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Indonesia Image Hosting – Choosing Indonesia Web Hosting? Why not? Since starting blogging over 6 years ago, Panda has tried several web hosts. be it in the host country or abroad. In the early days, Panda only used foreign hosting because he read a lot on forums about the best hosting services. But finally it is interesting to try Indonesian web hosting. One of the considerations was the low price compared to the external hosting that Panda was using at the time. And of course, I read reviews of the best quality hosting and compared features, specifications and prices. From this experience, I myself feel that the choice of foreign and domestic hosting is not much different. It all comes back to choosing the specifications, quality and needs of the website. The prices are also very different.

Of course, each of us has a specific goal when creating a website. Be it for online stores, company branding, personal needs or blog monetization. Before comparing hosting quality and specifications, the first step is to define our needs. Some of these points may answer our needs:

Indonesia Image Hosting

Indonesia Image Hosting

You can also dig into more questions based on your hosting needs. Save your answers. After that, there are points to consider when choosing a hosting service:

Web Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia (gratis Domain & Ssl)

The quality of the hosting server has a big impact on the performance of your website. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a hosting that has been checked for quality. Whether it is external hosting or Indonesian hosting, make sure they have quality, stable and fast servers. Because if not, sooner or later your website will suffer. Trust me, a slow website will have a huge impact on your business! The speed of this server can also be affected by the location of the hosting server. For example, you are targeting Indonesian visitors, but you are using foreign hosting whose servers are located in the US. This may affect the speed at which content is transferred from the server to the client. If your hosting server is located in Indonesia or a nearby country, then the data transfer process may be faster. Of course, this is without leaving out the factor of using a CDN (Content Delivery Network). However, CDN plays an important role in optimizing server performance in delivering data to users. In addition, you should also look at the server specifications in the data center of the hosting provider company. This includes the amount of RAM, server technology, processor speed (check the type and core used by the host), hard drive type (SSD or not) and network speed. If you pay attention to these things, then you can choose the best hosting for your website.

Hosting features and specifications are directly related to those discussed in hosting quality points. Before you make your choice, make sure you know what features are offered. Our recommendation is to choose unlimited web hosting that comes with other additional features. For example, security (SSL/TLS and other security/security services), website optimization, automatic backups, etc. Disk space is a very important factor in hosting. If you think you don’t need unlimited hosting, then you should check how much space you need for your website. If your website uses a lot of images or files, the disk space required is definitely larger. The minimum hosting you need is 2 GB and above. If it’s still not enough later, you can also purchase additional space or upgrade to a higher package.

As a customer, of course you want to get the best service. Especially if you need technical support that is immediate and related to connecting to the website. This hosting customer service should be available 24 hours a day. So wherever and whenever you need help, there’s an instant bright spot. In addition, professional hosting services certainly offer various methods that make it easier for users to get help. Starting with live chat, email or active social media.

The following relates to warranty or guarantee. Companies that have clear information about the guarantees they offer to customers are trustworthy companies. This also applies to hosting services. By offering a guarantee or money back guarantee, it means they are a hosting service that believes in the quality of service they provide.

Layanan Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia

Don’t be afraid of hosting that only offers low prices. The best hosting in Indonesia really doesn’t cut the price. As a rule, they arrange prices in packages with certain specifications. Therefore, apart from studying the quality, features and specifications, try to compare the prices offered.

As previously stated by Panda, the choice of hosting is not really a matter of foreign or Indonesian hosting. But choose according to the quality and needs of your website. If you currently need recommendations for the best hosting in Indonesia, here is a list of Panda recommendations to try:

When logging in from Asia Pacific countries, Niagahoster has a global average speed of 174ms and 32ms. This hosting, which has several physical servers in Indonesia, has the status of one of the best hosting in Indonesia.

Indonesia Image Hosting

Niagahoster is used by more than 52,000 and is sponsored by International Hosting, which manages 500 servers worldwide. In the hosting package, this hosting service offers different price ranges.

Rekomendasi Web Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia

Pros: Niagahoster is equipped with BitNinja Server Smart Security that protects your website from uninvited cyber attacks. Niagahoster also has a full cPanel where users can customize their web hosting to suit their needs. Cons: All packages offered by Niagahoster are for a minimum one year subscription. Thus, this hosting package is for those who want to seriously build their online empire.

Dewaweb offers 3 data center location options including Singapore, San Jose (USA) and Jakarta. All three have identical servers that you can configure based on the geographic profile of your visitor traffic.

Only in Indonesia, Dewaweb has chosen the best-in-class Tier-4 data center location, namely Equinix DCI, which is the same data center used by Google and Alibaba. With the quality of their servers and data center, Dewaweb is one of the most solid and reliable hosting services.

Dewaweb is built the way it was built for performance hosting. To optimize website performance, this hosting service uses ultra-reliable and fully redundant Enterprise Class servers from Dell EMC and Hewlett-Packard (2N architecture).

Nvme Web Hosting Indonesia Tercepat Dan Terbaik Harga Murah

They also use the latest generation of web protocols to make access faster and more secure. In short, you can definitely rely on Dewaweb for data transfer speeds.

Domainesia has physical servers in several countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, and Japan. This domain service has been operating since 2009 and claims to have over 95,000 users. both from Indonesia and abroad.

Apart from the server location factor, another consideration for using a domain name is the packages and features they offer. This hosting has implemented SSD technology in all its hosting packages.

Indonesia Image Hosting

With this technology, they should ideally be able to provide faster website load times than hosting services that still use older hard drive technology. Customers also get CloudFlare Railgun for even the cheapest plans.

Hosting 24 Penyedia Premium Web Hosting Indonesia

As previously mentioned, Domainesia already uses high-performance SSDs in its cloud infrastructure. You can use this technology to create fast and stable websites.

With SSD technology, many say Domainesia should be even faster in terms of performance. In addition, Domainesia only offers a 10-day guarantee. Of course, this is a relatively short time to take advantage of the trial period.

Speaking of hosting, idCloudhost is definitely a new player. This hosting service started its global business hosting in Indonesia since June 2015. However, their customer base is now 80,000 in Indonesia and abroad.

As the name suggests, idCloudHost already uses the latest cloud technology. This means that the web server, speed and time are stable and reliable compared to hosting with classic technology.

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IdCloudhost also mentioned that they used the fastest process i.e. E5 processor and equipped with SDD for storage space. Not surprisingly, many large companies are registered as idCloudhost customers. It is called Sukofindo, Pupuk Kaltim, J&T, Pertama and Mandir.

IdCloudhost is a hosting service with cloud technology that has more stable performance than hosting with classic technology. Moreover, their support service is one of the best and responsive to customers.

IdCloudhost also has flexible hosting packages and reasonable prices. It doesn’t matter if you get a monthly or annual plan, there isn’t much difference in price, which is often a sales ploy.

Indonesia Image Hosting

Of course, there are high expectations for the cloud technology used by idCloudhost. Unfortunately, over the last 10 months of testing, the average load time for this hosting was 1.02 seconds. Definitely good, but not the most satisfying.

Review Lengkap Hosting Terbaik Indonesia 2021

IdCloudhost also uses JetBackup Premium features. With this feature, website files are automatically backed up 4 times a week and files are kept for 30 days. For those who diligently update the content daily, it definitely deserves attention.

Exabytes is a hosting company originally founded in Malaysia in 2001. This hosting service now has data centers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States.

Only in Indonesia, Exabytes claims to have the best data center, namely NEX data center. NEX Data Center itself is known to provide carrier neutral colocation servers and has been operating in Indonesia since 2009.

However, Exabytes is definitely a hosting service that is very promising and worth a try.

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Advantages of Exabytes: Exabytes has a full range of hosting packages. From WordPress for different needs, to VPS to cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

In terms of customer service, they have a good team of professionals

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