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Idclear Hosting – Fast internet is the dream of today’s generation. Wherever you are, this is one of those things that you need most in a world where we increasingly depend on the Internet to get our work done. Fast internet speed is now synonymous with getting your work done faster.

The only problem is that as a society we are increasingly dependent on the internet to get work done, resulting in slow internet speeds. The reason for this is that now days there are a large number of devices that connect to our home network and really slow down the internet speed. What if you could limit the maximum speed on those devices and free up the bandwidth so you can access better internet speed.

Idclear Hosting

Idclear Hosting

So, the need for this really comes into play when you have many people connected to the same network and they slow down the internet speed. The best example I can give of this is that college networks where all students are connected to a Wi-Fi router slow down significantly. So usually the only way to remove people from the network you use is to get administrative rights on the router and use the authorization or blocking method to mark devices based on their MAC address and them from the network to remove, but unfortunately mostly. at that time we have no management rights.

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I mean, if we had administrative rights, we would have set it up so that such problems would not happen in the first place. So now our goal is to block users from our network or at least limit their internet speed without having administrative rights on that particular router.

The tool I used to accomplish the task was the Evil Limiter, a tool widely used by various security personnel. So first let’s check how to install the tool on your Linux machine.

Once we have the file on github, we can go​​​​​​​ by going into the Evil Limiter folder and installing the file. You must have python 3 on your system to install this in the system.

The instructions are self-explanatory, so let me now tell you a step-by-step method to remove other users from your network.

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Basically we get the MAC address of the router, the IP address of the router and the subnet mask. This is provided to us from the start so that we understand which machines to attack and which to not interfere with.

The first step we will perform will be to scan the entire network to find devices connected to the network. Once the scan is complete and done, we can go on to check the hosts using the ‘host’ command. This will present us with the MAC address of all systems connected to our network and their IP address.

Now we have the IP addresses and MAC addresses of the devices connected to the network. Another thing to note here is that they are marked with their ID numbers so that any order we need to do can be done with the help of these ID numbers.

Idclear Hosting

Either we need to limit the speed of those devices when using the Internet or we want to block them completely, we can do this in these ways.

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Once we have limited and blocked the devices we can go back to check the hosts and find out if the settings are set correctly or not.

In this way we can block and limit users who we do not have access to the Internet and in this way increase and enjoy our Internet speed. Finally, when we leave the network, we will have to free everyone, so that they can now properly access the Internet in that network and all restrictions will be removed to achieve that we use the command ‘all free’.

Now the hacking is over, so you don’t have to worry at all when you join a network when a large number of people are connected, use this and you’re ready to go.

There is a way to protect yourself from such hacks and that is by using MAC spoofing. This hack works by blocking or limiting the internet speed for a specific MAC address, but if you damage your MAC address then the attacker will not be able to limit your internet speed and you will not be able to access the internet as you normally have. You can find various tools that help you to spoof your MAC address and hacking like this will not affect you.

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Idclear Hosting

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