How To Manage 2 User On Gameserver Zap Hosting

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Zap Hosting has a consumer rating of 4.3 stars based on 316 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Zap Hosting often mention Fivem servers, customer service servers, and game servers. Zap Hosting is ranked 12th among web hosting sites.

How To Manage 2 User On Gameserver Zap Hosting

How To Manage 2 User On Gameserver Zap Hosting

Actually had some issues with the game server, support was very helpful. They post some discount codes on their Twitter so you can save on servers. This is great. 🙂

Off One Time Payment Minecraft Gameserver From Established Game Server Company

Zap had terrible customer service. It takes a few days to contact you and process the ticket until you make another payment. They charged me double and my server crashed more than three times and took days to recover. Not satisfied, not satisfied, I will change supplier.

Easy to use, helpful guides on specific items, and almost everything can be controlled through the site’s dashboard!

Excellent hosting, we ordered Walheim Plus from them. Valheim Plus version can be updated automatically, the support is quite fast and the price is affordable. Overall good, 5 stars.

They never sent me my letter, we miss you, but they offered a great buy 1 get 1 free deal. Love checking in on your servers and on a good day they will take the time to understand what you need help with or give advice when needed.

Tebex Gameserver Monetization Setup · Zap Hosting Docs

Join test servers and talk to people about the server you’re considering renting. You can also buy servers, but make sure you know exactly what you want.

Best host for Fivem, lowest price and I would recommend to anyone who wants to open a server on Fivem as it never gave me any problem. And support responds quickly to any problem.

I’ve been using them on and off for about 2 years, no major issues, but recently I’ve experienced terrible customer service through their chat. I sorted it out and spoke highly of it, apologized and surprisingly got some credit. Overall this is the best hosting I have ever used, customer service depends on who you deal with.

How To Manage 2 User On Gameserver Zap Hosting

I was told I would get $5 credit if I took the time to write a review, this is an honest review, I don’t know if I will get credit or not.

Server Hosting For Fivem

Hi, I heard about Zap Hosting from a friend. At that time I was looking for a good cheap hosting. I came across Zap and had my doubts, but the free coupons they gave made things much cheaper. I am willing to order another product from Zap Hosting anytime. Love this hosting company!

Great website, they never fail, no joke, check them out for yourself. I have been using them for five months, but they have other options

Great team and service. My server is working properly. Best service in terms of quality and money.

Terrible hosting. They don’t tell you that you have to buy a premium processor for some games and lose all your data when you upgrade later. Support won’t help and will tell you that you should have backed up… Why host them when you need to manage the host yourself?

Minecraft Server: Manage Worlds · Zap Hosting Docs

A cheap and customizable game server. With great variety. The support service works quickly and efficiently. Server management is easy to use and all in one web environment. It has fallback methods, which is a plus.

You can upgrade the server if you need to improve it or take advantage of the discounts offered by the website. Oh, downgrade its features if you don’t need them anymore.

I think zap-hosting is a good company for 5M servers because everything is easy to understand and use.

How To Manage 2 User On Gameserver Zap Hosting

Best hosting provider very easy for new users, very good DDoS security. I suggest you buy from Zap if you are new to Q5

Game Server Hosting

Zap Hosting is one of the best Windows VPS hosting, it has a low price, a better experience, and the customer service is simply excellent. I can give more than 5 starts

Hello, I like this hosting without any lag or error, thanks zap-hosting. I will always use Zap Hosting!

I love this website, server hosting for all different games is very good and it is very much needed for hosting game servers.

There was never a problem with him. This is not my first account with Zaphosting and I have never had any problems with all of them.

Zap Hosting Pros & Cons: Everything You Should Know

Zap Hosting is undoubtedly the worst server choice for hosting games. The support service is so bad that there is no point in even writing a question to them. I recently made the mistake of buying a game server from them. First, it took 4 days to fully setup and the website says 1 minute. When I get it I can’t even get it to work. I have contacted them several times about this and all I got back from them is a YouTube video that doesn’t even show how to fix my problem. This voids my 7 day money back guarantee and I’m stuck there with a problem I can’t figure out, no guides on google or youtube and no help from customer support. Then on the eighth day (one day after the 7 day money back guarantee) I described my server issues to them. And the fact that it took them 4 days to install and their lack of support. And what I’m returning is not for a refund, I still get their YouTube video back that doesn’t talk about my problem. So I just spent $60 and was treated like $#*! From their support. Definitely will never go with their server hosting again

Hello, I host Fivem server and ZAP HOSTING has many options for game server + CHEAP

I’ve never had much trouble with Zap Hosting, but when I do, it always takes a while for them to get back to you. In addition, they are very good.

How To Manage 2 User On Gameserver Zap Hosting

He is very good as a host. So far I am very happy! Everything I needed, I got support! Zaph

Best Satisfactory Dedicated Server Hosting For Everyone

How easy is it to access customer support? How easy is it to access customer support?

Tough, they take forever to respond. And when will they finally do it? Just a bad excuse or restriction!

Are there other companies like but less expensive or better? Are there other companies like but less expensive or better? There aren’t many websites where you can get lifetime servers, but I really like Zap-Hosting because you can get monthly servers or lifetime servers at really good prices. . Also you have great support 🙂

There was a ZAP for our unit. I haven’t updated it. The server keeps crashing for no apparent reason. I would highly recommend abstinence.

My Problems With Zap

I am at an end with ZAP hosting. I have hosted a server. I’m used to hosting getting suspended when I don’t pay. However, Seymour***** don’t do that. Instead, the y charge you an additional late fee. I will not pay extra. I can’t delete my account because of fees. I need help.

The server does not crash locally. It didn’t crash for +2 years when I used it before ZAP hosting and hasn’t crashed for 2 days since I switched back to local hosting. A crash log would only help ZAP Hosting diagnose the problem on the IR, something I had no interest in doing when I was a customer and something I definitely don’t want to do now that I’m out of contract. has been canceled

I’ve been running a local Feed Beast: Infinity Evolved server for a few years now. It’s just for me and one or a friend. I recently decided to host a server on ZAP Hosting so my friend can access it 24/7.

How To Manage 2 User On Gameserver Zap Hosting

Everything was going great until one day I came home from work and the server was offline. It looked weird, but I was able to start the server and login fine. However, the next day I came home from work and the server was offline again. I enabled the server and was able to login fine.

Best Scum Server Hosting Service [all Tested]

The next day the server was offline again, but when I tried to start it up, it crashed repeatedly.

I tried to work with support and explain the problem. y didn’t try to help me but instead just said it must be a mod I added or changed. The server hasn’t changed in weeks, just me and a friend joining the game. I tried to go back and forth and explain that nothing had changed but you basically refused to help me call.

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