Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting – Hello guys! Here #CanBanget you get a worldwide tutorial of websites about VPS. So, you don’t have to be confused anymore, friend! Do not forget to give feedback for the tutorial so that we can provide the best especially for you

Hello friends!!, You must know good mood? Yes, Moodle is a CMS used for online learning media, or commonly called e-learning. E-learning itself is the concept of virtual teaching and learning activities using an Internet connection.

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

Moodle is now widely used in the world of lessons and high schools, bro. With emotions, teaching-learning activities will be more effective and efficient. You can also create your own Moodle bro, just follow the steps to install Moodle on your hosting.

Cara Install Moodle Di Hosting

Subdomains are extensions of the main domain name, for example your main domain is, so you create a new subdomain

After logging in, click on the softaculous menu under the “Software/Services” category. Softaculous is an automatic installation software that allows you to install web applications with one click.

Admin Account, enter your details to complete the Moodle admin account. Then choose the language you will use under Select language.

In fact, using this is optional. You can change the database name and table prefix you will use by defining them in this section.

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Open your website and the initial Moodle display will appear. You must first login to access the main page.

Download the Moodle file at: According to this tutorial, the profile used is version 3.9.2, download the file in zip format.

Log in to your cPanel, then create a database. The database you create will be used to store information in Moodle. Follow the instructions in the following link to create a database in cPanel.

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

Next, upload the moodle file you downloaded earlier to public_html. If you want to install moodle on a subdomain, click on your domain name folder in the public_html folder, then upload the file.

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By default, the extracted file will be in the public_html/moodle/ folder, this will make the block url To prevent this, select all files in the public_html/moodle/ folder and move them to public_html.

Open your domain (for example: in the browser to install the profile. You will be redirected to the Moodle installation page. On the first page you are asked to select the language to use, after selecting the language Click next.

Next, enter the database information you created in your cPanel hosting, making sure the information entered is correct. Then click Next.

Make sure all information is in OK status, then click Continue. There may be a situation during the installation that needs to be checked, you can check the details in the troubleshooting section

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Next, make sure any Moodle data you install has a complete status. If everything is fine, click Continue at the bottom.

You will be redirected to the profile settings page. Enter all information required for installation, then click Update Profile

Then save the web profile settings, if you want to add change information, you can add it in the new settings page. After editing the information, click on save changes

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

An example of an error report like “Version 10.2.29 is required and you are running 10.0.38”. This means that you need a newer version of the database than the current version, ask the support team for help in migrating your hosting with this error included.

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Don’t forget to make sure you have enough space to install the CMS because the space required by the CMS is big enough.

This Moodle CMS is also open source, making it easy to edit and create eLearnings. Good luck!!

A special guide that Jagoan Hosting has provided for Moodle users. A guide that can be used by administrators, teachers and students.

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Hello guys! After your SSL order is complete, several steps must be taken before your SSL is up and running.

After running this guide, you will have private key, crt and ca-bundle. All three are valid certificates for your domain name.

After reaching the next page, scroll down until you see the menu as shown below, then click the blue “Click to set up”.

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

The “Server Information” page will appear, in Server Information> Web Server Type (there are many options, ask yourself where you will install it, adjust the web server) Here for example IBM HTTP Server.

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Remaining on the same page, then click the Generate CSR button, hopefully, now the previously empty CSR and Private Key fields will be filled.

Copy every line of the private key code and paste it into any notepad or text editor. So keep it in a safe place and don’t lose it.

Also, in the configuration section, there is a column for collecting DCV (Domain Control Validation). DCV is used by a CA (Certificate Authority) before issuing an SSL certificate to verify that the person making the request is authorized to use the associated domain.

In the “Administrative Contact Information” section, this contact information will not be included in the certificate, this contact information is used to link the order information and renewal.

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You can proceed with this step after the administration step and CSR generation is complete. Marked by the “Setup Complete” notification that appears on the next page

This time we will verify the use of email, select the email option then in the drop down option specify the email to be used for verification. Make sure this email has been created and can be used.

Now check the email you selected in the previous step, look for the email with the subject of authentication …, follow the instructions:

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

This time we will verify using HTTP/HTTPS. Select the Http/Https option and then you will see a download button. In the Http/Https method, you will be directed to upload some files to some folders so that they can be accessed and checked.

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Next, upload the file to the .well-known/pki-validation folder located at the root of your domain. For example, if SSL and domain are installed in cpanel hosting, you can login to the file manager first. Next, to find the .well-known/pki-validation folder, you can click Settings > Show hidden files

If the process you are doing is correct, you will find that the URL looks like this

If your domain is on Jagoan Hosting you can add DNS CNAME using Jagoan Hosting DNS integration. For the example above you can add DNS like this:

If the DNS CNAME has been added, you can continue by clicking Validate. If there is any problem, you can wait 1 hour first, then press the Validate button again

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The process takes 5-10 minutes, after which you can refresh the overview page again. A screen like the one below will appear and you can download your SSL certificate.

Now SSL is common and can be found on almost every website on the Internet. Almost all browsers recommend us to access the website with SSL/Https instead of Http.

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Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

Hello guys! You must know that one of the features offered by Softaculous is the best use.

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Later using Softaculous can be used in your website’s CMS application, friends. But for those who don’t know what Softaculous is, there is an explanation below, man!

Softaculous is an automatic installation software that allows you to install web applications with one click. A variety of applications are available for easy installation, including web portals, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, blogs, surveys, forums, and more.

Softaculous can take care of installing other automatic installers. Softaculous also has an easy-to-use backup feature, which allows you to back up your installation at any time.

Softaculous is an automatic installation feature provided by Jagoan Hosting and Beon. Currently softaculous supports the installation of more than 250 CMS. Installation with Softaculous is very easy.

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Step 1. Login to the cPanel page. After logging in to cPanel, click on the Softaculous menu under the “Software/Services” category.

Step 2. After that, the Softaculous main menu page is displayed. To install the CMS, click on the CMS icon on the Softaculous main page.

Step 3. After that, the CMS installation overview page is displayed. On this page you can check if you have enough hosting space to install the CMS application or not.

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

This hosting space check can be seen in the “Required Space” column. where “free space” must be greater than “required space”. To continue the installation, click on the “Install” menu.

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Step 4. The next page is the page for configuring the cms application. The column marked with a red arrow is the column whose content must be adjusted.

The first is the column “Select domain”, for this column, you do not need to change the content if you want to install in the root domain.

However, if you want to install in a subdomain or add-on, you can make changes by clicking on the “black arrow” and selecting the domain / subdomain you want to install.

Step 5. After that, you will be taken to the installation “progress bar” page. Wait until the installation process is complete until the meter is full and shows 100%.

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Step 6. After the progress bar is full and shows 100%, Softaculous will take you to the post-installation overview page. Click “Return to Overview” to return to the Softaculous home page.

Make sure you have enough space, mating, to install the CMS. Since the existence of this CMS is quite large. So that your application is guaranteed to be available and usable.

So if you still have problems, you can contact the friends of Jagoan Hosting

Instalasi Jagoan Hosting

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