Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting – A few months after subscribing to Indihome 1 Play 10 Mbps, I felt something was missing in the default Indihome router, when one device is using the network to download or stream at full speed, other devices cannot connect to the internet network properly. For example, playing online games like PUBG and Mobile Legend WiFi Indihome is slow, ping is high and often lags.

To solve this, we need to limit the maximum WiFi speed or also called bandwidth limit, but unfortunately I can’t find these settings in the router settings menu.

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

We need to buy an extra router with wifi bandwidth adjustment menu, it happened that some e-commerce company had TL-WR840N flash sale router, after browsing, it might be this router. Used to set WiFi bandwidth.

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After I checked and paid for the router, a few days later the router I was waiting for came, I immediately opened the box and tried to install it, but still I was confused because there were many LAN holes behind it and I don’t know the settings of the router, after trying to navigate and browse, finally TL- I managed to install WR840N as Indihome WiFi router with below steps.

In this phase we have to select the LAN socket that will be used for the internet and connect it to the TP LINK TL-WR840N router.

Check the LAN Binding menu, the socket you want to check. Here I select LAN 3 and LAN 4 connectors, don’t forget to select Apply at the end.

The LAN slot option we set earlier is LAN 3 or LAN 4, for example here I select LAN 4 on the Indihome router. Connect the WAN connector (blue) using the LAN cable of TL-WR840N as below.

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Enter the router username and password, usually in the user manual or try checking the bottom of the router, there is usually a password sticker there.

This is how to configure a TP Link router for Indihome WiFi, I hope you can practice it yourself at home, please share if you find it useful. This of course creates its own obstacles when you need to access the Internet. The more efficient parallel method Indihome is required as a solution.

In this method, two routers of different types are required so that they can be used as primary and secondary parts.

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

Before you begin, make sure your main router is connected to the Internet. In addition, prepare a LAN cable with a size suitable for your needs.

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The first step in this parallel method is to connect the LAN cable. Before there were two routers, one of which was used as the base of the Internet, and the other was the signal receiver.

Then use it to access the internet on that device if you can, the parallel method done is successful.

Besides using a LAN cable to access a remote WiFi network, there is another way to do this Indihome parallel method, namely with a WiFi extender.

Thanks to the use of this WiFi Extender product, WiFi signals can be reached in various corners of the room that are not covered by the default Indihome router.

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If the WiFi Extender network connects directly to the router and then creates a new network, this is slightly different from the WiFi Repeater that wirelessly connects to the WiFi network and then redistributes the received signal.

But before you parallelize, make sure that the router in use supports WISP mode. Here’s how to parallelize your Indihome WiFi network:

One of the disadvantages of using the parallel wireless method with a WiFi repeater is that you have to reset it using a new password if the password of the main WiFi network changes. The possible ways to change the TP-Link WiFi name are as follows:

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

You can try the above three parallel Indihome methods to get wider WiFi access to make your online activities smoother. You can try this method at home, but if you are still unsure and worried that you are doing something wrong, you should contact a qualified and experienced technician. There is no doubt that IndiHome is one of the most used home internet service providers today . .

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This modem is believed to have very fast internet speed so it is recommended to support heavy internet activities.

However, before you can connect to the Internet, of course, you need to follow the complete ZTE F609 DHCP server modem / router setup method below.

Before we discuss how to set up a DHCP server on the ZTE F609 modem, we will look at what DHCP is and how it affects the network being used.

A DHCP server is a computer that has an IP number to share with clients, while a DHCP client is a computer that requests IP numbers.

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If the IP number is no longer in use by the client, it is returned to the DHCP server and given to other DHCP clients that need the DHCP server.

This DHCP server generally has an IP range so that each client can get the same or a different IP from the others.

Simply put, how DHCP works is not complicated, then the DHCP client needs to request an IP number from the DHCP server.

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

Then the DHCP server receiving the request will look up the IP in the database and give it to the DHCP client.

Cara Setting Dhcp Server Modem/ Router Zte F609 Terbaru

For computers running Windows XP SP2, Vista (32 or 64 bit), Windows 7, Windows 8 to MAC OS 10.4 and later.

Well, this setting can only be done through the superadmin site, where there are many management, enabling and disabling features, including DHCP configuration.

When configuring the ZTE F609 modem DHCP server, make sure the LAN IP address uses the same network as the DHCP start/end.

So, for example, the LAN IP address is, the DHCP start or end is between and

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The ZTE F609 modem is a versatile type of modem router with dial-up function in LAN and WLAN networks.

How to set up ZTE F609 modem, then open the modem panel URL through the browser and enter.

The function of this port connection is to negotiate between the main modem and the modem you are using as an access point.

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

Then you can enter how to configure the ZTE F609 DHCP server modem/router to become an access point for frequency, band and mode in Network, WLAN, main menu.

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It is still in the network menu, to set the SSID, after clicking on the menu click on WLAN and enter the SSID settings.

After completing the entire installation process and following the instructions, use the following access point settings and click submit.

This is so that the modem restarts automatically. When done, unplug the cable and connect to the SSID of the laptop or Android device.

That’s why it’s important to know how to configure your ZTE F609 DHCP server modem/router as described above. In this case I will share my personal experience, that is, how to turn a used Indihome modem into an access point (access point). of course for those who already have it. If you subscribe to Telkom internet with the indihome service you will definitely get a modem even if there are different types of modems some of them are huawei, fiberhome etc.

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Of course, the use of these used items will be very useful if we make an access point, it will allow us to extend the range of our network on the internet without having to buy repeaters or other antennas, since it is a little more economical.

Ok let’s go straight to the tutorial to convert indihome modem to access point. Of course, the tools must be prepared:

For smoothness and convenience, you can reset the HG6243C fiberhome modem on the left side next to the wlan and wps buttons,

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

Then the next step, insert the correct working cable, insert it into the modem port, it can work 1 or 2, 3 and 4. Then wait for the modem to turn on with power, wlan, signal indication. (flashing red).

Cara Mengaktifkan Port Lan Di Huawei Hg8245 Indihome Terbaru

It should be noted here that I am using an indihome modem with the modem type Fiberhome HG6243C, for the first login user and password of the HG6243C FIBERHOME modem, this is:

So here I am trying to use 2 home fiber optic modems of the same type ie. HG6243C but here it is of different software version type e.g. RP2601 and RP2703.

Here I use a HG5243C type fiberhome modem with RP703 software version, because the other modem cannot be used as an access point, I will explain later why it cannot be used as an access point.

OK, continue to the page when you are connected, the image appears as above, then the next step, select the network menu tab and select the side menu of broadband settings, Internet Settings, it will appear as follows:

Bisnis Wifi Indihome Di Rumah Atau Cafe, Warkop

And the last step is to create a new wifi ssid as ap which is the same as how we create a new wifi ssid ie:

Select the type of security mode, if there is a password, it can be wpa or wpa2 and wep and enter a password of at least 8 digits.

There you have it, your HG6234C fiberhome modem has become an access point, all you need to do is insert a straight working cable into a modem with internet access… and power up the modem, connect to test with wifi. ..

Jadikan Router Indihome Sebagai Hosting

As a result, I make the fiberhome HG6243C software version of the indihome modem type used here RP2703, making it an access point to get a wider choice of new wifi.

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And on HG6243C type fiberhome modem with RP2601 software version it failed, I tried internet tutorial method via inspect item etc but it doesn’t save configuration results. Maybe due to the effect of different software versions or… The need for internet is increasing now many people are already using Wi-Fi, one of them is Indihome. However, widely spaced Wi-Fi internet networks make access problematic. So we need a way to parallelize the indihome wifi router so that the network is reachable no matter how far.

This parallel method is quite simple and can be done independently. Also, the steps are not too complicated. See how to parallel indihome wifi router, which can be done with or without cable.

Basically, to increase the Wifi range, you can add multiple routers at the desired point. Well, the first way can be done using a LAN cable.

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