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Isp Melsa Buat Hosting – JAKARTA: The Indonesian Internet Domain Authority (PANDI) will assist participants with technical or literacy issues related to Melsa ISP and Padjadjaran University Database Culture Digitization and Development Center (PDP-BS Unpad). The content of the post is Sundanese website building competition.

PANDI’s Chief Registration Officer (CRO) Mohammad Shidiq Poornama explained the background of the grant to minimize the hurdles the participants would face later.

Isp Melsa Buat Hosting

Isp Melsa Buat Hosting

“Hopefully, the Sundanese writing site and the site-building competition will go off without a hitch,” Shidik said in a press release.

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Shidik said that PANDI will provide assistance and consultation facilities to the contestants to create a website with written content in Sundanese, besides creating a discussion group for the contestants through an online chat application.

“Participants who are experiencing technical issues in technology-related areas, or those who are new to hosting and domains and want to seek advice, can come directly to the PANDI office or online,” said Shiddick.

In addition to PANDI, this support event will be held at the office of Melvar Lintasnusa (Melsa ISP) located in Paskal Hyper Square Bandung, West Java. Iman Budiman, chief technical officer of Melsa ISP, said his party was ready to facilitate the support activities.

“Because by chance we (Melsa ISP) are in Bandung, most of the contestants live in Bandung, if the place of the contestant is far from the PANDI office, we are ready to help PANDI and the contestant bridge the distance. , they can come to ISP Melsa,” he said.

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Iman classified participants who want to discuss technical aspects to come to ISP Melsa office, and those who want to discuss content can visit Padjadjaran University’s Center for Digitalization and Development of Sundanese Culture (PDP-BS Unpad).

Meanwhile, according to Dadan Sutsna, secretary of Rankage Cultural Foundation, training seminars and video tutorials should be conducted for the contestants to facilitate them later.

Dadan explained, “This workshop is very useful for participants who still find it difficult to keep up with the advances in technology, as well as literacy in Sundanese. In addition, we will prepare video tutorials so that participants can practice immediately.” .

Isp Melsa Buat Hosting

In 2008, the Unpad consortium proposed to register the Sundanese script with Unicode so that it could be developed digitally, Dadan said. So far there has been no progress in this process because there is no specialized agency in Indonesia to deal with the Sundanese language. script.

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Dadan concluded, “I hope that through this contest, Sundanese script will be known to a wider society, and I hope that this contest will foster the spirit of the community to develop Sundanese script in the future.”

There is a lot of enthusiasm from the community to participate in the contest to create websites with written content in Sundanese. This can be seen in the number of registered users. PANDI. , Jakarta – PANDI (Indonesian Internet Domain Authority) Melsa ISP and Center for Digitization and Development of Database Culture, Padjadjaran University (PDP-) recorded about 65 registered participants out of 100 norms. (BS UNPAD) helped disabled participants to create a website with written content in Sundanese.

PANDI’s chief registrar, Mohammad Shidiq Pournama, said the background of the grant was to reduce the constraints faced by participants.

In an official statement received on Wednesday (June 24, 2020), Shidik said: “We hope that the competition between the Axasa website and the website construction will be carried out smoothly without any obstacles.”

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PANDI will provide assistance and counseling facilities to the contestants and create a website with content written in Sundanese, Shidik said. In addition, participants also created a discussion group on the application

“Participants who are experiencing technical issues related to the technology or those who have never known about hosting or domains, they can seek advice directly at the PANDI office or online,” Shiddick said.

In addition to PANDI, this support event will be held at the Melsa ISP office located in Bandung Pascal Hyper Arena, West Java. Melsa ISP CTO Iman Budiman also said he is ready to facilitate the event.

Isp Melsa Buat Hosting

“Because by chance we (Melsa ISP) are in Bandung, most of the contestants live in Bandung, if the place of the contestant is far from the PANDI office, we are ready to help PANDI and the contestant bridge the distance. , they can come to ISP Melsa,” he said.

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Imam said that participants who want to consult on technical aspects can come to the office of Melsa ISP. Meanwhile, participants who wish to consult on content can visit the PDP-BS UNPAD.

Dadan Sutsna, Secretary of Aquaculture Foundation, responded to the campaign and said that it should be really easy for the contestants to make workshop and tutorial videos.

This is a real help to participants who have difficulty keeping up with technological advances, as well as to Sundanese literacy. Also, we will prepare a tutorial video so that participants can practice it immediately,” said Dadan.

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In addition, Dadan also hopes that with this competition, Sundanese script will be recognized by the wider community. Note that the community’s enthusiasm for this competition is also very high, with 65 of the 100 norms provided by PANDI registered.

For information, PANDI PDP-BS together with Unpad held a contest to create a Sundanese writing website. Some or all of the website content must use the Sundanese script.

“This tournament is a series of follow-up events and in the context of maintaining the Archipelago script, this is indeed a matter of concern for PANDI,” Sheddick said in a written statement.

Isp Melsa Buat Hosting

“We are committed to participating in the preservation of Nusantara’s writing culture so that it can be digitized so that it can be used as an online address (website),” said Sheddick.

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Sheddick stressed that registration for the competition will begin in mid-June and close on August 14, 2020. The website registration deadline is November 13th, and the winner will be announced on December 11th next year.

“To register participants, you can send it directly to the link and for more information you can find it on all PANDI social media platforms,” ​​said Shidik.

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Author: Wahid Nurdin. What is the Internet? .. Internet can be described as a vast and huge computer network that connects users all over the world.

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Session 1 Web Design and Programming. The Internet is an interconnected collection of millions of computers around the world.

Horizontal 1. A unit used to store information and manage a computer network. This computer serves all customers.

Isp Melsa Buat Hosting


Teknologi Informasi Dan Komunikasi Kelas 9 Agung Bonowo Irawan Eka Padittya 2010

DATA TRANSMISSION MEDIA. Data transmission: The process of transmitting or transmitting information in a system from one point to another.

Classification of computer networks Classification of computer networks: 1. Based on geographic area coverage 2. Based on network topology 3. Based on performance 4. Based on delivery media.

Classification of computer networks based on functionality According to their functionality, computer networks are classified as follows: 1. Client-server

Server-Client 1. Only users authorized by the server can access the Internet. 2. Centralized file storage. 3. Security is managed centrally by the server. 4. More complicated to install and maintain. 5. Costs will be higher. 6. The security level can be set as high as possible. Peers 1. Each user can connect to the Internet. 2. Distributed file storage. 3. Security is defined by each user. 4. Installation and maintenance are done in a simple way. 5. Low operating cost. 6. Low security

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Isp Melsa Buat Hosting

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