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Install Aplikasi Cat Pns Ke Hosting – JAKARTA – 2019 Civil Service Candidates (CPNS) passed the administrative selection Now it’s time to enter the basic selection stage (SKD). Did you know that SKD is administered using the Computer Assisted Testing (CAT) system? Even for the next step, which is selection of field qualifications (SKB), the government has also implemented the system. What should applicants know about the CAT process?

In the past, choosing CPNS was tantamount to conspiracy and fraud. But now he is gone. The government has assured that the selection of CPNS is more competitive, fair, objective, fair and without KKN. Thanks to this experiment with the CAT system, public confidence in the government in adopting CPNS has increased as there is no more chance of “trust”.

Install Aplikasi Cat Pns Ke Hosting

Install Aplikasi Cat Pns Ke Hosting

CAT is a computer-based CPNS selection test, where the public can watch live results when participants work on questions or after the test. With the presence of CAT since 2013, we hope that the country will have skilled human resources. CAT is an elective method with computerized tools used to obtain a minimum standard of basic skills used in CPNS selection. The goal is to have ASNs who are professional, have core values ​​and professional ethics in the implementation of public service projects, government projects and development projects.

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Not only a general system, the CAT system is also used for special designs. Special creations include children/children of the best graduates with predicate “With Commendation”/Kumlod, foreigners, persons with special needs, children/children from Papua and West Papua and cyber security personnel.

While in the testing room, each candidate will be asked different questions from other participants even though the tables are close to each other. Although only a few are cared for, CCTV devices are also available in the surveillance room. Each participant can be tracked effectively.

Before entering the examination room, each participant will undergo a physical examination. Participants are only allowed to bring their KTP and test card to the test room. If anyone is found carrying any illegal items, they will be required to place them in a bag held by the officer.

During the test, the presenter or other people can see the results in real time through a monitor screen provided outside the testing room. During this test, participants are given 90 minutes, excluding candidates with disabilities, especially the disabled and the blind. When the time is up, the question will automatically close and the result will be displayed immediately.

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In 90 minutes, participants were given 100 SKD questions. The questions are divided into three groups, namely 30 questions for the National Intelligence Test (TWK), 35 questions for the Intelligence Test (TIU) and 35 questions for the Personality Test (TKP).

Apart from preparing by studying, applicants must first know the “basics”, one of which is by recognizing the layout of the CAT system. No less important, tact is required in answering the questions.

One of the 2018 CPNS of the Ministry of Tourism, Denisa Ruvianti, gave tips on working on questions with the CAT system. According to him, giving priority to non-seriously asked questions will improve the work of SKD. “Do the TWK and TKP questions first, because the TIU questions took a long time to calculate,” he said.

Install Aplikasi Cat Pns Ke Hosting

Some time ago, PANRB Minister Tjahyo Kumolo received the SKD questions for the CPNS 2019 exam from Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim. The SKD questions were prepared by a team of universities in collaboration with the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Balitbang). SKD 2019 question preparation starts with question evaluation pattern and question grid 2018.

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SKD will be implemented from January 27, 2020 to February 28, 2020. According to SSCASN BKN data, it was recorded that a total of 4,197,218 potential participants were registered, and about 3,364,897 received confirmation from the management. In the CPNS procurement process in 2019, there were 154,029 orders, which included 37,584 orders from central authorities and 116,445 regional authorities.

Next, we will look at appropriate strategies for dealing with SKD in CPNS testing. Continue reading on the PANRB ministry website. (here/rr/HUMAS RB) This free online application for CAT exams program is developed using PHP programming language and uses MySQL database which is fully featured and easy to use. Currently, online exams are widely conducted by the government, such as the CPNS exam or the UNBK exam for schools, which is commonly known as the Computer Assisted Test or CAT. The free online exam application program is a web-based application implemented in the client’s computer network with a local server using the Apache MySQL XAMPP module. This online exam application can also be submitted online using the website. The types of questions for the online exam that can be administered are not essay questions but multiple choice questions. There are a lot of free and paid online test apps on the internet, you are on the right page because apart from getting the CAT app, you can also download other apps.

The web-based online color test application program is perfect for use by any teacher or school teacher to create online tests and retrieve student test results. And don’t ignore the possibility that it can be used as a reference for college activities or for submitting final projects and events.

Below are some screenshots or demos of online imaging exam application web based program where you can download this application directly for free in members area.

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The features or features included in this web-based online cat exam application program include the following in general.

Please visit the members area and download the free online color test application program and many other applications. And here is the user information to login in the CAT application.

We, as low-cost scripting service providers with professional programming skills, have shared the project of a free online web-based color tester with php mysql. Which can be used in government agencies or schools etc so it will help in conducting computer based online exams or CAT and CBT. I hope it is useful.

Install Aplikasi Cat Pns Ke Hosting

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The cat app can determine the meaning of the answer, for example in the question tkp, each answer point has a value. The SIMPEG BKN employee application program is a web-based client software implemented in the client’s computer network. With a local server using XAMPP Apache and MySQL modules, or the SIMPEG application can be installed online using the web. We called the simpeg bkn software Raja SIMPEG version 7.2 which we created based on data structure modification and data mining in My SAPK BKN.

The SIMPEG BKN employee application program is very convenient to use as a tool in any service system and store information about employees in government agencies such as BKPSDM or companies.

Below are some screenshots or demo updates of SIMPEG BKN Employee App Version 7.2 where you can try this app or get live demo for free.

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The content or features available in the new SIMPEG BKN for Employee Application Version 7.2, which we have customized based on copying data to My SAPK BKN, include the following.

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We, as a low-cost web and design service provider with a professional programming team, have developed a SIMPEG BKN employment application system that can be used in government agencies like BKPSDM or the private sector. To be able to assist the Employee Information Service Management System or often called SIMPEG Employee Information System. Then this BKN employment application can be submitted to the personnel application system, i.e. Regional Civil Service Agency BKD or State Personnel Agency BKN, such as My SAPK BKN.

Install Aplikasi Cat Pns Ke Hosting

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