Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta

Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta – Types of Network Servers – Most networks on the Internet use a client-server network model that combines web and telecommunication services.

An alternative model, called peer-to-peer networking, allows all devices on the network to act as servers or clients as needed. Peer-to-peer networks offer a high level of privacy because communication between computers is limited

Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta

Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta

However, due to bandwidth limitations, most implementations of peer-to-peer networks are not robust enough to support large spikes in traffic.

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The term cluster is widely used to refer to the implementation of shared computing resources in a computer network. Generally, a cluster combines the resources of two or more computing devices that can work separately for some common purpose. (usually a desktop or server device).

A web server farm is a collection of networked web servers, each accessing content on the same site These servers conceptually act as a cluster However, purists debate the technical classification of a server farm as a cluster, Depends on the detailed hardware and software configuration.

Because servers are software, people can run servers in their homes, accessible from devices connected to their home network or from devices outside the network. For example, some network-aware hard drives allow multiple computers on a home network to access a shared file using the network-attached storage server protocol.

Plex Media Server software helps users watch digital media on televisions and entertainment devices whether the data is in the cloud or on a local computer.

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If your network is set up to allow port forwarding, you can have your home server act as a server for a large company like Facebook or Google to receive requests from outside your network (where someone accesses your resources can access).

However, not all home computers and Internet connections are suitable for this traffic. Bandwidth, storage, RAM, and other system resources are all factors that affect how large a home server you can support. Most home operating systems also lack server-related features

Uptime is very important for most servers, they are not designed to be shut down but run 24/7. However, servers sometimes shut down unexpectedly for special maintenance

Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta

This is why some websites and services notify users of scheduled or scheduled maintenance. At some point the server may go down suddenly like in a DDoS attack

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When a web server deletes data permanently or temporarily, you may still be able to access the file if you have a third-party archive service. A web backup machine is an example of a web archive that stores snapshots of web pages stored on web servers.

Large businesses with multiple servers typically do not access these servers locally, such as with a keyboard and mouse, but rather with remote access. These servers are sometimes also virtual machines, meaning that a single storage device can host multiple servers, which saves physical space and money. This is a little discussion about network server types, hope it is useful

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If your target website visitors are from Indonesia, using IIX hosting is the right move to provide easy access to the website. why is that

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IIX Hosting is the type of server hosting for Indonesia location. Thus, website access from Indonesian visitors can definitely be faster if the server is located abroad.

Interestingly, apart from good speed, IIX server has other advantages. However, before that, let’s discuss about IIX server hosting.

IIX Hosting is a web hosting service whose servers are connected to Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX). IIX is an interconnection network that connects all Internet service providers in Indonesia

Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta

With IIX, any access to the website from Indonesian visitors does not need to go to an external server from any Internet service provider. Because, IIX server location is in Indonesia

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Well, since IIX is hosted in the country of Indonesia, it provides the best access speed for internet users in Indonesia. It’s fast, with visitor access that doesn’t need to cross a busy national internet network

Currently, IIX server location is in many data centers around DKI Jakarta however, many IIX server data centers are also tried in other location with suitable conditions.

IIX server hosting has many benefits that are not offered by hosting services whose servers are located abroad, such as:

IIX hosting is the right choice for targeting website visitors in Indonesia because, with IIX’s local connections, Indonesian internet users do not need to go through foreign servers to access websites.

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Thus, accessing the website using IIX servers is faster because both the server and the visitor are located in Indonesia.

The quality of IIX server hosting services is not inferior to hosting with servers abroad, one reason for this is the high uptime.

More than 99%, which means it is almost always online so, using IIX server hosting, your website is ready to serve visitors at any time.

Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta

Equally interesting, data centers in Indonesia use multiple Internet providers so, if there is a problem with one service provider, you can use another service provider without access barriers.

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External hosting servers have better security, however, you can outsource your website hosting to IIX as it ensures protection from cyber crimes and physical threats.

This is because IIX data center servers are equipped with a competent security system to prevent hacker and malware attacks. Thus, websites that use IIX hosting servers are protected from hacking attempts that can lead to data hijacking.

What is not good is that the hosting data center in Indonesia should ideally be located in a place that is exposed to natural disasters, so that the physical state of the server is maintained.

When the internet network connection abroad is down, access to your website from users in Indonesia may still continue.

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This is because the IIX hosting server is connected to the IIX network in Indonesia, therefore, it is not affected by problems in foreign network connections, thus, connectivity issues that make it difficult to access the website.

IIX Hosting is a type of server hosting for the Indonesia location, which is suitable for websites whose target audience is in Indonesia.

The quality of the IIX server is not inferior to the external server because, security is maintained and it has high uptime. Thus, the websites that use IIX server hosting can always be comfortable to serve the visitors.

Implementasi Hosting Server Iix Jakarta

The hosting server is located in a data center that provides 99.99% uptime and is connected to the IIX network. So, you can enjoy all the benefits of IIX by using it

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You can get all the best features above from just IDR 10,000/month. So, choose the hosting package you want right away!

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