Instal Mikhmon Di Hosting

Instal Mikhmon Di Hosting – In this tutorial I will show you how to install and configure MIKHMON as a host so that it can be accessed online or publicly accessible. MIKHMON is a MIKBOTAM-like application built using the PHP programming language with the goal of providing Setting up and managing Mikrotik is easier. We can create hotspot accounts, create accounts, etc. with the help of the MIKHMON application. MIKHMON also uses the Mikrotik API port so that MIKHMON and Mikrotik can connect to each other. Read Also: MIKBOTAM on Localhost Internet access and subdomain Also in the tutorial titled Install MIKHMON and MIKBOTAM on Localhost Internet access and subdomain MIKHMON and MIKBOTAM can be installed and used on the same computer.

Since MIKHMON uses the Mikrotik Api for access, it must be enabled by going to the IP -> Services menu or via the CLI command below:

Instal Mikhmon Di Hosting

Instal Mikhmon Di Hosting

The MIKHMON host is successfully installed with https access, so we can access MIKHMON from anywhere if Mikrotik can be connected to the public (internet).

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In the tutorial titled How to Setup Mikrotik hAP Lite RB941-2ND for Vouchers with Mikhmon has explained the steps for creating Hotspot Vouchers using Mikrotik hAP Lite RB941-2ND. Read more: How to setup Mikhmon Online on free hosting.

This document is designed to make video tutorials for the Script TV channel stored in the domain Profile ON LOGIN :day ; :local data]; :local zero… in the last post. How to install and configure MIKHMON Online on hosting was discussed, in the post I used paid hosting. In addition to using paid hosting, Mikhmon can be installed using For example, free hosting from Performance is no different from paid hosting because Mikhmon is very easy to use for free hosting. To join Mikhmon in free hosting from 000webhost is very easy. First create an account using a valid email.

To install Mikhmon on 000webhost’s free hosting, first add a new website with the address For example, I do the following:

Make sure the previously downloaded Mikhmon file is in the public_html folder, if it’s in the mikhmon folder, select all. Then right-click and select Move and change the destination to /public_html.

Install Mikhmon Di Hosting Dengan Layanan Vpn Remote

Finally, Mikhmon integrates very well with free hosting from 000webhost. All that remains is to connect Mikrotik to Mikhmon. To connect Mikrotik to Mikhmon Online our Mikrotik must be publicly available with open API port (8728). We can also use DDNS generated by Mikrotik to connect Mikhmon Online to. Mikrotik which means Public IP from ISP is Public (not Private IP). Read more: Login to Mikrotik using Custom Domain and IP-Cloud (DDNS) Mikrotik if the ISP we are using has changed. Sometimes we get Public IP, sometimes we get Private IP. We can also use Mikrotik Script to get Public IP and without restarting the modem. we mean modem planned to use as a bridge Read more: Workaround to get Indihome Public IP using Mikrotik Script.

This document is designed to make video tutorials for the Script TV channel stored in the domain Profile ON LOGIN :day ; :local data]; :local Zero…Install Mikhmon on Android This time I will tell you how to install Mikhmon application on our Android mobile. That is, we will install Mikhmon application on PC / Computer to the web host. But we didn’t turn on the device. Plenty and the ability to use HP for everyday needs.

So, I’m going to give you a complete tutorial on how to install Mikhmon on Android using the same Termux application as Mikhmon on a computer/laptop. Mikhmon

Instal Mikhmon Di Hosting

Mikhmon is a web application (MikroTik API PHP class) specifically to help manage MikroTik Hotspots. MikroTik does not support User Manager. Mikhmon is not a Radius server. So it doesn’t run all the time. Mikhmon can be activated when needed or required.

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With Mikhmon on Android, it is easier to manage our Hospot or financial system. Don’t worry that you can open your computer/mobile to see our Mikrotik devices.

You must meet the hardware standards below for the Mikhmon application to run smoothly.

Update pkg && update pkg -ypkg install wget -ypkg install git -ypkg install curl -ypkg install php -y

Wait a moment until Local Host Web Server appears, then open it with a browser application (Google Chrome, UC Broswer).

Mikhmon Mikrotik Hotspot Monitor

If you successfully open the mikhmon website, then you have successfully installed the mikhmon website on Android.

If it’s not clear, don’t understand, ask in the comments below or call the admin for help.

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Instal Mikhmon Di Hosting

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