Indonet Hosting

Indonet Hosting – Indonet entered into a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud in 2017 and later took over its operations in Indonesia, Indonet has a track record and is very clear in its business. The successful differentiation became a growth strategy for Indonet, which rapidly expanded into business services, platform services, and application services.

Founded by people with extensive knowledge of information and communication technology, Indonet is widely recognized as a pioneer of Indonesia’s Internet era. Its mission to provide the best information and communication services to the Indonesian community and as an ICT service solution partner is a guiding light and a core of IndoNet’s vision.

Indonet Hosting

Indonet Hosting

Although Indonet’s first office is small, it is a small building in East Jakarta. But from those humble beginnings, they never hesitated and quickly became the largest internet provider in Indonesia. Currently, they are one of the top technology companies in the world, except in Indonesia.

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From humble beginnings, the company has grown into a professional supplier offering reliable and high-quality services in Indonesia. Indonet’s core service solutions are increasingly comprehensive and comprehensive. They now offer local infrastructure, data centers, networking and IT management services. Looking to the future, they have integrated Alibaba cloud services and products to give Indonet a competitive edge and allow their online services such as POS systems to thrive.

In 2017, the company partnered with Alibaba Cloud, acting as a major distributor for the latest cloud business services in Indonesia. The partnership has seen progress on both sides of the deal. In addition to Alibaba Cloud entering the Indonesian market, Indonet has managed to increase its market share by more than 100%.

Since partnering with Alibaba Cloud, Indonet has had many successful businesses. An important achievement for Indonet was when the head of ASEAN and ANZ – Alibaba Cloud, Raymond Ma, awarded Indonet as the ‘Fastest Growing Partner in Alibaba Cloud in Southeast Asia’. Currently, Alibaba Cloud and Indonet support more than 360 companies in Indonesia. .

Today, thanks to Alibaba Cloud, Indonet’s market share is high because they are not running an internet business, but an online service. In the future, Indonet hopes to continue using the products and services of Alibaba Cloud to better serve Indonesian consumers, and to take advantage of new opportunities in the digital age, such as machine learning and AI.

Indonet: Cloud Computing Enables 360 Companies In Indonesia

With the help of Alibaba Cloud, Cozitrip is looking to expand its business between Australia and China and show its big difference in AI technology.

“We chose Alibaba Cloud because they are a leading cloud service provider with a large footprint in Asia.”

By partnering with Alibaba Cloud, Indonet will branch out and offer its customers a plethora of new cloud services. Blue Power Technology (BPT) is a leading IT solutions partner in Indonesia as a fully supported member of Computer Technology International (CTI) Group. Mutual understanding of IT companies and delivery of products on time and service.

Indonet Hosting

Digicentre started as the IT department of a large gaming company. The company has outsourced its IDC, security and integration services to other companies to provide their unique offerings and expertise.

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As a well-known and trusted system integrator in the IT market for over 25 years, Icon continues to innovate.

IndoNet is a network service provider specializing in communication, security tech, network monitoring systems, data center and cloud systems in Indonesia.

MicroFusion, the most trusted specialist in cloud services, partners with leading cloud brands such as Alibaba Cloud

For nearly 20 years, NC Services Ltd. has been dedicated to in providing outsourced integrated MIS solutions to businesses in various sectors.

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Founded in 2015, Santhi Cloud is a Hong Kong-based service provider that focuses on transitioning business IT systems to cloud computing technology.

Automated Systems (HK) Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1973 and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in November 1997.

Bankware Global (BWG) develops and modernizes the core systems and systems of financial services industry clients. BWG has extensive experience in next-generation software development projects for leading financial clients.

Indonet Hosting

Part of the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Group, FUJIFILM CodeBlue provides the technology and IT you need in one place.

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Fujitsu (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. (FCH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Corporation of China. It is the center of Fujitsu China’s ICT business, which aims to provide customers with world-class ICT solutions.

Kaizen Technology Partners LLC is a cloud-based VAR, helping customers design, engineer and acquire data center and cloud environments.

LINKBYNET is an I.T. The company with about 700 employees manages the availability and performance levels of web applications, e-business, and information systems.

Lascom is a leading provider of Alibaba Cloud in Korea, providing fast and accurate support to Chinese internet business enthusiasts.

Alibaba Cloud Provides Solutions For Sea Alibaba Cloud

Megazone is an ICT company that aims to be a ‘cloud innovator’ and has contributed to the growth and development of the cloud market in Korea since its establishment in 1998.

Multisoft Limited (MTS) is a one-stop IT business solutions provider specializing in systems, networking, security and cloud services.

As a leading IT solution and service provider, Samsung SDS is involved in collaboration with the top global players in the industry by using the latest technologies.

Indonet Hosting

SK Holdings C&C provides cloud services under the brand name “Cloud Z” from cloud consulting to cloud deployment to become a reliable partner for your business.

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A market leader in IT technology and electronic equipment distribution in Central and Eastern Europe. Alibaba offers cloud solutions through its own ABC Data Cloud Platform.

Cityray, founded in 1987, is a science and technology company specializing in the development of human resource management systems. Over the past 30 years, Citiray has been committed to the development and research of various areas of human resource management such as recruitment, personnel management, personnel management, performance management , learning management and payment management. Cityray was founded in 1996 with high-quality systems and professional services based in the local market of Hong Kong to create a strategic advantage for further development in mainland China, leading and the pace of human resource management information technology. Sales and technical support in major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Cloud Comrade is a Singapore-based consultancy dedicated to implementing cloud systems and building bespoke IT solutions for our clients on cloud systems.

Cognizant (Nasdaq-100: CTSH) is one of the world’s leading business services companies, transforming business, operations and technology models for the digital age.

Alibaba Mail, The Only Email Service Provider In The Industry That Supports Public Cloud Services. Fast, Secure, And Reliable. Alibaba Cloud

Digital Crew is a multi-award winning digital agency with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Tokyo, New York and Mumbai.

Eficode creates digital products and helps customers use the best practices in Devops and Alibaba cloud computing with our certified experts.

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects the world’s leading companies to their customers, employees and partners in highly connected data centers. In 40 markets in five countries, Equinix is ​​where companies come together to find new opportunities and accelerate their business, IT and cloud strategies. In a digital economy where businesses are increasingly connected, connectivity is essential for success. Equinix uses the only global integration platform, creating new opportunities for companies to collaborate.

Indonet Hosting

IT Channel provides enterprise data management services to businesses across industries and helps drive organizational change.

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Based in Hong Kong, iTE provides web solutions, social media platform design, and digital marketing services for a wide range of clients in Hong Kong and Asia.

IT-Partners Limited (ITP) was established in 1996 and provides security solutions to clients to reap the full rewards of a secure IT environment.

Office Automation Consultant Co., Ltd has been established for over 15 years and provides network, security, integrity and maintenance services.

QBS Systems Limited is a leading IT consulting company in Hong Kong, specializing in IoT and Smart City solutions, Tac-and-Trace solutions, Location-based service solutions and Work Order Systems.

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Rackspace is a leading provider of IT as a service in today’s corporate world. It provides expert advice and integrated management services on applications, data, security and systems, including public and private clouds and storage management. Rackspace partners with every leading technology provider, including Alibaba, AWS, Google, Microsoft, OpenStack, Oracle, SAP, and VMware. The company is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled expertise in technologies that best serve the needs of each customer.

RedSo is a 30+ person solutions company with solid experience in design and engineering. RedSo has developed and published a number of mobile and web applications covering various fields including IoT (Internet of Things), AR (Augmented Reality), LBS (Location-Based Service), Video Streaming and eCommerce . We also created our Boutir product. We serve corporate clients such as TVB and AIA, but we also serve startups and NGOs.

SoftwareONE is a multinational company founded in 1985 in Stans, Switzerland, which cooperates with more than 10,000 distributors to provide one-stop solutions for customers worldwide.

Indonet Hosting

Stoneroad is a leading IoT service provider offering one-stop, reliable, online and hosted IoT solutions to business customers.

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