Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

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Now the number of websites in the world has reached 1.7 billion! Of course, the growth will continue. Under these circumstances, it can be said that the Internet service industry will continue to grow as the demand for server services increases.

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

From a business point of view, this is the time to make money. One of them, creating business hosting. Revenue can reach tens of millions you know!

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Unfortunately, not all marketing campaigns promise satisfaction and benefits. If you choose the wrong platform, you must be prepared to prepare a large initial capital and spend time building your system, which is not easy.

Yes, provide solution with partner program (NiPa). With this program, you can create an online marketing business without capital with a ready-made system.

Partner is a platform that allows you to easily buy products without registration and subscription fees.

The Partner Program is an evolution of the Developer Club program. Back then, the Developers Club was trying to respond to requests from customers who could join us as customers.

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However, unlike a developer club where multiple people can join, partners can be used by others. Therefore, it is available to individuals, social networks, social networking services and others.

Not only is it easy to join, but it also ensures that affiliate members can sell internet advertising packages in Indonesia without the hassle of setting up their own systems.

Marketing agencies often use one main account manager to manage multiple client accounts. Of course, some use one account per customer. If you are one of them, you don’t need to worry.

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

The partner provides an integrated system to conveniently manage customer accounts. No need to worry about manually managing clients with a temporary system.

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In addition to implementing a customer management process, the partner system is also equipped with advertisements that run automatically. For example, the system will send a notification when a customer completes a pickup order, so they need to receive billing information.

Not only that, you can give your customers access to the membership area. Of course, you’ll look more professional because your company name will be visible in the member’s area. (We will explain this fully in the Features section)

Most importantly, partners offer competitive pricing so you don’t have to worry about running your business for a long time.

Advertising customers who have their own systems using cPanel/Plesk or WHM can perform server maintenance independently.

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First, partners offer support services 24 hours a day. If there is a problem, it is enough to contact customer service. So you no longer have to worry about finding a solution if there is an error in the service the customer is using.

Second, partners use the Pay as You Go system. This means you only pay for the services you use. No monthly fee will be charged. Of course, this can be an option if you don’t have customers. Because previously you had to pay a monthly license fee from the cPanel you used, right?

Third, you don’t have to worry about the risk of malware on the server because the server is certified with CloudLinux OS technology and Immunify360 protection. This should ensure that you can provide the best service to your customers. In addition, it is easier to manage your business

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

High-end businesses have customers who use VPS services instead of installing cPanel / WHM themselves.

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Even for marketing purposes, partners can provide financial benefits as mentioned above. So, you don’t have to worry about the monthly fees you pay if you don’t have a customer, because you only pay when you use the service (Pay as You Go).

Also, if there is a technical problem, you don’t have to worry about fixing it yourself. Partners provide 24/7 support to ensure your customers receive services that work properly.

You will also get a guarantee that the server is working properly, so you don’t have to worry about security, speed and performance.

You may have started to understand the details of the affiliate program. However, what are the benefits of this program that other programs don’t have?

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First of all, there is no need to prepare start-up capital to register for this service. The other reason is that there are no monthly management fees while you join.

This is understandable. Because if you manage a few clients, it will of course be easy to do. However, if your business grows and your customers reach hundreds of people?

Fortunately, Partners has prepared a system for members who have joined. With an integrated user management system, managing multiple clients is not difficult.

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

You can easily do all this from one shopping cart. There is no need to bother changing login names for different customers. Not only does it save time, but it also saves energy, right?

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Partners allow you to get lower prices than the lowest prices they offer to their customers. Interestingly, this applies to placing a new order and extending an order.

Why is that? Because you get a discount according to your partner level. For example, if the price of Baby Package service is 10,000 IDR per month, then the partner price for Gold level can be only 8,000 IDR.

It’s not enough to just be there. You can sell the hosting product according to the price you want. So how much do you get? You decide for yourself.

Among the above benefits, the most important is the freedom to use your brand. Especially for those who want to continue to develop marketing and advertising services in the long term.

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In addition to branding and giving each product its own name, the integrated user management system is also like your business.

Activating the white label list is very easy. After joining, all you need to do is check your White Label status and enter your setup password. Then click Create.

In order to run your marketing campaign smoothly, the best features are prepared while using this platform. Not only that, you can find features in the Partners section. Something else?

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

This is a key feature that makes managing your marketing campaign easier. You don’t need to build your own system to manage your customers. The partner has prepared an integrated user management system (Customer Relationship Management) with your brand.

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You can make many settings on the main page of the reseller area. From sales, orders, invoices and emails.

As the name suggests, a user manages customer accounts through an account manager. Therefore, not all customers need to have multiple accounts.

You can assign a customer page or customer area to each customer. The purpose is to provide information services about the hosting product used by the customer.

Similar to the Reseller Area page, you can use your company logo on the Customer Area page. You can also use a URL that reflects your company’s branding. For example https://member.resellerhosting.id/

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Do you want to manage ordered products like hosting and servers? lovely. Everything can be done through the hosting settings page.

You can make the necessary configuration changes on this page. For example, changing domain names or resetting the firewall on a VPS.

No more emailing customers manually. With the email function, you can configure the integrated email system. Therefore, the system will automatically send messages about new invoices or order extensions that need to be processed.

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

This is one of the features that partners need. By using a membership discount, you can get the best price, which is better than the very low price.

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How to use the best price feature. For example, to mark the price of a server, you can enter the Reseller Zone page. Then select Product -> Create Product -> Domain. Then enter the property value you want to receive.

Want to link a partner site to your WordPress site? Be able to! In fact, this can easily be done using the provided WordPress integration plugin.

On the Reseller Area page, simply select the WordPress Plugin menu, fill in the basic information in the form of an email and API key, and then click Download. Then install the WordPress plugin as described in our other article.

You have full 24-hour access to contact support to ensure your client’s website is up and running. This can be via email, live chat, WA or call.

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Live support ensures quick resolution of technical issues and keeps your marketing campaign reliable.

Of course. Some examples of companies that are good friends of friends are Buzynis, Posnetindo, Tokoweb, Hotama, Karya Web Studio and others.

While both have been successful, there are some unique stories from partners who have experienced the benefits of partnering. One of them belonged to Hotham.

Jadi Reseller Domain Dan Hosting

As a company related to the Internet and business services, Hotama has a long history, often receiving complaints from customers about the quality of hosting they use. As a corrective measure, Hotama moved its customers to .

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When he heard about the partner program for the hospitality industry, Hotham immediately joined. The result was satisfactory. Here are the words of Hayon Mahdi Mahmoudin (CEO Hotam) about the partners:

“…Honestly, all the features of Partner exceeded my expectations…. In the past, many customers complained about not having cPanel. Now I can feel comfortable giving clients…”.

Hotham is very appreciative of partners coming on board to offer various benefits such as discounts and price tags, as Hayon said:

“….And the discount you get from your new order and gold membership,

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