Install Jibas Di Hosting

Install Jibas Di Hosting – The propagation process for a new domain or a nameserver changing domain usually takes a maximum of 24 hours. But currently for public DNS like google public DNS ( and, updating DNS is faster. It can also be accessed in seconds if you use Google’s public DNS. To check the latest NS domain status, you can first run a test…

Note information about zpanel, this time zpanel released 10.1.1 version in March 2014, those who use zpanel hosting panel, please update zpanel engine to 10.1.1. ZPanel 10.1.1 The fixes released in this release include: pChart2 —> ​​RoundCube —> http://forums.zpanelcp. com /Thread-RoundCube-Urgent-Security-HotFix To update, here are the steps: The new zpanel 10.1.1 update script is available for Ubuntu 12.04 and…

Install Jibas Di Hosting

Install Jibas Di Hosting

Step by Step Install JIBAS on Ubuntu Server 11.10: The process of setting up your Linux ubuntu server by enabling the web server feature (LAMP), setting the Ip of the Linux computer to, to make things easier. Setting the Linux hostname according to your network. First download Jibas source code [ilink url=”” style=”download”]Download from here[/ilink] or you can also download from here http: // jibas net/res/jibas/jibas.roadtocommunity.src- may also be released…

Jibas Live Update Cli

Below is how to create a server with Linux OS server. Debian Lenny (5.0). I hope it is useful for those who need it. Please download the guide below. Download Tutorial DebianServer Final Source:

We have been established in the field of hosting and domain management services since 2008, then since 2011 we have focused more on education services using open source information technology.

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