Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

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– Has anyone from Kanca IT here used Jagoan Hosting? So if Kanca IT doesn’t have it or want to use it, you can read Jagoaan Hosting review here. Yes, this hospitality service is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Jagoaan Hosting was founded in 2007 and has served nearly 70,000 websites.

Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

If Kanca IT doesn’t know, Jagoan Hosting is part of PT BEON Intermedia. If BEON takes special care of customers who want to use secure hosting, then Jagoaan Hosting gives special care to customers who want good hosting but at an affordable price.

Special Review Jagoan Hosting: Cloud Hosting Mantap Untuk Blog Dan Website Kamu

Talking about the advantages of Jagoaan Hosting, one of them is the fast Page Load Time, which should not exceed 1 second. Jagoaan Hosting itself provides hosting services with an average speed of 0.790 seconds, which is very good.

Therefore, if Kanca IT uses hosting at Jagoan Hosting, you can be sure that the time of hosting the website will be fast. Page stability during loading is very good, because the pages can be loaded quickly which can improve the SEO of the website.

In addition to handling customer complaints through Tickets, Kanca IT may use live chat to contact Jagoaan Hosting support. Through this live chat feature, Kanca IT can request complaints for immediate resolution.

Your IT team will later have guidance on how to resolve these issues. In fact, this kind of support service has become standard and owned by almost every shelter in Indonesia. So Kana IT doesn’t have to worry if there are any issues while using Jagoaan Hosting hosting service.

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Are you still a beginner in IT and don’t understand much about web technologies? Don’t worry, Jagoaan Hosting has a comprehensive hosting dictionary and knowledge base feature. Through this service, Kanca IT can learn various terms related to websites.

Even easier, all the terms are listed alphabetically, from A to Z. So if there is a word that Kanca IT doesn’t understand, you can go directly to the Hosting Dictionary and Knowledge Base to search the alphabet.

If Kanca IT uses hosting from Jagoaan Hosting, you are entitled to a warranty for the first 30 days after use. However, before Kanca IT is happy, there are several terms and conditions regarding the warranty used, namely:

Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

Like many web hosts in Indonesia, Kanca IT can also enjoy free hosting and domain migration services. Your IT can migrate from old hosting to Jagoan Hosting hosting for free.

Forum Jagoan Hosting

In addition, Kanca IT also has access to a .COM domain, as long as you purchase the SUPERSTAR package and register for 1 year. The .COM domain is the most requested domain, if according to Kanca IT it is worth it, don’t do it hesitate to try it.

Because it caters to the novice customer segment, the promotional packages and prices at Jagoaan Hosting are cheaper. Here are the details:

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Creator Edition: More stable photo and video editing functions with NVidia Geforce MX 550 Speaking of photography, for me it is the most important thing when we develop a blog and website. Hosting is a key factor for blogs and websites to navigate and spread on the internet.

A place to store all kinds of website requests so that it will be available online in space or on the internet. In order for our website to be online in space, of course our website needs hosting services.

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If we consider a blog or a website as a big building, hosting is the building, the domain is the name of the building, the content of the building is the contents of the building with its various functions (the company).

Yes, without proper construction, there will be many corporate activities that are limited by problems. As with websites and blogs, without professional hosting, there will be many features and limited content.

Of course, when determining the advertising service, it is not good to neglect in the choice of hosting. There are many things to consider when choosing hosting. Here I describe some of them.

Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

Make sure that the host you choose uses the latest technology and offers access to the latest technologies. Hmm, it’s sad, there are still many service providers who still use traditional technology.

Uji Coba Jagoan Cloud [trial]

One of the main cases that I can give is: friends can buy hosting that already uses the architecture of the cloud instead of sharing. Or in some cases, you can buy hosting that is armed with SSD storage instead of hosting with HDD storage, buy hosting that supports the latest web programming languages ​​and has the best website i.e. cPanel.

When choosing hosting, you should adapt to the needs of all friends. It’s like choosing a house, if there are 10 people in the house who will occupy the house, then there is nothing to do if you buy a house like 21. Hehe.

The expertise of the company I’m talking about here is about the services offered to each customer (22/7 service or sales), maintenance of hosting quality (repairing the server when problems occur), etc.

Believe me, not all service providers make it easy for their customers. Online chat services, easy to understand control panels or technical support features can make it easier for us to manage blogs and websites.

Best Web Hosting Indonesia: Top 8 Web Hosts In 2022

And make sure that your hosting also gives you access rights. Because, in fact, there is hosting that restricts all this, such as removing access rights to configure PHP versions.

And finally, make sure that the price offered is fair or cheap based on the items offered. After all, there are still many service providers that offer higher features at lower prices. If there is something cheaper, why not?

When it comes to hosting technology, there are currently two types of common hosting: cloud hosting and shared hosting. I attribute the difference here on purpose. Because for me this knowledge is something important that all friends should know.

Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

In shared hosting, your website will be stored on a server machine. The server will be shared with other users. In order to use the available resources together.

Unlimited Hosting Murah Indonesia

So, if a website user has a lot of visitors, this will affect other website users, friends. As a result, your website speed may slow down or even crash.

Whereas in the cloud service system, the website will be hosted on a series of servers that are connected to each other and work as a single unit. Your website will not depend on a single server. So if one server fails, the other server will take over, my friend.

So, in addition to that, your website will also have a unique resource allocation that is not shared with other users. So, if your website is full of visitors, only your website will be affected, it will not affect other users.

Now, as it is, the main topic of this time I will do a special review on Jagoan Hosting cloud hosting (sorry, to see it, for everyone hihi 🙂 ).

Review Jagoan Hosting: Apakah Hosting Ini

Each Jagoaan exhibition service is equipped with Indonesia’s most powerful photography technology with all the features to match the best web marketing services.

Jagoan Hosting currently offers two cloud hosting packages: Cloud Hosting Indonesia and Cloud Hosting Singapore. Customers can easily access these two packages from the main menu of Jagoaan Hosting.

In reality, the difference lies only in the location of the server and the type of equipment used. But luckily, Jagoaan Hosting is compatible with existing packages that have the same specifications, which are divided into 3 packages:

Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

If you want to host a website or blog targeting Indonesian visitors, it is best to choose Cloud Hosting Indonesia. So, if the visitors you are looking for are international visitors, it is better to choose Cloud Hosting Singapore package.

Cara Redirect Domain Http Ke Https

Jagoan Hosting is right, this package is meant for simple personal blogs (it’s just a blog) or landing pages that by the way don’t need a lot of space.

In line with the good specifications, the price is also good, wow. Only five thousand a month. Details:

Level up after that, there’s something like a HITS package. I can say that the HITS package is enough to create functional websites that do not require a lot of storage space, such as organizational websites, application websites or online stores with a small number of products.

This is my favorite. A super star package that can make our website and blog a star. Get unlimited storage, a large amount of max data, development tools and a free .com domain for the purchase of hosting for at least 1 year.

Cara Install Ssl Otomatis (auto Ssl) Cpanel

This package is the most complete package at the lowest price I have found. It is suitable for all types of websites or websites with a large number of articles.

Each of Cloud Hosting Indonesia and Singapore are also equipped with reliable and resilient servers. Here I look at the benefits of both.

A coincidence, a coincidence… I am currently a computer engineering student who mostly does web development (developer) and I am also a professional writer who has spent five years in the world of blogging. hello

Jagoan Hosting Free Httpsl

So, based on my personal experience as a blogger and developer, I think the cloud hosting gurus package above is suitable for Indonesian bloggers and developers.

Review Jagoan Hosting

Bloggers definitely need a large storage to meet the storage needs of many articles. In addition, you also need good blog access speed. And all this in a Superstar package.

The same goes for developers. The presence of Development Tools that can be found in the Hits Package really helps developers like me develop websites freely.

And of course, last but not least, Jagoan Hosting also provides the highest level of service to all of its customers. Delivery time

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