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Factorio is a game that puts a lot of load on your server, so make sure you have the best hosting services we have prepared for you.

Igb Hosting Server

Igb Hosting Server

A good hosting provider will ensure that your Factorio game runs at maximum speed with minimum lag. It can be the difference between a great gaming experience and one that leaves you frustrated. That’s why choosing the right hosting provider for your Factorio game is essential.

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We tested hundreds of hosting providers and came up with the 5 best hosting providers for Factorio and we ranked them all based on price, performance, support and user experience. Choosing a bad game hosting server can have serious consequences. The game may slow down or crash at critical moments in the game. There may also be frequent outages and other technical issues that can make for an unpleasant experience for all players involved.

When it comes to hosting Factorio games, G-Portal is an excellent choice. Their state-of-the-art server hardware and powerful cloud hosting services make it easy to set up and play. With G-Portal, you can expect a simple and reliable experience that won’t disappoint. Their user-friendly control panel makes it easy to customize your game settings like maps, mods and other features. When we tested G-Portal, we found the setup process to be quick and easy.

In our opinion, G-Portal is the best hosting service where you can host high quality game servers with unlimited slots, although not the cheapest.

G-Portal offers a variety of pricing options to suit your needs. Their basic plan starts at $7.38 per month and it would be safe to say that it is the most efficient and wallet-friendly hosting provider you can choose.

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G-Portal offers 24/7 customer support to answer any questions or resolve issues that may arise. We found the G-Portal support staff to be friendly, responsive and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our experience was a positive one.

G-Portal has some of the best performance in the industry. Their servers are equipped with high-quality processors and advanced technologies like machine learning, so you can expect a smooth and reliable gaming experience with minimal glitches. We found that G-Portal provided the best performance for hosting Factorio multiplayer servers when we tested it, and the very useful and user-friendly control panel made configuring our server settings very easy. Our server was stable and efficient even with many players active at the same time.

G-Portal has built a solid reputation among gamers for its reliable services and excellent customer support. We have heard from many players who have used G-Portal in the past and were very happy with the overall experience.

Igb Hosting Server

Overall, G-Portal is an excellent choice for Factorio server hosting and server file security. Their reliable servers and advanced technologies make it easy to play and setup quickly. Plus, the prices are competitive and the customer support is excellent. A 20-slot server costs $16.33.

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One of the best game hosting servers for Nitrado Factorio. When it comes to hosting, they offer a reliable and powerful platform for gamers who want to get the best out of their gaming experience. With Nitrado’s best Factorio server hosting solution, players can enjoy an optimal gaming experience without worrying about technical issues.

You can easily set up the best Factorio server with an intuitive web-based user interface. When we tested Nitrado, we found the setup process to be simple and require no prior technical knowledge. The user experience is the best in the industry, offering an easy-to-use platform with excellent customer support. Control panels are very detailed and easy to use.

Nitrado is a top quality host that has earned its place in the industry with more than 100 different games that it offers.

Nitrado’s best Factorio server hosting plan comes in both monthly and custom plans depending on your needs. There are also various plugins to enhance your gaming experience. Basic 4-slot server hosting costs $6.19.

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Nitrado offers 24/7 customer support in multiple languages ​​through their website and they support their customers through a ticketing system and live chat. When we tested Nitrado, one of the best Factorio server hosting companies, we found their customer support team to be quick to respond and very helpful.

We tested Nitrado for hosting Factorio servers and found performance to be impressive with no lag or stuttering. Available features include automatic backups, mod updates, Steam Workshop Mods, and more.

Nitrado has earned an excellent reputation among gamers for its best Factorio hosting services. Players have praised them for providing reliable servers and excellent customer support. We have found that Nitrado is popular among Factorio players due to its reliability and powerful features.

Igb Hosting Server

Overall, we are impressed with Nitrado’s excellent Factorio hosting services. It offers an intuitive web-based user interface, excellent customer support and powerful features. The price is also reasonable and the performance of their servers is impressive.

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Bisect hosting makes setting up a Factorio server easy and fast. Their user interface is simple, allowing users without technical knowledge to quickly launch their desired game. We tested the setup process and found it easy and quick with the live help feature.

Bisect Hosting control panel is very convenient and easy to use. You can easily find all the server settings you are looking for and make the adjustments you need without difficulty.

Bisect hosting is very fast and efficient. It provides unlimited player slots and the support team is very fast.

Bisect Hosting offers various pricing options for their Factorio server hosting services. The basic unlimited slots plan is $3.99. It offers much cheaper prices than most hosting providers, and its performance is very high quality despite the cheap prices.

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Bisect Hosting offers 24/7 customer support for all its hosting services. We had an issue during checkout and their customer service was quick to respond and resolve the issue. They support their customers with both ticketing and live chat functionality.

Bisect Hosting offers a variety of features for their Factorio server hosting packages. We tested Factorio Steam Workshop Mods,  automatic backups and many other features, and found them all to be reliable and effective.

Bisect Hosting has a positive reputation among players, especially for Minecraft servers, for its reliable server hosting services. We have heard many good things about them from other players who use their services. While we can’t speak for other people’s experiences, ours are positive. Bisect Hosting offers different RAM options from 2 to 6 GB. We recommend at least 4 GB of RAM to ensure reliable performance.

Igb Hosting Server

Overall, Bisect hosting is an excellent choice for those looking for Factorio server hosting. With their intuitive user experience and reliable performance, they provide an enjoyable experience to all gamers.

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Apex Hosting is a top-notch hosting provider that offers reliable, affordable Factorio game servers. They provide the perfect platform for players to host their own private Factorio server and get in on the action without worrying about technical issues.

Apex Hosting makes it incredibly easy to get your Factorio server up and running. Their user-friendly control panel allows users to quickly install the server and modpacks, configure settings, and launch the server in minutes. When we rented a Factorio server from Apex Hosting for our testing, we found their control panel to be intuitive with all the necessary settings for a smooth Factorio experience.

Apex Hosting is one of the cheapest hosting providers. They are reliable and easy to use while providing multiple functions!

Apex Hosting offers a variety of pricing plans to suit your needs. Their basic plan starts at around $7.49 with unlimited player slots at an affordable price compared to other hosting providers.

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Apex hosting also provides excellent customer support for any technical issues. We found their customer service to be prompt, helpful and knowledgeable. They support customers with both ticketing and live chat. There is also a Discord server where you can always get support.

Apex Hosting offers many great features for Factorio players. This includes automatic updates for mods, FTP access, daily backups, a custom control panel, and more. We found their servers to perform well and had no issues with lag or crashes during our testing.

Apex Hosting has a great reputation among players hosting Factorio servers. Many have positive experiences with the provider and recommend it to others as a reliable alternative.

Igb Hosting Server

Overall, Apex Hosting is an excellent choice for Factorio server hosting. Its user-friendly control panel, excellent features and performance, and excellent customer support make it a great option for gamers looking to host their own Factorio servers.

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PingPerfect is a well-known hosting provider that caters to gamers of all levels. They have been providing top notch services for over 15 years and specialize in providing dedicated servers for the popular Factorio game.

PingPerfect’s user experience is one of the best in the gaming industry. The installation process is simple, we present it quickly

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