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Info Hosting Website – Where is my website hosted? Of course there may be many different answers. Hosting includes many different services. And while it’s possible to have all of your hosting services through a single company, it’s not uncommon to see a site that has every hosting service provided by multiple hosting companies. For example, you might have:

This guide provides instructions on how you can conduct some quick research to find out who is hosting each aspect of your website.

Info Hosting Website

Info Hosting Website

You may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the concept of DNS. However, this article does not require extensive knowledge of DNS.

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Domain registration is a service that ensures your site name is yours. As a quick reminder, domain registration does not include your website code, files, database or email. You can quickly check the domain registration provider by doing a WHOIS search.

Name servers determine where your DNS files are hosted. This information is important if you want to make DNS changes. It can also be quickly found through a WHOIS search.

Your web hosting is where your code, files, images, videos, etc. A quick way to find your web hosting provider is to dig up the DNS A record.

Your web hosting is where your code, files, images, videos, etc. The easiest way to find your web hosting provider is by digging up your A record DNS information.

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If your site uses a firewall or CDN, the A record that appears may differ from your actual web host. Because when you start a CDN change, it usually asks you to change your A data.

In this example, the provider is shown as Sucuri, a security package (mt) / service for CDN and WAF. So,  you can login to your media temple account to see if your website is configured in (mt) security package / CDN & WAF. For other firewall or CDN providers, you may need to contact your website developer directly for more information.

Email hosting refers to the server that controls the sending/receiving of your email. This can be checked by looking at the MX records for your domain.

Info Hosting Website

Remember, managed WordPress servers do not include email hosting from Media Temple. However, you can use the information below to determine if your email is hosted on a third party. Content is free. When you make a purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission. Learn more

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Cheap web hosting – some companies swear by it, others won’t touch it. The thing with cheap web hosting platforms is that there are tons of terrible options. However, reputable hosting companies have a solid foothold in the world of website hosting, making it a great way to get reliable, secure, and affordable hosting for small businesses.

In a hurry Here’s an overview of the recommended hosts we’ll look at below in this comparison:

Your first question is probably, “How do cheap web hosts offer such low prices when other options charge $30+ per month?”

For most webmasters, those trade-offs are worth the price savings you get with cheap website hosting. If you have a small WordPress blog or your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic and you’re willing to give up some convenient features like automatic backups, you can find cheap web hosting that’s reliable and quick for your small business.

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Plus, when you’re just starting out with your first website, cheap web hosting makes sense because it keeps your costs down. You can always upgrade to managed WordPress hosting or another premium hosting solution in the future if you outgrow the free option.

Hostinger is a welcome online service known for its affordable products. Despite the price, Hostinger also offers good uptime.

When I say cheap hosting, Hostinger is one of the few companies that can stay under the $2 mark. Currently, entry-level plans cost $1.99 per month. These lower rates are offered as long-term subscriptions. Hostinger’s low-cost hosting plans:

Info Hosting Website

Hostinger’s dashboard does not work in the classic cPanel that we usually see with other hosting providers. Hostinger puts its own spin on it, calling it “hpanel” and offering easy access to things like files, email, and domain. It is beginner friendly and easy to set up.

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All plans, including shared web hosting, come with WordPress features like WordPress installers, making it easy to get started with a website quickly. You can find these features here

Hostinger support is available 24/7/365 in multiple languages. They also offer an online knowledge base. You can contact the support team via email or live chat. Hostinger does not have phone support because they believe live chat is more effective for the user than waiting on a phone line.

As for online resources, the knowledge base lets you search for tips and answers, while the tutorials site, blog, and YouTube channel have videos, in-depth guides, and everything you need to know about the platform.

Bluehost is an old reliable that looks like it was one of the first WordPress-approved hosts. Bluehost has always made hosting affordable.

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They price Bluehost strictly based on how many months you prepay. For example, a 36 month plan is cheaper per month than a 24 month plan. Although sometimes they make 12-month plans more attractive than 36-month plans; It is based on all current promotions.

Bluehost’s dashboard is one of the easiest to use out there. There’s a simple one-click installation for WordPress, as well as basic controls to take care of major customizations of your setup.

You also get free SSL to keep all transaction information secure for your online store.

Info Hosting Website

Bluehost excels with its WordPress integration and one-click installation, but we also recommend checking out other free WordPress hosting providers and looking for hosts that offer the best value for your money.

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Technical support is available 24/7 via phone, online chat or email. You can also access educational resources, including FAQs, online articles, and setup information. The knowledge base is full of valuable tutorials and the blog will keep you updated on new features. You can also follow along with updates on Bluehost’s social pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

👉 To see how Bluehost stacks up against another free option, check out our Bluehost vs SiteGround comparison.

A2 Hosting has a reputation for providing faster speeds than most shared hosts. It is very affordable and user friendly for beginners.

You can choose between Linux or Windows hosting. Both options are similar, but standard shared hosting plans:

How Can I Find Out Where My Website Is Hosted?

A2 Hosting pricing is based on extended sign-up promotions where you pay less per month when you commit for a longer period of time. The price listed above is mostly for 3-year terms, so it offers the lowest price. Monthly pricing is the most expensive (for example, the Starter plan sells for $10.99 per month).

There’s a lot going on in the A2 Hosting dashboard, but once you’ve got it, you can have a site up and running in minutes. A2 Hosting offers free migration (like WordPress) along with some one-click installation tools. We also like how some shared hosting plans offer automated tools for backups, storage, and surge protection. Finally, free SSL is great for e-commerce sites.

A2 Hosting offers 24/7/365 email, chat and phone support. Online resources are scattered, but you can find plenty of articles to learn about the WordPress dashboard, billing, and optimization in the A2 Hosting knowledge base. Additionally, A2 Hosting offers blog and social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Info Hosting Website

SiteGround is a great hosting platform for startups and companies with small sites. The price is reasonable, you get technical support around the clock, and the WordPress integration is seamless.

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SiteGround has special pricing for those who sign up for one, two or three years in advance. As one of the more expensive services on our list (but not by much), it’s still worth it, as their Startup plan also offers high-value features like daily backups, advanced WordPress security, dedicated WordPress support, and more.

SiteGround setup process is very easy for beginners. You choose a plan, register a domain (or transfer one to SiteGround, ) and then fill in your payment information before being sent to the control panel.

After signing up for the first time, SiteGround provides you with a website setup wizard that allows you to easily install WordPress or other common content management systems.

SiteGround also offers a more extensive collection of premium, automated features on all shared hosting plans, allowing you to set up your website and forget about those features while they run in the background. For example, you can enable everything from storage to security and from backups to automatic updates in the control panel.

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SiteGround customer support is available 24/7 via live chat or phone. SiteGround keeps phone and live chat wait times to a minimum, but it usually takes 10 minutes to get a response via email

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