Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat – Speaking of hosting, for me it is the most important thing when we create blogs and websites. Hosting is the main key to viewing and widely disseminating blogs and websites.

A place to store all kinds of website needs so that it can go online or online. In order for our website to work online in cyberspace, of course our website needs hosting services.

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

If we take a blog or website for a skyscraper, the host is the building, the domain is the name of the building, and the content is the content of the building and its various functions (the company).

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Yes, without a qualified building, there will be many jobs in the company that are hampered by problems. As with websites and blogs, without qualified hosting there will be many features that are also limited by problems.

Of course, when deciding on hosting services, it is not worth being careless in choosing a host. There are many factors to consider when choosing a host. Here I describe some of them.

Make sure the hosting you choose uses the latest technology and gives you access to the latest technology. Hmm, very sad, there are still many service providers that still use traditional technology.

One of the most basic cases I can give is: Friends can buy hosting that already uses cloud hosting architecture instead of shared hosting. Or in other cases, you can buy hosting that comes with SSD storage instead of hosting with HDD storage, buy hosting that supports the latest hosting languages ​​and has the best hosting panel i.e. cPanel.

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When choosing a host, it should also be tailored to the needs of all friends. It’s the same as choosing a house, if there are 10 people in the family who will take the house, it’s probably not worth buying a type 21 house. Hehe.

The professionalism of the company I am referring to is in providing service to each client (22/7 service or promotional purchase), maintaining the quality of the hosting (repairing the server in case of a problem) and so on.

Trust me, not all hosting providers make it easy for their customers. Online chat services, easy-to-understand dashboards, or support features can help you manage your blog and website.

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

And also make sure that being your own host also gives you extensive access rights. Because there are actually hosts that prevent all this, for example by removing the access rights to install PHP versions.

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And finally, make sure the price you offer is standard or cheap depending on the features you offer. After all, there are still plenty of web hosting providers that offer high features at low prices. If something is cheap, why not?

When it comes to hosting technology, there are currently two popular types of hosting: cloud hosting and shared hosting. I deliberately include the difference here. Because for me, this knowledge is an important thing that all friends should know.

With shared hosting, your website will be hosted on a server. The server will be shared with several other shared users. So that the available resources are also used together.

Therefore, if one web user has many visitors, it will affect other web users, friends. As a result, the Internet speed may decrease or even drop.

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Whereas in a cloud hosting system, your website will be hosted on a series of servers that are connected and run as a single unit. Your website will not rely on just one server. So, if one server goes down, another server takes over, my friend.

Therefore, in addition to that, your site will also receive a special allocation of resources that are not shared with other users. So if your site is full of visitors, it will only affect your site, it won’t have any effect on other users.

As per the title, the main topic this time I will give a special review of cloud hosting from Jagoan Hosting (sorry, just a mess, for everyone’s sake hihi 🙂).

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

Each Jagoan Hosting service is equipped with the most powerful Indonesian hosting technology with all the right features and the best hosting services.

Jagoan Hosting: Provider Web Hosting Indonesia Terbaik

Currently, Jagoan Hosting offers two cloud hosting packages: Cloud Hosting Indonesia and Cloud Hosting Singapore. Friends can easily access these two packages from Jagoan Hosting’s main menu.

Well, the difference is only in the location of the server and the type of hardware used. But fortunately Jagoan Hosting has compared available packages that have the same specs which are divided into 3 packages:

If you want to host a website or blog aimed at visitors from Indonesia, you are better off choosing Cloud Hosting Indonesia. So, if your target visitors are overseas visitors, it is better to opt for the Cloud Hosting Singapore package.

Jagoan Hosting is fine, this package is for simple personal blogs (blogs only) or websites that unfortunately don’t need a lot of space.

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As for the amazing specs, the price is great too, wow. Only five thousand a month. Detailed description:

One level up, there’s something like a HITS package. I would say that the HITS package is sufficient for creating functional websites that do not require a lot of space, such as corporate websites, software websites, or online stores with a small number of products.

This is my favourite. A super star package to make our website and blog a star. Unlimited storage, dozens of premium databases, developer tools, and a free .com domain when you purchase hosting for at least 1 year.

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

This bundle is the most complete package for the lowest price I’ve come across. It is suitable for various types of websites or blogs with a large number of articles.

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Each of Cloud Hosting Indonesia and Singapore is also equipped with good and hard servers. Here I take a screenshot of the advantages of both.

Unfortunately, unfortunately … I am currently a computer science student who deals with creating websites on a daily basis (programmer) and a working blogger who has been in the blogging world for five years. lots of laughs

So, based on my personal experience as a blogger and developer, I think the cloud hosting package from the above hosting giant is quite suitable for bloggers and developers in Indonesia.

Bloggers definitely need a lot of memory to meet the needs of storing many articles. In addition, you also need a qualified blog access speed. And it’s all in the Superstar package.

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The same goes for developers. The presence of development tools already found in the Hits package really helps developers like me to create websites more freely.

And of course, what is not so important, Jagoan Hosting also provides great service to each of its customers. By providing the following four services:

In addition to the excellent hosting services, what I like about Jagoan Hosting is that they often have interesting promotions.

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

At the end of 2018 and welcoming the new year 2019, Jagoan Hosting is currently holding a big #MakinMudah promotion. Yes!

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There are so many offers on offer, from cheap hosting deals to cheap domains, that you cannot miss this exciting opportunity. Hmm, for those who are interested in this offer, you can directly access the link below.

Phew… I feel so tired writing this long article. But there’s actually a lot more I want to say about Master Hosting. As otherwise, it’s not good if you’re doing a very long article. But I hope that thanks to this you will all get to know Jagoan Hosting and its various possibilities.

And this is my time to invite friends to be part of #SobatJagoan. Come buy hosting and domain for your website and blog at Jagoan Hosting. And for those of you who already have web hosting, let’s move on to Jagoan Hosting. Is there an immigration service? Besides, there’s a promotion… hehe

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– Has any Kanca IT department ever used Jagoan hosting? So if Kanca IT doesn’t have or doesn’t want to use it, you can read the Jagoan Hosting review here. Yes, this hosting service is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Jagoan Hosting was founded in 2007 and hosts nearly 70,000 websites.

If Kanca IT doesn’t know, Jagoan Hosting is part of PT BEON Intermedia. If BEON caters to specific customers who want reliable hosting, then Jagoan Hosting caters specifically to customers who want good hosting but at an affordable price.

Jagoan Hosting Live C Hat

Speaking of the advantages of Jagoan Hosting, one of them is the page loading speed, which should not exceed 1 s. Jagoan Hosting itself provides hosting services with an average speed of 0.790 s, which is a very good result.

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So if Kanca IT uses Jagoan Hosting for hosting, you can be sure that your website load time will be fast. The page load time stability is very good as the pages load quickly which can improve the SEO of the page.

In addition to issuing customer complaints via tickets, Kanca IT can now also use the available live chat to contact Jagoan Hosting support. With this live chat feature, Kanca IT can send complaints inquiries for immediate resolution.

Later, Kanca IT will receive guidance on how to resolve these issues. In fact, this type of support services has become widespread and is owned by almost all hosts in Indonesia. So Kana IT is not necessary

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