How To Setup WordPress Hosting

How To Setup WordPress Hosting – When you’re new to blogging or building a website, it often seems like there are a lot of different technical pieces to learn. One big concern you may have is how to install WordPress on your self-hosted website.

Installing (and fully optimizing) WordPress may seem like an insurmountable challenge right now, especially if you have an old WordPress book or talked to friends who set up their site years ago.

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

The good news is that installing WordPress is really easy these days. It’s just a case of clicking a few buttons.

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All of the most popular web hosting companies make installing WordPress on your site super fast and easy. We’ll explain everything step-by-step so you know exactly what to do and what to expect.

First, let’s clear up the basics and address some issues that might bother you as you get started.

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WordPress is software that allows you to easily create a website. You can use it to write blog posts, create and publish pages for your website… and more.

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This means you need your own web hosting and domain name. If you haven’t installed it yet, I recommend using Bluehost or Dreamhost.

Both are easy to get started with, have helpful and friendly support teams, take care of the process of adding WordPress to a site… and best of all, their web hosting service is excellent value for money.

When you sign up, both Bluehost and Dreamhost will give you a completely free domain name (like

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

While there are many different web hosts that can run WordPress, some make it particularly easy to set up and run.

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I will take you to my favorite web hosts with a complete guide to installing WordPress using each one.

Bluehost is a really popular web host for WordPress sites, and as you can imagine, installing WordPress on your Bluehost site is very easy.

If you haven’t set up your hosting account yet, go to the Bluehost website and click to get started. You can choose from different plans starting at just $2.95 per month.

After choosing your plan, you will be prompted to create your domain name, but if you haven’t set a name for your site yet, you can skip this. You will still be able to get your free domain name after you create your Bluehost account.

How To Install WordPress

You will then need to fill in your personal information, choose whether you want a 12-month or 36-month package, and choose which additional package you want:

Tip: Bluehost automatically adds Codeguard Basic (for website backup) and SiteLock Security Essentials (for spam and hacker protection). You can deselect them if you want to reduce your website costs, but if you do, I highly recommend using a website backup plugin like UpdraftPlus and a security plugin like Sucuri. You can learn about these plugins and more in our compilation of the best WordPress plugins.

After paying, you will be asked to choose a password for your account. You can then login to your Bluehost account and install WordPress.

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

Bluehost makes things very simple for you. After logging in, you will see a screen like this:

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Simply click the “Create Your Website” button to get started. Bluehost will ask if you need help. Which option you choose here is up to you. I chose “A Little Help”.

Bluehost will then ask you to choose the type of website you are creating. I went with “blog” – but you can choose a different option if it suits your site better.

(Don’t worry, you can definitely change this later. For example, you might want to add an online store to your WordPress blog at the end.)

After that, Bluehost will ask you if you are comfortable building websites. We’ll set this to “Small” to get maximum help and support along the way.

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Next, Bluehost will ask you how you want to build your WordPress site. I would recommend moving away from the default here. Use the “Unlimited Customization” option as it will give you full flexibility.

Next, you will be asked to provide some details about your website by selecting the topic (if it’s a blog, choose your main blog niche).

You can also tell Bluehost whether you created the site for yourself, a client, your employer, or someone else. Just select “myself” here.

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

Now it’s time to enter the name and short description (short description) for your website. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to put here – it’s really easy to change these details once you’ve installed WordPress.

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Now Bluehost will recommend some WordPress themes you might like. The theme is like a template or design for your website.

Again, it’s easy to change them later, so choose whatever free theme you like for now. We’re going with the Hello Elementor theme, which is my top pick for WordPress themes.

You will then briefly see a message stating that Bluehost has installed WordPress. Yes, it takes seconds to install WordPress!

You will then be taken to the main Bluehost dashboard, which contains many shortcuts to get started with your site.

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Or if you prefer, simply click the button in the top right to login to the WordPress admin area (where you can create posts and pages, change themes, add plugins and more):

You will see the WordPress admin area that looks like this. Bluehost has automatically installed some useful plugins for you, such as Jetpack (which helps your website run fast) and WPForms (adding contact forms).

Have fun exploring and experimenting with your new WordPress site – you now have your officially self-hosted blog.

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

Bluehost support team is always happy to assist you with your WordPress questions if you run into any issues.

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Dreamhost is a great value web host that offers a true monthly plan making it one of the most affordable options for beginners.

If you haven’t set up your Dreamhost web hosting account yet, getting started is easy. Go to the Dreamhost website and go to their hosting plans. You can go with Shared Starter or Shared Unlimited.

You will then be asked to choose a domain. You can go ahead and register now by clicking ‘New Domain Registration’.

(If you pay for one or more years of web hosting, Dreamhost will give you the domain name for free.) If you want to choose your domain later, that’s fine—just choose “Choose Domain Later”.

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Next, you will see a payment page where you need to enter your card details (or pay with PayPal). Note that Dreamhost automatically adds some options for you, such as DreamShield Protection and DreamHost email.

You can uncheck them if you want. If you disable DreamShield Protection, I highly recommend using a plugin like Sucuri to keep your site safe.

Tip: Don’t worry if you accidentally uncheck the box before signing up. In a moment I will teach you exactly how to install WordPress on your website using an existing Dreamhost account.

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

Dreamhost also adds the WP Website Builder plugin. Whether you want to use this or a different page builder plugin is up to you — personally, I prefer Elementor’s page builder.

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You will also want to check and possibly change the length of your initial hosting. This will default to 3 years, which gets cheaper over time – but very expensive to begin with.

After adding your credit card information, you will see the “Submit Order” button. Click to pay and create your account.

Then just click the button to continue to your dashboard. You will see a progress bar indicating that Dreamhost has completed your hosting setup, which will take a few minutes.

If you leave the box checked to automatically install WordPress, after a few minutes the subject line from “Dreamhost Installer Robot” will read “Successfully installing WordPress on your site!” You will receive an e-mail titled

Using 1 Click WordPress Installation

That’s it – you didn’t need to do anything but leave this box checked. WordPress is installed for you.

Click on the special link in the email to login to the WordPress admin area and choose a password.

After that, you will see your WordPress dashboard. Dreamhost has automatically installed some useful plugins for you, including WPForms (contact forms plugin) and All in One SEO (search engine optimization plugin).

How To Setup WordPress Hosting

What happens if WordPress is not added to your site if you uncheck the “Preload WordPress” box? Or what if you registered a new domain to run a second WordPress site from your account?

How To Install WordPress On Your Web Hosting Plan

First, you will need to login to the Dreamhost admin area. Then go to WordPress → One Click Installations on the left side.


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