Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting

Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting – Hello to us! Ever heard of Laravel? For website developers, you must be familiar with this term. Laravel is a well-known PHP-based framework. You should know that there are many types of PHP frameworks, e.g

Etc. Well, Laravel is a favorite among developers because of its many advantages. You can easily install Laravel on hosting, you know. In this guide, we will discuss how to install Laravel on hosting. There are several ways to install Laravel, for example using Softaculous or manual upload. However, to make this time easier, we will explain how to install Laravel with Softaculous.

Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting

Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting

Before going to the installation method, you need to know the advantages of Laravel. First, Laravel provides a facility to find all routes with a single command. To make rooting very easy. Second, Laravel is very security conscious. All you have to do is upgrade, then all the loopholes in the framework will be closed. Third, Laravel’s documentation is easy to learn. So teamwork is not a problem.

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The first step you need to do is to login to cPanel. According to the email sent from your hosting account information you can login to cPanel via https://domainname/cpanel. For those who don’t know how to login to cPanel, read the easy way to login to cPanel hosting.

You can see version used, features, ratings, screenshots of Laravel. To install, click the Install tab

Select the protocol you want, either http:/ or https:/. Then select the desired domain or subdomain. Then click

How? Not easy to install Laravel on hosting? Now you can enjoy some of the benefits of Laravel on your hosting. No need to worry about downloading and then putting it on localhost first. You can do online configuration directly on the hosting. Want to know what instant apps you can install on hosting? Come on, visit Web Apps and try the Instant Deployment feature. Get the website you want in just one click! Or you want to try cheap hosting with best quality? Come see the best hosting. Greetings!

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Hello! I am a data analyst and technical writer. I love Linux, Python, Server, WordPress, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. I will help you make something easy to understand technically 🙂 Laravel is currently one of the most demanded frameworks for website developers. We have already provided a guide for those of you who have used Laravel locally and want to upload it to our hosting at the link below. This time, we will provide a how-to guide

Laravel is a framework based on the PHP programming language that is currently on the rise and widely used by developers to create web-based applications.

Laravel is considered to be faster, safer and able to work more dynamically, so now many developers have started switching to this framework to maximize their website applications.

Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting

We recommend building laravel through your localhost first. After the website is finished, you can upload Laravel to the hosting you already have. But for those of you who just want to see the features or learn Laravel, you can install Laravel through hosting. Here’s how to install Laravel through cPanel.

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Note: For Laravel installations on the main domain, delete the index.php file in public_html. To do this, delete the default index.php file from cpanel > file manager > public_html >. How to install Laravel

4. Select the domain name you want to install and leave “Directory in” blank. The purpose of clearing this is that Laravel is installed directly in the root directory, with no other subfolders.

As usual, if there are any issues with Laravel installation, please report it to [email protected] so we can investigate it further. Good luck!

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This guide will explain how to enable dns service on a cPanel VPS using a private nameserver (example: In this guide, the selected service is PowerDNS because…

As we all know, Digital Madrasa Report Card is one of the applications used to publish student report cards online. To allow students and teachers to view report cards in more detail… Log in to your cPanel account. After successful, select “MultiPHP Manager” menu and click. After that, select the PHP version you want to upgrade or download. Don’t forget to check the domain name

Sign in to your Gmail account. Then select “Settings” and then click on “Accounts and Import”, click on “Check out from another account” and “Add another account”. and you

Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting

Once your domain and hosting are live, you can install Laravel 8 in cPanel. First log into your cPanel account. Once successful, select the “Softaculous App Installer” menu.

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After your domain and hosting are live, you can install CodeIgniter 4 in cPanel. First log into your cPanel account. Once successful, select the “Softaculous App Installer” menu.

Once your domain and hosting are live, you can install WordPress in cPanel. First log into your cPanel account. Once successful, select the “Softaculous App Installer” menu.

To create an Outlook email account open Outlook then select the Tools menu then select Account Settings then click on the POP/SMTP section then a pop-up window will appear to add a new email account.

Open IMAP Outlook in Outlook then select the File menu, select Manage Profiles then select Email and select the Change menu then click the More Settings button for incoming server port 993.

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CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN) service provider that can be accessed for free. If you decide to use CloudFlare DNS there are many benefits, such as additional security, cache servers

How to find website hosting IP. 1. View host IP through cpanel, 2. Verify IP using CMD, 3. Verify IP through web based tools

Uses cookies and functional cookies to manage web statistics, advertising and social networks. By using our website, you accept these cookies and similar technologies. Accept Privacy Policy Before you learn how to upload Laravel to cpanel hosting, you should learn about the framework. Framework is a popular system and widely used by programmers to create websites or applications. To load web site scripts built with laravel. The results will be slightly different from websites created using regular PHP scripts.

Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting

There are many problems with using cPanel. Compared to using a virtual private server, you have limited access. A VPS is a server created using virtualization technology with a dedicated operating system. The main advantage of a VPS server is that you can fully control and manage resources with full superuser access, also known as root, and no restrictions. This is a root that you won’t find in cPanel hosting.

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Used to create web applications. This framework was released in 2011 and is now widely known and used in various websites due to its very elegant and dynamic nature. This framework is very famous for its documentation which is very comprehensive and always updated. Laravel framework is not only the popular PHP framework these days, there are other frameworks also becoming popular, like CodeIgniter, Symfony, Phalcon, Yii, etc.

Before uploading your laravel framework to your cPanel hosting. First make sure that the website script is created on the local host and can be used correctly. After that, follow the guide on how to upload Laravel to cPanel hosting below.

There is a difference in directory structure between Laravel files and normal website files. For this reason, in order to upload files from Laravel to Hosting to work smoothly, you must first change the directory structure.

Default. Laravel will of course access the Laravel root folder and not your public folder directly. So you have to create a path so that when you access the domain, so that the access goes directly to the file

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This method is the easiest to use. Another way is to modify the .htaccess file in the Laravel root folder on the hosting.

The next step is to collect all the Laravel files by zipping them into a single file. To make it easier to remove it in cPanel. I recommend using the .zip extension on the file. Then the Compress Laravel file appears in the Windows dialog box.

After uploading the Laravel file to cPanel, you need to login to cPanel. You can open cPanel by accessing the URL: https://domainname/cpanel or you can open cPanel through your Android.

Install Laravel Di Cpanel Hosting

How, now uploading Laravel files to cPanel hosting is not a headache for you, right? You can easily load immediately. Installing Laravel can be done easily using the Softaculous feature in cPanel. The process does not take much time and only takes a few steps, Laravel is installed automatically. The process of uploading files to hosting from Laravel can also be done in a very simple and concise manner, just like uploading files to websites with other frameworks.

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Maybe come here first. Enjoy reading and developing your website! If you are still confused about creating a website, you can go ahead and buy a domain and host at a low price. Laravel is a PHP framework that aims to make it easy for developers to develop websites in an easy and fun way. . Elegant and expressive manner. Laravel framework was released in 2011 and is now widely known and used by various websites due to its very elegant and dynamic nature. This framework is very famous for its documentation which is very complete and always updated. MVC or Model, View, Controller is the foundation of Laravel, which is equipped with a series of command-line tools called “Artisan” that have functions for packaging packages and installing packages through them.

. Laravel is not the only PHP framework that is popular these days

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