Instal Tcexan Di Hosting

Instal Tcexan Di Hosting – From the popular CBT TCExam, specially modified to support the Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM). This tutorial walks you through the process of installing TMF on hosting that uses cPanel.

What needs to be prepared before doing this tutorial is the domain/subdomain associated with the cPanel hosting. In this tutorial I am using the cbtakm domain. If you have problems connecting to domain/subdomain hosting, please contact your hosting provider.

Instal Tcexan Di Hosting

Instal Tcexan Di Hosting

Download the TMF source code here. After that, open cPanel and then click File Manager so that the following screenshot appears

Membuat Ujian Online Menggunakan Cms Tcexam

After the extraction process is complete, a folder named “tmfcbtakm-main” will appear in the root folder, open the folder, then select “select all” and then “move” to the root folder by deleting the word “tmfcbtakm-main”. ” in the Move menu. Please see the image below for more information.

After completing the process of moving the source code to the root folder, delete the folders “tmfcbtakm-main” and “” in the root folder. The next step is to create a database and a database user. Please open the cPanel home page again and then click on MySQL Database.

Fill in the new user column as needed, don’t forget to create a strong password. After that click create.

Only three columns need to be changed namely Db User, Db Password and Db Name. Enter the user and database you created earlier. Softaculous is an automatic installer that can be used to easily install a variety of free or open source software with one click. This program can be used to facilitate CMS installation as well as software hosting and website support.

Pdf) Quality Features Of Tcexam, An Open Source Computer Based Assessment Software

Installing scripts or software on your hosting requires time and advanced technical knowledge. But with Softaculous, all these setups can be done easily. Throughout this article we will discuss what Softaculous is, its benefits, how to install and how to get Softaculous.

Softaculous is an automatic installer that resides on a host console or web server. Softaculous allows users to install software, create databases and edit server configuration files more easily.

With Softaculous, users do not need a technical background to be able to install software or scripts. In addition, there is no need to bother with manual installation. Users only need to press a button and Softaculous will perform the installation. Of course, this makes it very convenient for users who need a quick and easy process.

Instal Tcexan Di Hosting

The good news is that this program currently has hundreds of auto-install scripts and thousands of the best PHP classes to meet all your needs. Starting with popular CMS systems like WordPress, Prestashop, WooCommerce and many more. You can easily set up and create any kind of website.

Pengertian, Keunggulan, & Cara Install Softaculous

From the definition of what Softaculous is, it is clear that Softaculous provides easy installation of programs or scripts on the server. But this is not the only advantage of Softaculous, here are the details:

Softaculous has a total of 381 programs and scripts that are easy to install on the server. From apps or scripts for blogs, CMS, forums, social networks, ad management, online stores, email and more. All these programs are also categorized for easy searching.

Using Softaculous, you can also update and preview all installed programs or scripts with one click. In addition, there is also an automatic update that makes it easy to update an app or install a script.

WordPress Manager is an easy way to manage WordPress-based websites, using this feature you can easily update the WordPress version, manage installed themes and plugins, enable cron and enable search engines to find pages.

Penilaian Hasil Belajar Menggunakan Tes Online Dengan Tc Exam

Softaculous is compatible with various popular control panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISP System, Interworx and CentOS WebPanel. In addition to being compatible with many consoles, integration is also quite easy.

Softaculous can be installed on the server for free, but there is a limited number of programs or scripts that can be installed, namely 38. If you want to use the premium version of Softaculous with a total of 381 scripts, users can. Subscribe to Softaculous for a fairly cheap annual fee.

Softaculous is designed to provide comfort to all users. Softaculous itself has hundreds of apps ready for one-click installation. Below are examples of some of the programs in Softaculous.

Instal Tcexan Di Hosting

WordPress, OpenBlog, Serendipity, Dotclear, b2evolution, Textpattern, Nibbleblog, LifeType, Pixie, Nucleus, Chyrp, eggBlog, HTMLy, PivotX, FlatPress, Leafpub, Movable Type

Instalasi Dns Server Di Ubuntu Menggunakan Bind9 Dalam Sistem Chroot

Joomla, Open Real Estate, PHP-Fusion, Concrete5, MODX, e107, CMS Made Simple, Xoops, Zikula, Composr, Drupal, Website Baker, PHP-Nuke, Mambo, Subrion, etc.

Because you already know what is softaculous, the benefits of softaculous and what are the programs in softaculous. Now you know how to use softaculous? Please follow the following procedure: In accordance with European law, we inform you that this store uses cookies to secure the order process, monitor customer traffic to improve our website/offers.

7 a. General questions 7 b. Find out about our offers 7 g. Website Creation 8 D. cPanel, Remote SQL, SSH, Cron 12 E. Optimization and SEO 15 F. Backup and Security 12 C. Troubleshooting 14 H. Mail, Import, FTP, php.ini 15 I. Advanced 3 J .VPS – VPN 3 K. What else?

CPanel is a management program that allows you to easily manage your hosting account. You can for example Set up redirects, change dns, add domains, manage website files, databases, phpmyadmin and much more… Here is a screenshot of cpanel, click on the image for a live demo (limited features in demo mode): Softaculous is awesome. sitebuider has tons of positive reviews and is installed by default on your hosting account via cPanel. It helps you create a website easily by installing free CMS/scripts for you from over 450 options… Just search for the CMS you want to install and click install, enter all the requested information. For installation path, select an empty path if it is for your account’s main domain, which is located at public_html. If it’s for extra domains, just enter the correct folder… See screenshot here: All the following scripts/Cms can help you do many tasks in your web hosting service, here is the main list as follows (full list updated here): Blog Serendipity Pubvana b2evolution LifeType WordPress Top! Nucleus Dotclear Textpattern eggBlog Pixie Ghost Chyrp PivotX Nibbleblog   Microblog StatusNet Sharetronix PageCookery Storytlr   Wikis DocuWiki MediaWiki PhpWiki PmWiki TikiWiki WikkaWiki  be port MSTaquilletLroundC. Website Baker sNews Geeklog Drupal Top! Mambo PHP-Nuke Typo3 Top! Pligg MODx e107 Concrete5 phpwcms CMS Made Simple Php-Fusion Open Real Estate ocPortal Subrion PyroCMS Contao SilverStripe Top ! jCore ImpressCMS ImpressPages Monstra QuickCMS Top! Silex Redax Script Sitemagic CMS Saurus Mahara ProcessWire PimCore Fork Tiki Wiki CMS Bolt Tribiq Pluck Bigace Jamroom Croogo SiteCake razorCMS Hotaru CMS Cotonti Fiyo CMS Kirby E-Commerce ClipperCms Thirty Bees Top Arasta Top! Zenario top! Magento osCommerce PrestaShop Top! CubeCart tops! WHMCS TheHostingTool TomatoCart OpenCart AbanteCart Loaded 7 Zen Cart Boxbilling Avactis Quick.Cart LiteCart AlegroCart phpCOIN Axis Open Source Point of Sale Zeus Cart Open eShop CS-Cart Blesta Client Exec Thelia 2 ShopCart Software Microweber! MyLiveChat Crafty Syntax HELP CENTER LIVE HESK OSTICKET EXOPHPDESK TRELLIS desk open website PhpOnline PhpMyfaq iqdesk Maian Vision Phpliteadmin ad management yclas osclass revive adserver gpixpixel frameworks codeigniter bootstrap laravel cakephp smarty fuelphp htmlpurifier wide webasyst uikit ficthbon prado yii yii framekwater zend diy kohana endle chamiline Pixelpost ZenPhoto phpAlbum iGalerie 4images   RSS Gregarius Feed on streams Tiny Tiny RSS selfoss SimplePie   Other Article Installation Open Journal Systems phpLD jobberBase WebBid PhpGedView Webtrees phpFormGenerator Hablator Installing PHP software like any software installation. Login manager, configure the web server to perform the backup process. With Softaculous you can also see some user features, app views, ratings and reviews.

Comment Fonctionne Softaculous Et Cpanel ?

In this article we will discuss softaculous. If you’re one of those people who loves and regularly plays hosting, then you’re certainly no stranger to softaculous. What exactly is Softaculous? What is the advantage? What applications can be hosted with Softaculous? How to use Softaculous? At its core, Softaculous is a simple service, with just one click to set up a website instantly. For a more detailed explanation, you can listen to the following discussion:

Softaculous is an auto-installer for hosting and functions to facilitate the installation of various cms (content management systems) as well as various open source web applications. The application will be automatically installed and the user does not need to install manually through the control panel. Unlike other automatic installers, Softaculous is much faster, well designed and installs all scripts in one step

Have you ever heard the word “soft” before? Usually, when you already have hosting and want to install an application, many people recommend using Softaculous. For example, install WordPress through Softaculous, install Prestashop hosting through Softaculous, etc.

Instal Tcexan Di Hosting

What is Softaculous? Quoted from Softaculous, Softaculous is the best auto installer with 4444 best scripts, 1115 PHP classes and many more. Softaculous is ideal for web hosts because of its user-friendly nature. Users can install applications in one step.

The Full Article Here

Quoted from Wikipedia, Softaculous will take care of all installation processes such as creating database tables, installing software, managing administrator login data, setting up web server settings to perform the backup process. With Softaculous, you

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