. Through this service, Kanca IT can learn many words about websites.

Easier; All words are organized alphabetically from A to Z. So if you do not understand the word Kanca IT, you can go to the Knowledge Base and Hosting Dictionary and search the alphabet.

If Kanca IT uses hosting from Jagoan Hosting; It is guaranteed for the first 30 days after use. However, before Kanca IT was happy. There are several conditions regarding warranty; This means:

Jagoan Hosting Member

Like most web hosts in Indonesia, Kanca IT offers free domain hosting and transfer services. Kanca IT can migrate from pre-hosting to Jagoan Hosting for free.

Cara Install Ssl Otomatis (auto Ssl) Cpanel

In addition, Kanca IT is also eligible for the .COM domain by purchasing the SUPERSTAR package and offering a one-year subscription. If the .COM domain is worth it, according to Kanca IT, do not hesitate to try it.

Hosting packages and prices at Jagoan Hosting are very affordable as they are especially offered to new customers. Here are the details

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Creator Edition: Photo and video editing functions enhanced with NVidia Geforce MX 550 Friends! Here you get a worldwide tutorial of websites from #CanBaget to VPS. So you do not have to worry anymore, my friend. Don’t forget to give feedback especially for the lesson so we can give it our best.

Hello friends. Two important aspects of Jagoan Hosting to keep the service for everyone who is at peace here is by opening a communication network. It means live chat and ticket opening.

Ramaikan Indocomtech 2017, Jagoan Hosting Hadirkan Banyak Diskon Dan Promo Murah

In this lesson you will learn how to open a ticket if Live Chat is full of people and you can not respond to your protest fast enough.

Open Ticket is a method used by Jagoan Hosting to serve customers with technical issues.

Agree help via open mail at Jagoan Hosting It’s better than chatting or calling. Because problem solving can be faster and more detailed.

Jagoan Hosting Member

The way it works is almost like queuing at a bank, but it is faster because you can join the queue immediately, which can be monitored in detail by the Jagoan Hosting brothers. However, Gokil

Seo Class With Cmlabs

Step 3: On this page you can see the submitted status. Example: enable, reply, close IC On Hold, etc.

What’s more, when you open a ticket on Jagoan Hosting, your waiting time to access a Jagoan Hosting buddy review should not exceed 3 minutes. So the response will be very fast.

So if you still have problems you can contact a friend Jagoan Hosting for information via live chat and open mail. Come on!

Unlimited web hosting, cheap 9,000 / month – free domain, buy Premium Divi Theme (page creator) and SSL 9,000 Hosting. Speaking of hosting is for me. It’s the most important thing in developing a blog and a website for us. Hosting is the key to blogs and websites that are widely accessible on the internet.

Mou Dengan Jagoan Hosting, Mahasiswa Prodi Teknik Informatika Belajar Pemrograman Python

A place to store all your website requirements online or offline. Our website requires hosting services in order for our website to be online.

If we take a blog or website as a skyscraper; Hosting is the building, the domain is the name of the building and the content is its function (company) and the content of the building.

Yes, without a competent structure, many company functions will be hampered by problems. Websites and blogs also without qualified hosting. There will be many functions that are limited by the problem.

Jagoan Hosting Member

When deciding on a hosting service; There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a host. There are many factors to consider when choosing a host. Here I talk about some of them.

Punya Iso 27001, Jagoan Hosting Anti Data Bocor

Make sure the hosting you choose uses the latest technology and allows you to use the latest technology. Hmmm, I’m sorry, there are still many hosting providers that still use traditional technology.

One basic thing I can offer: friends can buy hosting that already uses the cloud hosting architecture instead of shared hosting. Or in other cases; You can buy hosting equipped with SSD storage instead of hosting with HDD storage. Buy hosting that supports the latest web application language and has the best hosting panel, cPanel.

When choosing a hosting, it is tailored to the needs of all friends. It’s like choosing a house; If there are 10 people in the house, it is not worth buying a 21 type house.

What I want to say here is the professionalism of the service company that it offers to each customer (22/7 service or promotion Buy). Maintaining the quality of hosting (fixing the server in case of problems), etc.

Management Member Area Di Jagoanhosting, Masuk Sini Dulu Sob!

Believe me, not all hosting providers make it easy for their customers. Online chat services; An easy-to-understand dashboard or technical support function makes it easier for us to manage blogs and websites.

Also, make sure your hosting gives you a wide range of access rights. Because there is hosting that restricts everything, such as disabling access to the PHP version.

Finally, hoho make sure that the prices offered are standard or cheaper depending on the features offered. Finally, there are many hosting providers that offer maximum functionality at a low cost. If there is something cheaper, what?

Jagoan Hosting Member

When it comes to hosting technology, there are currently two main types of hosting: cloud hosting and shared hosting. The differences are shown here in order. Because it is a knowledge that every friend should know.

Jagoan Hosting Punya Sertifikasi Pse

In shared hosting, your website will be stored on the server. The server will be shared by many more shared users. That way we can use existing resources together.

So if you use a website that has a lot of visitors. It will affect other web users; Friends. As a result, website speeds may slow down or slow down.

Even if it is in a cloud hosting system. Websites are hosted on servers that interact with each other and work as a unit. Your website does not depend on a single server. So if one server crashes, another server will take over my friend.

In addition, your website will also receive special resource allocations that are not shared with other users. So if your site is full of visitors it will only affect your site and it will not affect other users.

Ajak Melek Digital, Jagoan Hosting Dan Ngalup Collaborative Network Beri Pelatihan Santri Malang Raya

Now on the topic I will give you a special review on cloud hosting from Jagoan Hosting (sorry for confusing you all hihi 🙂).

Each Jagoan web hosting service is equipped with the most powerful Indonesian web hosting technology with convenient features and excellent web hosting services.

Jagoan Hosting currently offers two cloud hosting packages: Cloud Hosting Indonesia and Cloud Hosting Singapore. Friends can easily access both packages from Jagoan Hosting main menu.

Jagoan Hosting Member

In fact, the difference lies in the location of the server and the type of hardware used. But fortunately Jagoan Hosting meets the same criteria divided into 3 packages

Kuliah Tamu “financial Information System”

Choosing Cloud Hosting Indonesia is a great option if you want to host a website or blog focused on Indonesian visitors. So, if your target guest is an international guest, then choosing Cloud Hosting Singapore package is good for you.

Jagoan Hosting is right; This package is intended for simple custom blogs (blogs only) or websites that do not require much space.

Very lovely price. Only five thousand.

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