Icecast Server Hosting

Icecast Server Hosting – This section will describe the basic requirements for setting up a simple Internet radio. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should give you enough to get you started. Also note that these are generic instructions. If you installed a Linux/Unix distribution package, it probably came with different paths, different boot modes, etc. In that case, refer to the documentation for that distribution and/or the instructions for the specific distribution.

As explained in the introduction, there are two main components involved: the streaming server (in this case) and the native client.

Icecast Server Hosting

Icecast Server Hosting

The native client (ie IceS, RoarAudio, …) connects to a mount point on the server and sends audio or video data to it. Listeners connect to the mount point and stream to them. The server will be where all the listeners of your stream will connect. The native client (generally) runs on a separate computer, but it doesn’t have to.

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Each server can have multiple streams, which we call mount points. A mount point is a unique name that identifies a particular stream on your server – it looks like a file name, for example /stream.ogg and a listener can only listen to one mount point at a time. This means that one server can have multiple streams of different content, or maybe the same stream, but with different bit rates or quality streams. In this case, each broadcast or stream is a mount point.

Currently, the steps described here apply to the Unix version or the Win32 console version. It is also available in a Win32 GUI version, and the steps are similar, but not identical, in configuration.

The first step in the process is the installation of the server itself. The recommended way to do this is to use distribution packages, or in the case of Win32, download a binary or installation package. How to do this is not explained in this documentation. After installation, an example configuration file named

Configuration file and set the appropriate values. Most of the values ​​listed in the samples are fine, for a basic configuration the following entries should be specified and, if necessary, changed according to your situation:

Internet Radio/ Web Radio With Raspberry Pi 3 (headless)

After modifying the configuration file, you should be able to start the server with the following command

You may notice minor changes in the line above, but the key here is to start the server, login, and display the version.

You can verify that it is working by visiting the URL http://localhost:8000/admin/stats.xsl on a running computer. Replace localhost with the correct hostname and adjust the port if you are not using the default port 8000.

Icecast Server Hosting

In the configuration If all is well, you should see a status page showing statistics (more on that later).

Shoutcast Hosting Control Panel

Now you need to configure your native client when the server starts. The information you will need for the original customer is:

You will also need to select a mount point and specify it in the native client. it doesn’t need to know about every mount point (although you can configure settings for a specific mount point, this is in advanced configuration), however, there are a few points to keep in mind about mount points:

All Ogg Vorbis streams must have mountpoints ending in .ogg (ie /mystream.ogg). This is due to the lazy way most media players infer the stream type.

MP3 streams usually do not have an extension (/mystream). Mount points should also not contain spaces or odd characters (again due to the lazy way many media players are coded).

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After configuring the native client, you should be able to connect to the server. Verify that it is connected by clicking the stats.xsl URL above.

Now that you’ve connected the source, listening to the stream simply requires opening the appropriate URL in your browser:

So, for example, if you wanted to connect your native client to a server located at with a mount point of /mystream.ogg, then you would open

Icecast Server Hosting

, (note the added .m3u extension) which will provide a link that opens most media players. It’s important to note that m3u doesn’t just have to contain an MP3 stream, it can contain streams of arbitrary content and is used to serve a playlist that represents your broadcast to listening clients. Broadcast live and easily with ICEcast Hosting servers. You can quickly and easily stream your channel by tracking who is listening worldwide and where they are coming from.

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All Icecast hosting packages will include a free Auto DJ. Our autodj system will allow you to upload your mp3 files to the system and select multiple playlists and play them 24/7 without turning on your computer!

Control your station with the industry-leading Centova Cast control panel. Create playlists, manage listeners and manage your channel without downloading anything from the cloud.

Our control panel allows you to activate Auto DJ mode, allowing you to automate your station 24/7, 365 days a year. This means more listeners, longer and without downtime.

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all our plans, which are monitored by trusted third-party companies. Day or night, you can be sure that your radio station is safe in our professional hands.

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All of our ICAcast streaming plans include a completely free SSL streaming connection. This is especially important if you broadcast your radio through a website or site.

As a customer, you can expect to receive reliable support, because we believe that support is the most important factor. We offer support through our ticketing system.

We offer many products and services and are passionate about the quality and support we provide. Create your order with us today to see how it affects our services.

Icecast Server Hosting

We have a strong passion for renewable energy and eco-friendly hospitality services and are always looking to extend this care and attention to detail.

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As soon as you pay, your order will be processed and your server will be set up immediately. Within a few minutes, you will receive a welcome email containing your order confirmation, your server information, and login information.

We accept payment via PayPal, Stripe : a service that allows online stores to process major credit cards.

With an average response time of just 15 minutes and handling thousands of reports to date, our 24/7 technical support department is one of the fastest in the Webradio hosting industry. You can always switch directly from the control panel between the types of streams: SHOUTcast 1, SHOUTcast 2.5, SHOUTcast 2.6 or Icecast 2;

HTML5 player, the only responsive HTML5 player for your website, full page playback widgets (if your MP3 files do not have a cover image, SonicPanel will try to find the cover image on spotify, lastfm or itunes and automatically update the mp3 file with the cover image if available );

Sonic Panel Radio Hosting Manager

AutoDj, – Firewall protection (scans and blocks DDOS, SYNC and Flood attacks on radio ports by default); – Enabled Brute Force Protection and other security protections; – see all the details HERE

On all servers with Sonic Panel, you can choose the type of encoder you want in your control panel: SHOUTcast v.1, SHOUTcast v.2.5, SHOUTcast v.2.6, or Icecast 2.

Sonic Panel is the most advanced control panel for internet radio streaming hosting. Manage your stream of radio stations with ease with many features.

Icecast Server Hosting

You can record all of your DJ’s live shows to an MP3 file and you can also download them from SonicPanel clients, reload them and use them in playlists.

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Uploading files to your library allows you to create multiple playlists. Your internet radio on autopilot 24/7 with AutoDJ. Welcome To say something, share new ideas, offer wonderful and magical moments to people around you or on the planet with quality music, Webradio hosting offers you. wings were needed to accomplish all these things.

Here you can find a complete automation platform, you can have full control of your station without downloading any software.

With our professional radio hosting services, you can get automatic DJ, ftp access, automatic stream monitoring, domain name registration service and free web hosting.

Sonic Panel is the latest control panel offered to radio stations that want to broadcast their shows over the Internet, with a modern design with full Javascript, Ajax and Jquery features such as icecast, the new AutoDJ system and schedules.

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It has its own services, its own firewall and brute force protection to provide the best and most secure radio hosting management experience.

ShoutCast versions 2.5 and 2.6, Shoucast v.1 and Icecast v.2 servers, which can be selected directly from the control panel at any time.

Including the SSL version of your stream. This is important because it can be used on websites that have SSL enabled.

Icecast Server Hosting

Play jingles (station identification in IE), ads or promotions at random or fixed times. That’s because the new Sonic Panel offers

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