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Indonesia Flag Hosting – Senior Indonesian politicians want Western leaders to tone down their rhetoric on Russia Adek Berry/AFP via Getty Images

BALI, Indonesia – Senior Indonesian politicians are urging Western leaders to weigh how far they must go in criticizing Russia over the war in Ukraine, a last-ditch effort to avoid leaving this weekend’s G20 summit without a joint statement. In the effort, the three diplomats said. Stay up to date with ongoing discussions.

Indonesia Flag Hosting

Indonesia Flag Hosting

According to these diplomats, US, European, Australian, Canadian and Japanese officials are among those under pressure from Indonesia’s partners, including President Joko Widodo, to show “flexibility” and use less harsh words for Moscow. Considered By Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the Bali meeting – to say yes to the statement at the end of the meeting.

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Widodo “considers it a personal achievement” if the G20 declaration is achieved, an official said. Indonesia has repeatedly lamented that it is chairing the “most difficult” G20 summit.

He tried to exclude Russia and avoid making it into the G19, which the G8 later did. Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

One possibility is to emphasize the “compliance with international law” aspect. If adopted, it would use more coded language than the G7, which condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

The latest G7 statement, following a meeting of foreign ministers this month, criticized Moscow for a “war of aggression” on Ukraine and called on Russia to withdraw. “We condemn Russia’s recent escalation, including attacks on civilians and infrastructure.” According to Xinhua News: On November 4, G7 countries criticized “Russia’s irresponsible nuclear comments.”

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“Obviously we can’t be as strict as we are in the G7 when you want Russia, China and the Saudis to agree,” said one Western diplomat, referring to the larger G20 group. “The question is how much do we want to eliminate.”

China, Saudi Arabia, India and Brazil, the four G20 countries, have been described as “sitting on the fire”.

In particular, Beijing will find it impossible to criticize Russia directly. Chinese President Xi Jinping will personally attend the G20 meeting, so far, but tried to express dissatisfaction with the threat of using nuclear weapons, Moscow did not reveal such a threat.

Indonesia Flag Hosting

Another problem for Widodo is the lack of family photos for the two-day summit that begins on Tuesday. According to the agreement, all G20 leaders will line up and take a group photo to show unity. However, at the moment, Western leaders are reluctant to stay in the same frame as Lavrov, Putin’s key aide, whom US President Joe Biden has called a “murderer”.

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Most of his lobbying took place in Cambodia, where he attended the South Asia Summit. Also in Cambodia are Biden, European Council President Charles Michael, Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Australia’s Anthony Albany. Russian Lavrov and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang were in Phnom Penh.

Speaking in Cambodia, Mr. Albani confirmed to reporters that authorities are in talks about issuing a statement, eventually, to the G20.

“You know how these meetings work. We have just passed the East Asia Summit, ASEAN Summit and other summits. So we are waiting to see what happens, but I go into the G20 with a lot of confidence,” Albanese said.

Lavrov criticized Washington for stoking tensions in Asia. He said that with the expansion of NATO, there is a clear trend of militarization of the region in cooperation with the efforts of local allies of the United States such as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

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Log in to access content and manage your profile. If you don’t have an account you can register here. The protesters who took to the streets of Jakarta, Bandung and other Indonesian cities in October 2020 were different, to say the least. Islamic leaders, dressed in white

, scantily clad while posing with Instagram influencers. Trade unions, local leaders and environmentalists have joined the anti-communist coalition National Venus.

“There are 275 million people in this country, and almost everyone has a reason to be fat,” said 22-year-old student Kerika Sembring, who organized a sit-in in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city. “Jokowi’s government has never cared about farmers and fishermen. This time, rich homeowners and businessmen are also determined to lose.

Indonesia Flag Hosting

She – and hundreds of thousands of Indonesians like her – protested President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s neoliberal reforms, the Omnibus Law on Job Creation. The massive 1,028-page bill amends, deletes and adds 79 existing laws. Critics of the bill, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, argue that the sweeping changes come at the expense of labor rights and environmental protection.

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“From the beginning, there was no consultation,” said Tommy Pritama, executive director of Traction Energy Asia, a Jakarta-based NGO. “It was written behind closed doors, and environmental organizations were not allowed to participate in the debate. The main purpose of the omnibus law was to provide a red carpet for the oligarchs, especially those involved in dirty energy such as coal mining.”

In an era where sustainability is increasingly an important factor in investment decisions, it’s not just Sembring and his fellow students who are put off by omnibuses. A group of 36 investors, representing 4.1 trillion US dollars in assets, criticized the bill for “environmental, human rights and labor impacts that cause significant uncertainty and could affect Indonesia’s market sentiment.” “

The legislation is partly the result of promises Jokowi made when he was re-elected in 2019 to tackle future poverty and the country’s infrastructure gap. In his post-election speech, he warned that to create jobs, Indonesia “must invite investment as much as possible”.

“Anything that hinders investment should be removed, such as slow or complicated processes. Chat. I guarantee that I will pursue, I will control, I will check and if necessary I will kill them!”

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Indonesia needs to grow. As the country has struggled with the spread of the coronavirus, it has fallen into dire economic straits, with GDP at 2.1 percent, the lowest in three years. But Mr. Bhim Yudeshira from the Institute of Economic Development and Finance of Indonesia (INDEF) believes that foreign direct investment has never decreased during this period.

“Investment will continue to grow, with or without omnibuses,” he said. “The problem, which the bill really adds to, is the quality of that investment.” The bill goes against the grain because Indonesia aims for middle income distribution by 2045. The economy has shifted from labor-intensive jobs such as manufacturing to white-collar services.

Although foreign investment creates jobs, it is not clear that it benefits those in coal. For example, one of the largest employers in Indonesia, the driver-hailing service Gojek. Despite the support of billions from Facebook, Microsoft, Paypal, Alibaba and Tencent, it has not been able to create stable employment for a million drivers. Instead, it exposed the downsides of the gig economy: uncertain income, few opportunities to upgrade skills or advance, and non-transparent employer-contractor relationships. Not that there is much to lose now. Thanks to the omnibus, employers are no longer guaranteed:

Indonesia Flag Hosting

Either According to BowerGroupAsia Senior Analyst Mr. Ahmed Sharif, Chinese enterprises benefit the most from this method of breaking the law.

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“Take mining for example, a sector in which there is a lot of investment from Beijing. Until now, operations have been hampered by all kinds of policy risks. Local content regulations for operations, internal market obligations for one’s resources, and Joint role of local and central government.

Foreign direct investment from China, including Hong Kong, rose 11 percent last year to $8.4 billion. American flag. However, Jokowi has so far categorically refused to share state infrastructure with Beijing. Cooperation in Beijing, the Bandung-Jakarta train and the Batang Toro hydroelectric dam have shown that the door is also open to participate in the One Belt One Road initiative.

The 4 GW Suralia Coal Plant is located on the island of Java, Indonesia. The most recent expansion of the factory was completed in 2011, built by a group of 3 Chinese companies and an Indonesian construction company. (Photo: Adi Rinaldi / China Talk)

Asep Komarudin, Greenpeace’s senior forestry campaigner, is concerned about the low environmental and social security implications. “Chinese investors in the mining and energy industry are often involved in corruption,” he said, referring to the Riau-1 coal-fired power plant and Celukan Bawang port lawsuits. “There is a strong suspicion that this bill is just to attract these kinds of investors. They want to pay local workers less, make them work longer hours, and avoid environmental protection.”

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The lifting of labor laws – to say nothing of the benefits granted to state-owned enterprises – could be off-putting among Western investors, many of whom must adhere to strict ethics rules. Another concern is that the omnibus “weakens the spirit of anti-corruption,” according to Komarudin, after Jokowi moved to block the anti-corruption powers in 2019.

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