Image Hosting Payout Rates

Image Hosting Payout Rates – While fees are more complex than other platforms, by listing on landlords and property managers can market their rentals to a large international audience. Learn more about how structure fees for hosts and minimize the impact on your bottom line.

Many hosts are looking for alternatives to Airbnb, but’s fees are often a hindrance. However, it is important for hosts to take the time to understand how works if they want to remain competitive.

Image Hosting Payout Rates

Image Hosting Payout Rates

Also, if you think this platform is only for hotel rooms, think again. More than 40% of accommodation types booked on are accommodation types such as houses and apartments. Today, novice consoles as well as established brands are listed on the platform. In fact, it has more than 6 million listings, making it one of the largest online travel agencies in the world.

Smartbnb Vs Host Tools: A Complete Features & Pricing Comparison is equally popular among travelers. Its website has over 100 million monthly visits! This means that if you look at more complex fee structures, you will enjoy wider exposure.

So be sure to check out this guide if you’re looking to list your accommodation on From cancellation policies to credit card issues, read on to find out how to make money with this OTA.

When hosts use, they must pay the platform a percentage of commission for each booking. These fees may vary based on factors such as cancellation policy and location.

It is important to note that is a commission-based platform. This means that hosts pay a percentage, ranging from 10% to 25%, when a booking is received through the platform. While commission rates vary, they average around 15%.

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You can use their commission calculator to determine how much you should be paid in commission.

If you already have a property on but need more information about its costs, all you need to do is refer to your accommodation agreement. Here you will find more details about the commission you paid.

Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Finances’ tab in the extranet to see how much commission has been paid or remains. By selecting your booking invoice you can view all details including commissions on the invoice.

Image Hosting Payout Rates

It’s also important to note that the platform will invoice you for deferred commissions every month. Therefore, you should ensure that your account balance is sufficient to cover commission charges. Otherwise, you risk being blocked, which could result in you losing new bookings.

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Regardless of whether a guest has stayed at your property, you are required to pay commission for a confirmed non-refundable reservation if:

The main difference between Airbnb and is that allows you to use an external payment service to send and receive payments. Guests can pay hosts online using various payment methods, such as regular or virtual credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, etc.

The landlord’s payment method depends on his choice of acceptable payment methods. There are many hosts who accept credit card payments. If you use this method of payment, you will need to log into the Virtual Credit Card (VCC) system and charge the guest card for the outstanding amount.

Hosts can also use Stripe to receive payments on This is a great option for hosts who already use Smart, as they can connect their Stripe accounts to it. This way, they can receive payment (full or partial) and create invoices for all bookings.

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You can also accept cash or bank transfer. If you accept bank transfers, your bank account details must be added to the financial document. If you expect guests to pay in cash, be sure to remind them of the payment arrangement in advance.

Finally, hosting will be paid weekly or monthly. However, some of these payment options may not be available for your type of accommodation or region.

Fees aside, is very different from Airbnb in other ways. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand the key differences between the two platforms.

Image Hosting Payout Rates

At the end of 2020, Airbnb made a major change to its fee structure. Right now, hosting fees only apply to most hosts, depending on their location. In short, this means that these landlords are paying service fees that add up to about 15% of rental income.

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Airbnb hosts whose listings are mostly located in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, the Bahamas, or Taiwan will still be able to use the shared fee structure. In the cost-sharing model, the cost of the service is shared between the host and the guest (you as the host pay a 3% commission, and the guest pays a portion of around 14% of the total booking amount).

While your Airbnb listing will appear to cost less if you use split fees, with the right pricing strategy Airbnb hosts make money and guests pay the same total amount regardless of the type of on-site fee. The advantage of charging only the host is that your pricing is completely transparent to the guest, since they only pay what they pay per night.

While fees vary, on average, hosts have to pay around 15% in fees. In addition to the accommodation fee, the platform does not charge any additional fees to the guests. Given that hosts typically have to pay the same 15% of net income on Airbnb, listings on are generally just as expensive regardless of the fee model.

With Airbnb, hosts can choose from three cancellation policies. only offers two cancellation policies: fully flexible or adjustable. You can also apply different policies to room types, such as prepayment and deposit policies. All you have to do is visit the Extranet, where you have to answer a few questions to set the policy you want.

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If you choose the fully flexible policy, your guests only pay during their stay. They can be canceled without penalty before check-in as long as they are within your chosen time frame. If you choose an adjustable policy, you can choose how much they will be charged if they cancel after a certain date.

You can also set a non-refundable price. Therefore, in case of cancellation, change or no-show, guests will still be charged the full amount. By choosing this method, you can minimize cancellations and secure payment for your reservation.

In the current situation, it would be better to have a more flexible cancellation policy. Travelers are more inclined to book hotels when they know they can cancel or change dates when travel restrictions change.

Image Hosting Payout Rates

However, if you choose a non-refundable rate, you can offer a discount to help attract more bookings to these hotels. On, you can create different types of deals and promotions. For example, in addition to your basic offer, you could offer a free night, a last-minute deal, an early bird special, or a limited-time offer. All of these deals are easily set up through the extranet.

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When you use, all reservations are booked instantly. In other words, it does not allow hosts to first approve or deny booking requests.

Airbnb gives hosts the option to turn on and off the instant booking option. When you turn it off, you can confirm booking requests first, since guests cannot automatically book your stay.

Some hosts prefer Airbnb to, while others are more successful on In the end, it depends on the type of property and your location.

To maximize exposure and earn more income, you can list your property on Airbnb and, as these are the largest and most popular online travel agencies.

Cheap Month To Month Web Hosting Plans (2023) makes it harder to arrange cleaning fees and damages than Airbnb. Though on the other hand, the platform offers more flexibility with these additional fees. To set them, go to the Policies section under the Properties tab. Here you will see the option to create an additional charge.

Unfortunately, when using, guests are always at risk of using a fake credit card. To reduce the risk of fraudulent bookings, a deposit is strongly recommended. Alternatively, you can confirm that the credit card details provided by the guest have been verified with a payment processor such as Stripe.

Since guests can book hotels instantly on, double bookings can be a real problem. Therefore, it is important that your dates and prices on are 100% up to date and accurate. If you are unfortunate enough to have a double booking, this is up to you

Image Hosting Payout Rates

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