Install Node Js Di Hosting

Install Node Js Di Hosting – In this article, we will share how to install NodeJS on cPanel VPS via WHM. The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate the features of NodeJS on a cPanel hosting account you have created.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​that has been used to create dynamic websites for a long time. Lightness, cross-platform and the possibility of interoperability with other programming languages ​​are the main advantages that make JavaScript a popular choice for many developers.

Install Node Js Di Hosting

Install Node Js Di Hosting

In addition to being able to run JavaScript on the client side (client side), JavaScript can also be run on the server side (server side). The main advantage of server-side JavaScript is faster execution, which makes websites that use JS code load faster.

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Hosting services already provide NodeJS features in cPanel for mid-range and high-end shared hosting packages that can be easily used to deploy web or JavaScript-based applications.

For those of you using VPS services with cPanel, NodeJS can be easily installed via WHM and then run via cPanel. In this article, we will explain how to install NodeJS on a cPanel VPS via WHM.

NodeJS services run on specific ports as needed. For example, in this article we will run NodeJS on port 3000. To do this, you must first open port 3000 via the CSF menu on the VPS WHM page. You can read the instructions on the following page.

If you want to install NodeJS on a VPS, you can do it via the Easyapache menu on the VPS WHM page. Here are the steps:

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After successfully installing NodeJS via WHM, the next step is to run the JS script you created via the VPS cPanel. For example, let’s run a simple JS script running on port 3000.

Log in to cPanel and then create a folder at home to store the JS script you created earlier. For example, we created a folder called nodejsapp. Upload the JS file to the nodejsapp folder. For example, the JS file we uploaded is called app.js.

For a NodeJS service running through a terminal to be accessible via a domain address, you need to connect it via a .htaccess file.

Install Node Js Di Hosting

The NodeJS installation and deployment process is complete. With NodeJS the JS scripts you run can now be accessed through a web browser using your own domain address.

Cara Menjalankan Node Js Di Shared Hosting

2. A set of actions will appear in your cPanel account. Find the NodeJS process and note the NodeJS process number (PID).

For example, the NodeJS running in this article has an address with PID 23650. Close NodeJS by running the following command.

NodeJS is the solution for those of you who want to create dynamic and fast JavaScript-based websites. Combined with VPS hosting services from, you can create a flexible platform with high performance.

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You need to follow this process step by step as it is slightly different from the usual process of uploading a file on a website.

Install Node Js Di Hosting

Normally, when you want to host a website, you upload all the website files to the public_html directory on the hosting server.

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There are many hosting providers these days. You are free to use any of them. But before renting, make sure you ask whether the server you are renting supports Node.js or not.

Here I would like to introduce a hosting provider from Indonesia called Dominica. Click the link to register and get an exclusive 30% discount. Uniquely, you can rent hosting in Dominica for a month. So for those of you who are students, I highly recommend using Dominica’s services. Payment is also easy, you can pay through Gopay, Alfamart, Indomaret etc.

This step is familiar to those of you who are used to hosting websites on CPanel. Of course, you need to make sure that the host website is accessible through the parent domain or subdomain.

When the Subdomain form appears, fill in the desired subdomain name. I did this with title testing. Then select the parent domain as well. Then click Create.

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If the process completes, I should be able to access the subdomain by typing into the browser. Then I also get a new folder called in the root directory (depending on the DocumentRoot in the image above). Please remember the name of this folder as your website files will be uploaded to this folder.

You can use the previously created Node.js website on your local machine. For this article I will be using the Node.js website project that I wrote about in the article Building a static website with Node.js. And you can download it from the following link.

Download or clone the website project to your local computer. Then please check whether the website can work properly on your computer or not.

Install Node Js Di Hosting

To start the application. The website is running on port 8080, be sure to open a browser and go to http://localhost:8080/

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If you get a view like the image above, it means the site is running fine locally and ready to host.

For this one step, you can use other file upload applications like WinSCP or directly use the file manager function in CPanel.

Please upload all the Node.js site files and folders you created in the previous step, except the node_modules folder, to the root folder of the document you obtained in step #2 of the domain definition.

Scroll down after success. Specifically in the Search Configuration Files section. Then click the NPM Install Run button to install all dependencies listed in package.json.

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In this article, you learned step-by-step how to host a website built with Node.js in CPanel. I wrote this article using static web content that you can download from my Github account. And use CPanel provided by Domainesia.

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Install Node Js Di Hosting

Angular is actually a front-end framework that has full support for PWAs, but you need to take some steps to install PWAs in your Angular project. Steps to install PWA in Angular: 1. Build Angular project 2. Install PWA package 3. Testing

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Node.js is becoming increasingly popular among developers because it can make websites lighter and faster. Unfortunately, Node.js is still not supported by many hosting providers.

Domain Free is one of the cheap web hosting providers that already support Node.js. So if you want to develop your Node.js project so that it can be accessed online, see how to host Node.js on cPanel in the following article.

Node.js is a platform used to run server-side JavaScript-based web applications. With Node.js, Javascript files that can normally only be run on the client side can be run directly on the server side. So browser performance can be faster.

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Because of these various advantages, Node.js is increasingly used to build Application Program Interfaces (APIs), Javascript Object Notation (JSON), Single Page Applications (SPAs), and data streaming applications. Obviously, many popular apps like Netflix, LinkedIn and Medium have been built using this platform.

Node.js is a JavaScript-based web application development platform capable of creating lightweight and fast performance. Not surprisingly, Node.js is widely used to develop single-page applications and streaming applications such as Netflix.

So if you want to build a website with Node.js, you can use the Node.js hosting method that we have explained.

Install Node Js Di Hosting

However, don’t forget to also use hosting and cloud hosting services that already support the use of Node.js like , good! Especially if you can get various security features like Imunify360 and LiteSpeed ​​with the help of a qualified server. Of course, the better your website will be.

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