Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting – CyberPanel is a web panel that has become widely used because it is free and has integrated features. One of them, WordPress Auto Installer feature which allows you to install WordPress in one click.

Before following the guide on how to install WordPress on CyberPanel, you need to connect the VPS domain first. This is done so that later your website can be accessed directly using the domain, no need to use an IP server.

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

In this section, you will create a website that will be used as a WordPress installation site. However, if you have already done one, you can skip this step and go to the next step.

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Select Owner: By default, the website owner is admin. However, you can still choose another user as the owner to manage the website.

Additional Features: This section is an additional feature for your website. For more security you can add SSL, DKIM support and open_basedir security guard. Also, you can create an email using a website domain by selecting the Mail Domain feature.

When the website is ready to install WordPress, now you need to access the website by going to the website menu. You can find it in the menu

Next, go to the public_html directory and delete the index.html file by clicking on the file and selecting Delete. You must delete this file to prevent your website from committing

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Once all the above are filled, don’t forget to click the Install Now button to start the WordPress installation process. Wait a few moments until the “Install successfully” message appears.

Now, try to access your website domain. WordPress is installed correctly if it looks like the image below.

But wait, if you pay attention, your website URL is still not safe warning. This is certainly not good for your site’s credibility, right?

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

Easy to adopt, you just need to access the Rewrite Rules menu on the website management page. Next, select Force HTTP->HTTPS in the Selected Templates section.

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It is very important to ensure that your WordPress website is using the HTTPS protocol with SSL protection. Especially for those who manage to deliver visitor data online. Because security is good.

You can open WordPress admin page. To do this, access your website domain email/wp-admin.Tin, log in with the login details you created during step 6.

Congratulations, you have entered the admin panel of your WordPress website! Now, you can manage WordPress the way you want and need.

CyberPanel uses LiteSpeed ​​web server which is famous for its server access speed. Therefore, it is not surprising that the WordPress installation process is also very fast. Home / Amazon Web Services / AWS Amazon / AWS EC 2 / Domain Settings / SSL / Free SSL / Ubuntu / VPS / WordPress

WordPress Page Template

The WordPress platform itself has great features and extensive developer support since it was first released in May 2003. You can use WordPress themes for all types of websites including personal blogs, portals and to create an online store.

Today, WordPress has become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. The simplicity of WordPress and its open source community have captured the attention of the entire world.

Well, for the first step, you can first open the website by typing aws amazon or click this link After opening the website, click enter to login.

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

Then enter the email they registered with AWS Amazon and then click . If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can view the article on AWS Amazon here.

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And enter the password you created and click Sign in to continue the login steps for the account

After login to amazon aws dashboard or AWS management console. You will immediately choose which country to use to install WordPress on AWS EC2.

Click Next to select Exit and Return to Old Experience to select Old View. It’s easier to install WordPress and looks better in my opinion.

Will enter after the old sentence. Then all you need to do is click on the AWS Marketplace menu, then type the WordPress name as shown in the image below and click Select Next Step.

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Next, click Continue to select the WordPress sample server you want to install and view the WordPress sample server price.

You can then choose the version of WordPress server you want to use. But on this occasion I select a free order to use a free server and click reviews and guides.

Just click on Lead. Because here I add nothing and change nothing.

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

There will be a new page window asking you to generate a key pair or even a password, make sure to select “Generate a new key pair” then the key pair type is “RSA”.

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The information will be displayed on the settings page when the installation is complete and the symbol will be “green in text”, then click on the blue button “Instance View” menu.

If you are done. The script will be “green” and you are ready to continue with How to Install WordPress on AWS EC2, Free SSL and Domain Settings.

After successfully installing WordPress server. Immediately click on the form shown below and click Open the email with the blue sign to open your installed WordPress website.

After you open the IP address an image like below will appear, which means you have successfully installed WordPress on AWS EC2.

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After the WordPress dashboard page you can add your WordPress IP address to /wp-login/php or /wp-admin or use the image below to login to your .WordPress dashboard page.

Launch the AWS website once. Click Actions next to you, select Monitor and Troubleshoot menu and click Get System Log directly as shown below.

Then you click on the book and look for something called Settings Bitname Application Password where you will find the password and user to open the WordPress dashboard. Then come back to the WordPress tab by clicking on the tab as below.

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

Well, after you have successfully deployed WordPress on AWS EC2. The next step is to set up your WordPress domain on AWS EC2 by following the tutorial below. Yes, before following the steps below, you need to have your domain first.

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If you don’t have your own domain yet, you can buy one from a domain provider. But on this occasion I will use domain provider from If you want to see a tutorial on buying a domain from IDwebhost click here.

Now, in the image below, the WordPress IP address you installed has no setting for domain. OK, click on previous AWS EC2 tab as below

Next, enter the domain name you purchased. Then select the Public Hosted Zone type and click the golden button in the Hosted Zone section.

If you are successful, there will be a green color where the domain name has been created successfully as shown below.

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Next, you need to enter the WordPress IP address in the value shown below and click a note on the orange buttons.

A note will appear for the domain name which has been created successfully and you will see that note grow as shown below and click on the orange Create New Note button.

Then all you have to do is enter the name record by adding www, read the record type, CNAME-routing traffic to other domain names and some amount… and enter the domain name you purchased at a price to create the domain name. Your WordPress installation. And press the brand name on the phone.

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

The notes for the successfully created domain name will appear again and you will see the notes increase as shown below.

Prepare The Infrastructure

Then open the site where you bought the domain from, earlier I did a tutorial on which domain you bought on IDwebhost, so if you haven’t bought it, you can read the article now. You can immediately open the website or click on the blue color reading immediately. After opening the website, click “Login” in the upper right corner.

Next, you will enter your registered IDwebhost email address and the password you created. Then fill the verification code in the empty form, if the validation is correct, press “Enter” to become a member of IDwebhost immediately.

You will be directed to a list of regions that are active or uncounted and expired or no longer active Just click on your domain.

Next, open the domain you purchased and change the nominees to the AWS EC2 nominators you have as shown below.

Cara Install WordPress Di Cyberpanel|s1 Sistem Komputer S.kom

After changing the nameserver, a message will appear reading Changes saved successfully! at domain provider. Then you click on Manage DNS.

Please add HOST Name = @ then Record Type = A (Address) and Address = first WordPress IP and priority just leave blank and click save.

After changing your nominees you can open the website with the domain settings of the domain name you purchased or managed as shown below.

Install WordPress Pusat Hosting

Then you can open “PuTTYgen” application as shown below. If you don’t have it, download it first.

Cara Install WordPress Di Aws Ec2, Ssl Gratis Dan Setting Domain

Select the “AWS EC2 Password Key File” that you saved to generate a PuTTY password. If the file is not there, select “All files (*, *)” to show invisible files. Then the password file is visible once and click “Open”.

Please enter Comment Key, Passphrase and Confirm Passphrase for your choice and click Save Private Key

Next, enter the WordPress IP address as shown below. Then enter port 22 and session name you want to save.

Next, click Save to save the PutTY data you created and then click Data to open the WordPress SSH login.

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After you click the data. Just type bitname in auto-login username and press SSH as below

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