Jagoan Hosting Ftp Webuzo

Jagoan Hosting Ftp Webuzo – Well, in this article, an admin will discuss how to connect a domain to a VPS and set it up. Originally, this article is a continuation of installing Webuzo on CentOS, so friends who have not installed Webuzo please visit the above link, because this article is run after installing Webuzo.

The administrator will do the domain setup on Webuzo. Make sure you already have a domain. If you don’t have a domain yet, my suggestion is to order it at www.jagoanhosting.com, there are cheap domains there. There are many types of domain names, such as .com, .site, fun, tech, etc. The administrator chooses and uses the domain name, Rifkhan.tech.

Jagoan Hosting Ftp Webuzo

Jagoan Hosting Ftp Webuzo

We set the domain name in the Host@ field and ftp, change the target to your server’s IP. then select save

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Create multiple subdomains, as you will check each other’s email delivery later in the next step. By the way, it’s like a subdomain is a subdomain of the main domain

In the domain section, adjust your preferences and don’t forget to provide your domain name after it. Then choose Add Domain.

If you want to create more subdomains, repeat from step 4. Here we create 3 subdomains because we have 3 members.

Try to check if the link is successful in your browser, if successful, it will be displayed as below.

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If you want to edit or post content on the blog, select Open Login Screen (located in the lower right corner of the blog).

Well, that concludes the discussion on how to manage domain names on Webuzo VPS, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, especially readers. Keep your courage, don’t give up, keep learning, keep learning. good luck. good luck. thanks…

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