Ibm Systems 2019 For Hosting Services

Ibm Systems 2019 For Hosting Services – The new IBM Power E1080 server offers 2.5x higher performance per core than x86-based servers [i] and sets a new world record SAP benchmark for 8-socket systems [ii]

Industry-first metering of Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for on-premises servers to optimize software licensing costs

Ibm Systems 2019 For Hosting Services

Ibm Systems 2019 For Hosting Services

ARMONK, N.Y. , Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –IBM (NYSE: IBM ) today announced the new IBM Power E1080 server, the first in a new family of servers based on the new IBM Power10 processor, specifically hybrid Designed for the cloud. . Environment The E1080 server equipped with IBM Power10 is designed to be one of the most secure server platforms and is designed to help customers perform a secure, friction-free operation.

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The IBM Power E1080 server was launched at a critical time for IT. As organizations around the world continue to adapt to unpredictable changes in consumer behaviors and needs, they need a platform that can securely deliver their applications and insights where and when they need them. is The IBM Institute of Business Value’s 2021 CEO Study found that of the 3,000 CEOs surveyed, 56% emphasized the need to increase operational agility and flexibility when asked what they would most aggressively do in the next two to three years. What will you do with

Many see the answer to this need in a hybrid cloud computing model, which combines on-premises resources with cloud-based infrastructure and can offer up to 2.5x more value than a public cloud-only approach.

“When we were designing the E1080, we had to recognize how the pandemic is changing not only consumer behavior, but also our customer’s behavior and needs from their IT infrastructure,” said Dylan Bode, said VP of Product Management for AI and Hybrid Cloud. . “The E1080 is IBM’s first system designed from silicon for hybrid cloud environments, a system custom-built to serve as the foundation of our vision of a dynamic and secure, frictionless hybrid cloud experience.”

The IBM Power E1080 server helps deliver on customer demand for a frictionless hybrid cloud experience, with architectural consistency across hybrid cloud estates to simplify management and seamlessly scale applications to meet the dynamic needs of today’s world. does

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“We have been long-time IBM Power users and look forward to being one of the first organizations to test the new IBM Power10-based E1080 system with our mission-critical applications,” said Klaus Fehlker at Finanz Informatik. “The new server addresses our demands to continue to deliver our services at scale with high resiliency requirements, including new levels of security and improved energy-efficiency. We’re also excited to see how these new features support our journey to the cloud.” How can we accelerate and integrate AI into our business applications?

When leveraging an IBM Power10-based server like the E1080, along with a cloud-based IBM Power Virtual Server in a hybrid cloud format, architectural consistency between resources means that often-based mission-critical applications that are on-premises live on Move to the cloud as workloads and needs demand. This is designed to help customers avoid the prohibitive costs and time required for refactoring to a different architecture.

The IBM Power E1080 also has the ability to instantly scale with Power Private Cloud for dynamic capacity, allowing users to scale with unused CPU capacity as needed and only pay extra for the additional resources they use. It can help improve operational efficiency and flexibility, avoiding server sprawl and lengthy procurement processes by bringing a cloud-like payment model to the datacenter.

Ibm Systems 2019 For Hosting Services

To further enhance the cloud-like economy for local hardware, the IBM Power E1080 is the first on-premise system to extend the capabilities already available on IBM Power Virtual Server for both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. Minutes are planned to support the meeting. Together, these are designed to give customers greater control over when, how and where their applications are deployed.

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“Red Hat has long been committed to providing our customers with choice, an important part of how organizations approach open hybrid cloud deployments. Our collaboration with IBM on Power10 is a continuation of that commitment to support a broad range of architectures.” will act as a continuation of,” said. Stephanie Chiras, Senior Vice President, Platform Business Group, Red Hat. “With Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift deployments as an architectural foundation for on-premise metering, IBM Power will offer the scale and flexibility to help customers realize the benefits of an open hybrid cloud.”

Through close coordination with Red Hat, the IBM Power E1080 offers 4.1x more OpenShift containerized throughput per core than x86-based servers.

The IBM Power E1080 server is built around the revolutionary IBM Power10 processor. Designed by IBM and manufactured by Samsung using 7nm EUV process technology, the IBM Power10 is IBM’s first commercially available 7nm processor.

With IBM Power10 at the heart of the system, the IBM Power E1080 server can deliver 30% higher performance per core and more than 50% better total capacity at the socket and system level than the previous generation IBM Power E980 server.

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. This translates to 33% lower energy consumption for the same workload on the IBM Power E1080 compared to the IBM Power E980.

, provides a platform for customers to consolidate workloads and save on hardware and software costs. For example, an IBM Power customer anticipated that they could combine an industry-standard transactional database running in 126×86-based servers into two IBM Power E1080 servers. This projection will translate to an 80% reduction in server energy usage and a 70% reduction in per-core software licenses for the customer.

IBM Power10 also provides new enhancements to secure integrated workloads. The Power10 processor has the ability to scale transparently

Ibm Systems 2019 For Hosting Services

Memory encryption, designed to simplify and support end-to-end security without impacting performance. Compared to IBM Power 9, IBM Power 10 enables accelerated encryption performance with 4x the number of encryption engines per core, and translates into 2.5x faster per core performance for AES encryption compared to the previous generation of IBM Power servers. has gone

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IBM offers security control solutions at every level of the system stack, from basic hardware like processors and memory to core software like operating systems, hypervisors and applications. The E1080 uses IBM PowerVM as its built-in hypervisor, which has significantly fewer common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) than competing hypervisors as listed by the US National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD).

Finally, the IBM Power E1080 server and Power10 processor bring new enterprise AI capabilities to the place where the data lives, on the server. IBM Power10’s four Matrix Math Accelerator (MMA) engines per core that can deliver up to 5x improvement for AI inference compared to the IBM Power E980 server.

. While the new enhanced MMAs provide hardware-centric improvements, the IBM Power E1080 also supports bring-your-own-model capabilities with IBM Auto-AI and “no-code” tools. The IBM Power E1080 also supports Open Neural Network Exchange, or ONNX. Using TensorFlow, PyTorch, and more, trained AI models available on ONNX can be deployed to the IBM Power E1080 from x86-based servers without code changes.

The new IBM Power10 family is supported by a wide range of ISVs, IBM business partners and other external stakeholders who recognize the value of the new platform’s capabilities for their customers.

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A benchmark of SAP Application Performance Standard values, which measures performance for key SAP applications, the IBM Power E1080 set a record for an 8-socket system, achieving more than 174,000 2-tier benchmark users, from the nearest x86-based platform. 40% more.

“The IBM Power10-based E1080 is an ideal platform for customers looking to modernize SAP applications in a hybrid cloud environment,” said Lalit Patil, CTO, Enterprise Cloud Services and HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP. “With the E1080’s record-setting SAPS benchmark score, we look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with IBM to better serve our mutual customers.”

Apart from SAP, several other ISVs that provide a range of services including databases, secure medical record processing, security, AI and others have announced support for IBM Power10. To read more of their perspectives on this new announcement, please visit:

Ibm Systems 2019 For Hosting Services

To help get these services into the hands of customers, IBM works closely with our channel partners to work with customers and create solutions that work for them.

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“As one of the leading IBM Power Business Partners in Europe, we recognize the differentiated value that IBM Power can deliver to our customers,” said Udo Sachs, Head of Competence Center for Power Systems at SVA. “In addition to increased performance, the IBM Power10-based E1080 server is designed to allow our customers to take their core business applications to new levels of security and allow for greater energy efficiency. In today’s world our customers Both are very critical issues.”

IBM is now taking orders for the IBM Power E1080, with shipments expected to begin before the end of the month. IBM is also introducing Power Expert Care, which offers a tiered approach to service, including Advanced and Premium Expert Care tiers.

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