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Jagoan Hosting Kaskus – Recently, issues related to data breaches in Indonesia have attracted public attention. This is, of course, a serious problem since customers’ personal data circulates on digital media.

For example, the Bjorka hacker case not long ago. In addition to eavesdropping on customer data, he also suspects that this data is being sold on a website at exorbitant prices.

Jagoan Hosting Kaskus

Jagoan Hosting Kaskus

This is definitely a serious concern, especially for hosting providers. The public believes that Jagovan Hosting Indonesia currently has ISO 27001. This is one of the efforts to maintain data security.

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“Jagovan Hosting regularly conducts pentests (penetration tests) to handle security holes in the system. In addition, ISO 27001 requires stored data to be encrypted, so recovered data is not easy to read, encryption has to be done first,” explains Rizal Faisal, business development manager at Jagovan Hosting Indonesia.

Note: Penetration testing is an activity performed by an IT team that attempts to simulate attacks that may be made against certain organizational or corporate networks in order to uncover weaknesses in the system. network system.

The people who perform this activity are called penetration testers (pentesters for short). Penetration testing has official standards as a reference during implementation.

The goal of penetration testing is to identify and detect potential attacks against existing vulnerabilities in the system to detect business impact exploited by attackers.

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“Meanwhile, encryption can enhance security by turning text into an unreadable password unless you have the password to turn it into text,” says Ikel.

He explained: “Ensure products and services produced by the company meet the requirements set by world standards bodies. For example, the process of providing services in the event of force majeure. The aim is to ensure the quality of the product”.

In addition, Jagoan Hosting Indonesia, as a hosting and domain name provider, has been registered with PSE since July 2022. As of September 2018, Jagoan Hosting Indonesia also has ISO certificate. number 0082171.

Jagoan Hosting Kaskus

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– Has any Canka IT here ever used Jagovan Hosting? So, if Kanca IT hasn’t used it or wants to use it, you can read the Jagoan Hosting review here. Well, this hosting service is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Founded in 2007, Jagoan Hosting has served over 70,000 websites.

If you don’t know Kanca IT, Jagoan Hosting is part of PT BEON Intermedia. While BEON caters to specific customers who want reliable hosting, Jagoan Hosting caters specifically to those who want good hosting but at a relatively affordable price.

Talking about the advantages of Jagoan Hosting, one of them is extremely fast page loading speed, no more than 1 second. Jagoan Hosting itself offers hosting with an average speed of 0.790 seconds, which is very good.

So if you use Kanca IT Hosting at Jagoan Hosting, you can be sure that your website’s page load time will be faster. Consistency of page load time is great as pages can load faster, which will improve website SEO.

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In addition to submitting customer complaints through tickets, Kanca IT can now use the available live chat feature to contact Jagovan Hosting support. With this live chat feature, Kanca IT can request complaints to be resolved immediately.

Canca IT will then receive instructions on how to resolve these issues. In fact, this kind of support service has become a standard and is owned by almost all hosting services in Indonesia. So Kana IT does not need to worry if there are any problems when using the hosting service of Jagoan Hosting.

Kanca IT Are you still a beginner and do not understand much about website engineering? Don’t worry, Jagoan Hosting has a complete knowledge base and hosting dictionary feature. Through this service, Kanga IT can learn many terms related to websites.

Jagoan Hosting Kaskus

Even easier, all words are arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z. So if there’s a Kanca IT term you don’t understand, you can go straight to the knowledge base and dictionary storage and alphabetical search.

Cara Order License Cpanel Di Jagoan Hosting

If Kanca IT uses Jagoan Hosting’s hosting, it will be warranted for the first 30 days after use. However, before Canca IT rejoices, several terms and conditions related to the warranty have been implemented, namely:

Like most web hosting companies in Indonesia, Canka IT can enjoy free hosting and domain migration services. Canga IT is free to migrate from the old server to the Jagovan server.

In addition, Kanca IT also comes with a .COM domain name if you buy the Superstar package and register for 1 year. The .COM domain is the most searched and according to Canka IT, if it’s worth it, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Because it specializes in serving the new customer segment, the hosting packages and prices at Jagovan Hosting are relatively cheap. Here are the details:

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