Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan

Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan – Hi ns! Ever heard of Laravel? For website developers, you must be familiar with this word. Laravel is a well-known PHP-based framework. You need to know that there are several types of PHP frameworks, e.g

Etc. Well, Laravel is one of the favorites for developers because it has several advantages. You can also install Laravel on hosting easily. In this guide, we will discuss how to install Laravel on hosting. There are several ways to install Laravel. , for example through Softaculous or manual download. However, to make it easier this time, we will explain how to install Laravel through Softaculous.

Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan

Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan

Before entering the installation method, you need to know the advantages of Laravel. First, Laravel provides a feature to find all routes with a single command. So that the rooting is very simple. Second, Laravel is very security aware. All you have to do is to update, and all the gaps in the foundation will be closed. Third, Laravel’s documentation is easy to learn. So working in a team is not a problem.

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The first step you have to do is log in to cPanel. You can login to cpanel via https://domainname/cpanel, according to the email sent about hosting account information. For those of you who don’t know how to log in to cpanel, please read about the easy way to log in to cpanel hosting.

You can see the used version, features, ratings, screenshots of Laravel. To do the installation, click on the Install tab

Please choose which protocol you want, if http:// or https://. Then select the desired domain or subdomain. Then click on

How? Isn’t it easy to install Laravel on hosting? Now you can enjoy some of the advantages of Laravel on your hosting. Don’t bother downloading and putting it in localhost first. You can immediately configure online hosting. Want to know what instant apps you can install on hosting? Come visit Web Apps and try out the Instant Deploy feature! Find the website you want with one click! Or you want to try cheap hosting with the best quality? Come check out the best hosting. Hello!

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In the previous article, you learned how to install Laravel on hosting. The next thing you need to learn is how to download Laravel hosting. With this guide, you can do it quickly and easily. If you already have a website file created with Laravel, see this guide.

There are two ways to download Laravel from hosting: (1) Merge the “Public” folder with the “Laravel” folder. (2) Separate the “Public” folder from the “Laravel” folder. For convenience, we use the first method.

Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan

In this guide, we will transfer files from localhost access to domain. How to download Laravel hosting itself consists of six steps, namely:

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By default, Laravel will access Laravel’s root folder and not directly access its public folders. So it is necessary to create a route so that when accessing the domain, direct access is directed to the index.php file in the “public” folder.

Save and make sure that when you access the domain or localhost it directly leads to the Laravel page. This method is a method that can be used. Another way is to edit the .htaccess file in the Laravel root folder on the hosting.

The next step is to collect all Laravel files in one file by compressing it. To extract it from cPanel, use the .zip extension on the file.

The next step to upload Laravel files to cPanel is to access cPanel. You can open cpanel by accessing the URL: https://domainname/cpanel.

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So that zip files from local are uploaded to this folder. You can upload the zip file to public_html or any other file you want to use to access the Laravel files.

If the zip file is downloaded, right click on the file and “Extract”. After that, the arrangement of records and files will be according to the above.

Checking can be done by accessing the domain or subdomain used to store the Laravel files. The result will be as below.

Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan

Oh yes, do not forget to have a high-performance website, do not choose the wrong hosting provider and the quality of the service. If you want it safe and easy, make sure you use a cloud hosting service from .

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Receive a variety of tutorial articles, interesting insights and advice about the online world directly through your email. Subscribe now and achieve success with us! In this post, I will share a procedure for free hosting Laravel on Heroku. Heroku is a hosting or place to store Laravel project websites so that others can access them publicly on the web.

On Heroku, we can use the PostgreSQL database for free without registering a credit card such as a Visa or Master Card. If we want to use MySQL on Heroku, we are told to enter a credit card first.

Enter the name of the app you want, for example here I used the name laravel-app-first and select a region in the US. , and click Create App.

After clicking, click create app, it will be directed to laravel-app-first -> the deploy tab, which means that the preparation of the project is complete, then we will fill the laravel files, here (deploy) they give us a Way to process how to make a deploy release, move the project file to Heroku so that it can be accessed publicly, okay, the next step is to prepare by installing the Heroku CLI, there are already steps how to do it, then . We follow the steps on this page.

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The Heroku CLI provides multiple operating system options for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Adjust the choice to the operating system your friends are using. Here I am using Windows 10 64 bit operating system. So those who don’t use Windows can go to the next step.

After downloading and running the Heroku CLI installation file, check everything and click next and next until the process is complete :D, there is no special treatment here, it looks like the picture below:

After completing and installing the Heroku CLI, the next step is to connect to our local Heroku CLI with our account credentials by typing the command in CMD:

Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan

Here I am using the project file from Creating a CRUD REST API with Laravel and JWT, once in the project file, let’s run the following command through CMD:

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Before pushing the Laravel project application to Heroku, we add a file called Procfile to tell Heroku that our project file is used for the web and request an HTTP server, here is the content of the profile file:

Above commands open default browser and access Laravel project web application on Heroku. If it works normally, your process is successful Hello, friend! Here you #CanBaget to find tutorials around the world in VPS websites. So, don’t be confused anymore, friends! Don’t forget to give feedback for the tutorial so we can provide the best one especially for you

For all developers who are curious about how to upload Laravel applications to hosting? Well, this tutorial is perfect for you to watch, friends.

Eits, but for those of you who are still curious, what is laravel? Find the answer here:

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. Laravel is an MVP-based website development written in PHP designed to improve software quality by reducing initial development and maintenance costs, and improve work and application experience by providing expressive, clear and time-saving syntax.

Export the Laravel project database to your local computer. In this guide, export with the console.

Wow, with some of the configuration explained in the steps above, you have successfully uploaded the Laravel application to your hosting, friend. Stay tuned for hosting tips on the Jagoan Hosting Indonesia tutorial page If you can’t find a part of the tutorial, you can contact your friends at Jagoan Hosting for more help via Live Chat or the Open Ticket feature!

Install Laravel Di Hosting Gratisan

Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting 9,000/month – Free Domain, Premium Divi Theme (side images) and SSL Buy 9,000 Hosting If you haven’t tried to publish a website on hosting, it can’t be complete, it’s like eating rice without dishes, and On this occasion I will discuss how to deploy your website project on hosting. By the way this time I use native PHP and Ajax as an example and here I use hosting from the domain 000webhost for testing.

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Open File Manager and create a new folder in your root directory. For this tutorial I will rename my project “HayuCaww”.

Now we go inside your project folder on your local machine. And don’t forget to export your local database to use when importing DB from hosting.

Login to your 000 webhost account, and upload all your PHP projects to localhost by dragging the files directly to the project folder on the hosting and the results will look like this.

After downloading the file, create a new database in the database manager menu and click the button “Create new DB” to create the database, and we click on the right arrow button and select the DBMS that we will use, this time I will use . Phpmyadmin.

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After entering the phpMyAdmin menu, make sure that you have exported the DB file that you created, in this tutorial I will import the DB results in the CRUD project and for the last step we must set the connection data according to the database manager. On the hosting.

<?php // Data connection based on data in DB manager $dbhost= 'localhost'; $dbuser= 'id10217641_jquery'; $dbpass='ajax123'; $dbname = 'id10217641_ajax'; // MySQLi procedure $conn = mysqli_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass, $dbname); if (!$know) { die("Connection failed: ". mysqli_connect_error()); } ?David Kurniawan is a technical content writer at , specializing in virtual private

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