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Indosatm2 Hosting – 29/04/2020 I transferred from Permata bank through Mandiri bank because I needed a transfer certificate, usually through ATM. but there was a mistake in writing the name of the bank, it should be Permata Bank, I wrote BNI. (only my fault) but the money was not sent and the bank called me to return it tomorrow.

30/04/2020 I made a transfer to Permata Bank and it went well, they immediately confirmed it via email because the ticket transfer method is not available in Indosatm2. (contact us in the direct menu).

Indosatm2 Hosting

Indosatm2 Hosting

After the host and domain are working, this time I try to install the latest version of WordPress, which is version 5.6 but as it happens, WordPress cannot be installed.

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Ahmad Alif Faruqi: Ok Mr. Rahmat, the PHP version in our PHP hosting service cannot be changed or upgraded because the IndosatM2 hosting service is shared with other customers, so changing the individual version cannot be done at this time.

Ahmad Alif Faruqi: Ok Mr. Rahmat about the refund, if the service is already used a lot for the refund, it cannot be done, but to upgrade you can do it at and choose to receive. menu and then on the left is my father’s bottom menu sir.

Chat above, I tried to chat asking you to make PHP internet. but it doesn’t work, and I try to recover the balance by asking for a drop, but I can’t. finally ok this could be my fault for not being picky about editing the place.

The problem is that today I need to create a website for graduation for 12th grade students, where the website script requires PHP version 7 and should be online in 2 days.

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Recommendations for those looking to buy hosting, first check the features of cpanel, ask questions first to get the best deal or try it for a month. not immediately 1 year

This is the SUPER pack I bought. 1 million floating around, what kind of hosting are you using… people looking to hitchhike pretend they are here. lol

It’s just a story about an error made in the Host selection, not an explanation for Indosatm2. It can be said that Indosat is right because it has legal basis (conditions). However, there should be a policy to facilitate its customers. is the external IP address, this IP address blocks the device from the Internet. We found that the device connected to this IP address is located in Jakarta, JABODETABEK, Indonesia. The image above shows the country/region/city where IP address is located and other brief information. We will give you the details below:

Indosatm2 Hosting

An IP address is used to identify a device or device in cyberspace and is represented by a string of numbers.

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Numbers can be represented in binary, decimal, hexadecimal, etc., as shown in the image below, with decimal being the most common.

IP Address Description Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal IP Address Description A/B/C/D/E Class and ID

A direct IP address has 4 numbers connected by dots, for example, there are only 3 numbers in 114.0.0 and 5 numbers in, it is not a direct IP address;

The range is 4 decimal digits from 0 to 255. If any number exceeds this range, for example, it is not a valid IP.

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Sometimes the dot will be replaced by spaces or dashes, for example. 114-0-0-1,114 0 0 1, but generally terminated by a dot,; is an external address, it is a public IP address on the Internet, and the device associated with it can be accessed by other devices on the Internet.

From the screen above, you can see different locations using public IP addresses and private IP addresses.

Indosatm2 Hosting

In particular, public IP addresses are coordinated by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), which first assigns different IP addresses to five RIRs (Regional Internet Registers). Has One Ip Number. The Ip Number Is 124.8

These organizations assign IP addresses to related devices, mostly located in the country of the requesting organization, and we can find the organizations and countries corresponding to these IP addresses using Whois data for IP addresses. .

Note: In some cases, however, organizations that receive IP addresses may also assign IP to other countries, such as international telecommunications companies, foreign military agencies, and other special circumstances.

Although we have used various data and technical methods other than IP address Whois data, we cannot guarantee that the results of the query are 100%. Therefore, country/region information for IP addresses is 99.99% or better, and errors may occur in rare cases.

Please note that the above information is the latitude and longitude of Central Jakarta, JABODETABEK, Indonesia, not the location of your IP address or device.

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In detail, we find the city level of the IP address by comparing data from many sources and technical tools.

It is a geographical description of data taken from a map based on latitude. This website cannot be guaranteed to be error-free, and the results are indicative only. This information is updated on: 2022-08-10 08:17:36 UTC

Gg Bedg No. 7b, RT. 13 / RW. 10, Kuningan, Manggarai Sel., Kec. Tebet, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12860, Indonesia

Indosatm2 Hosting

Note: Regarding the accuracy of this information, due to the responsibility of the IP address and changes and other reasons, the top industry in the top level of the city’s IP accuracy rate may not reach 80%, and some websites or businesses claim to be true. values ​​of 95% or more are not very reliable.

Isp Di Indonesia.

Of course, the location of the IP address is difficult to reach above 80%, it does not mean that the location of is 80% correct. Users can compare and verify data from different websites, as well as run network speed tests or other methods to improve accuracy.

But, let’s first give a simple answer: it is usually not possible to determine the location of a user based on the IP address.

In the last case, the accuracy rate of located in central Jakarta, JABODETABEK (Indonesia) cannot be 100%, and it is very difficult to find the exact location of the next level, street number and room. .

For example, an IP is assigned to an ADSL call, and by one of the users, the IP address is busy. But after the user goes online, this IP address will be assigned to another phone user and the user will be assigned another IP address after making another call to access the Internet. So you can confirm that this IP is used in this city, but you can’t confirm a small area, street or room.

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However, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keep records of IP address usage, and if necessary (for example, at the request of the police), ISPs may provide detailed user information and IP addresses. address over a period of time

Of course, real IP address information is not released to the public in order to protect user privacy.

The public IP address is shown on the map as follows, country: Indonesia, region: JABODETABEK, city: Central Jakarta. Longitude (106.82257080078°) and latitude (-6.1801700592041°) are the city’s geographic information, not the location you are using. This site cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, we only provide indicative information.

Indosatm2 Hosting

As mentioned above, PT. INDOSAT Tbk requested an IP address from a regional registry (RIR), and assigned the IP address to a device located in central Jakarta, JABODETABEK, Indonesia.

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.: This is a list of internet service providers in Indonesia, including their names, URLs and phone numbers. If you want to know about a particular service’s profile, social media, email, etc., you can click on the service name for details.

This topic is special, so let’s find out what DNS returns to an IP address.

DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System. The Name System establishes links between domain names and IP addresses, and DNS servers are responsible for this task. Forward DNS looks up the domain name to look up the IP address, while reverse DNS looks up the IP to look up the corresponding domain name.

Note: Changing DNS lookups must be done online. Sometimes there will be timeouts and other errors when there is a network connection, which will result in the DNS configured IP not being correctly returned but the original IP. In this case, it is necessary to give another command to “receive” or try again another time.

Informasi List Setting Smtp Isp Di Indonesia

By querying the database, we can determine whether is a proxy IP and the type of proxy.

When a person uses a device to access another device on the network, usually the source IP reaches the destination IP, but in some rare cases, for example, the source IP is blocked by a firewall and cannot access the destination IP, or the visitor wants to hide the real IP address, the IP of the middle can be used as a gateway, and is called a proxy IP.

Note: If the IP address is a proxy IP generally does not change over time, but it can change.

Indosatm2 Hosting

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