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Idwebhost Email Hosting – In today’s fully digital age, the demand for free email services is very high. Electronic mail or more commonly known as e-mail is a method of sending letters electronically, which is written using devices (computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones) and sent over the internet network.

It is different from ordinary letters, if you want to send a document, you must first print it, organize the documents, make sure that the photo / video resolution matches the original document, and then you have to wait some time to arrive. the letter or document you are sending to the destination arrives.

Idwebhost Email Hosting

Idwebhost Email Hosting

But if you send letters or documents through e-mail, you can reduce the waste of time, in other words, in the blink of an eye, all letters or documents are sent to their destination. Without you if you know the existence of email, it will only help your performance in sending letters to be more efficient and concise, in fact, it will actually improve efficiency.

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Besides sending a letter, there is also a feature that allows you to attach documents to an email, the one in question is an attachment. This allows you to send different documents, such as: videos, photos, images, etc., without reducing the resolution or quality of these documents.

To receive free email service, you must have an email address. The way to get it is to sign up with some of the existing free email providers like Yahoo or Gmail.

Yahoo is one of the oldest information services/news websites in the world, created long before Google. Founded in 1994, Yahoo is one of the oldest names on the Internet. As a pioneer, Yahoo launched a free email called Ymail. The year 2000 was a breakthrough year for Yahoo as its stock hit a record high, making Ymail the number one choice in its segment. is a search engine company founded in 1998. Over time, Google began to expand into other Internet service businesses such as advertising and email. Advantages of Google over other free email providers:

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Initially Google offered a free email service (Gmail) and the capacity offered by the best free email service at that time was sufficient, it was around 1GB. Unlike its competitors, which gained popularity in the early 2000s, Yahoo has free e-mail that can only offer a limited amount of capacity, which is 5-10 MB especially for free e-mail services. , but if you need more than that capability, you will need to make a paid transaction at Yahoo.

Gmail offers 1 basic function, namely email filtering. The point is that when an email arrives, the email is filtered (filtered or separated) by Gmail according to its category, that is: Advertising, Updates, Spam or Personal Email. So you don’t have to create manual tasks to sort or group incoming emails so that they fall into specific categories. This functionality is one of the advantages of Gmail’s free email service. It differs from Microsoft Outlook (free email except for Gmail) in that you have to create special settings so that each incoming email is automatically placed in a specific category.

By getting one free email from Google, you get special access to other Google services:

Idwebhost Email Hosting

In other words, Google is one of the best free email services of 2022, because with 1 account you can already connect to many applications in the world.

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This username or account you created, assign the account or create a username as long as the username does not belong to someone else without restrictions. Usernames are usually created to represent the needs of the email you want to create, for example, if you want to create an account with free email for an online store, it is better if the username is admin. Here the word admin refers to many roles in an online business.

@ (a-keong) or indicates that your username or account is logged in or on the free email service gmail. is a domain-only domain managed by Google. Domain refers to the name of a website that serves as a domain or identity.

But unfortunately, the best free email service still has errors on two sides, namely: hosting and domain. As mentioned above, it is

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. If you want to have a more professional appearance as a business owner or an ordinary employee, it is recommended to have an email with your own domain or an email with a company domain.

Because if we have an email with our domain, without us knowing, in the eyes of others or in the eyes of potential customers; The email is posh/professional. Although email has its own domain, it is sometimes an invisible factor that determines when to find customers.

If you don’t currently have a domain, getting one is very easy. There are many cheap domain providers for websites in Indonesia that you can choose from. If you have already decided where to buy a cheap domain, all you need to do is to choose the domain name you want and complete the transaction.

Idwebhost Email Hosting

But if you currently have a domain and you want to find a cheap domain with characteristics that match your choice, you can do something like this because there are many domain service administrators who offer cheap domain transfer services.

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After getting a domain, you need to have something important to host. Unlike hosting, hosting is a space that allows users to store website data. One of the benefits of having your own hosting is that if your website experiences an error, you can quickly find the source of the problem.

There is nothing wrong with using a free email service. But to make it more efficient and reliable, it is necessary to use email with your domain.

At, you can create your own website, complete with the best features. Yes, including an email with your domain. You can get one of these things with the Google Workspace service. In the past, if you wanted to get a custom email under your own name, you had to have a website. For some, managing a website is not easy. Especially if you want to have a professional email address. Email hosting is the solution to receive email with your domain name. What is email hosting? What are the benefits of email hosting for business?

So, before you get to know about email hosting, we invite you to know what email hosting is. So, check to the end of this article, ok!

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The difference between email hosting and web hosting is that web hosting is about storing the files that make up a website. Meanwhile, email hosting is only used to store emails.

If you are familiar with the term web hosting, you would have heard the first thing that email hosting is.

Email hosting is a dedicated email service that is used only for sending and receiving emails. An email hosting server is also separate from a web hosting server. However, the performance of the email hosting is maintained and does not affect what happens to the web hosting.

Idwebhost Email Hosting

For you professionals, in any field, using this email service feels right. One of the benefits of email hosting is that it makes the website look professional.

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Using an email hosting service may seem like a waste of effort to some. Especially if the goal is to look professional. Meanwhile, for those who are already using it, email hosting is very useful.

In the business world, honesty is very important. By using a business email, you can create an email with a name in the background. For example not ending with

Also, free email services are often used by many to commit fraud. Emails from free email addresses usually go directly to the spam folder.

If so, the business emails you create will feel useless because the recipient won’t read them. Sad, isn’t it?

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The recipient can also read it, but they won’t know the email’s source. Unfortunately, the email you send may be considered spam. This is dangerous for business placement.

Email hosting has a periodic backup feature. Features can be found in free email service as well. However, the backup power usually provided is limited.

Another issue is email hosting services. You can backup and restore all email accounts linked to your domain.

Idwebhost Email Hosting

Free email services like Gmail also offer security to their users. However, the capacity offered is limited. However, that space is still shared with other Google services.

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Email hosting is more secure compared to free email services. By receiving email, you can be sure that your inbox page is free of annoying ads and spam.

For example in free email. If your employees quit, you cannot delete the email account because the password has been changed.

Not so if you use a host-based email service. Manage email in one place. The process of renaming the account is also very simple.

All you have to do is create an email for the employee and complete it with their real name. Apart from that, you can also send broadcast emails to multiple recipients at the same time.

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At the beginning of the article we talked a little about web hosting. Basically, what is the difference between email hosting and web hosting?

Have you ever understood what email hosting is? Besides being popular for cheap domain and hosting services, now you have an email hosting service, you know!

Your business will be more successful with better security features. Keep your business email free of malicious viruses and malware.

Idwebhost Email Hosting

Email hosting uses Cloud technology with SSD media storage. This technology greatly facilitates email processing.

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Obviously cPanel is not only used by web hosting users. Hosting-based e-mail service customers can also use cPanel as you know.

With cPanel, managing the administrative page and exchanging correspondence is easy. easy and practical. Click here and click here

Email hosting is very useful

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