How To Make Folder Access Forbidden Hosting

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Running your own website can be tricky, especially when you have to deal with technical issues like 403 Forbidden errors. The lack of context accompanying this error makes it particularly frustrating. This also applies to end users who may not be able to access specific websites.

How To Make Folder Access Forbidden Hosting

How To Make Folder Access Forbidden Hosting

Fortunately, you have several options available to you to resolve the 403 Forbidden error. By using these different solutions in turn, you can usually solve the problem quickly.

A Beginners’ Guide To WordPress File Permissions

In this article, we’ll cover the main reasons why you might see a 403 Forbidden error message. Then we’ll take you through a few different ways to fix it. lets start!

In short, you’ll see a 403 Forbidden error when you try to access a web page or a file on a website that you don’t have permission to access. The site’s server is working – there’s just some kind of permission issue with how the content is being viewed, so the server is responding with a 403 HTTP error code. You may see this error displayed as HTTP 403, Error 403, or simply Forbidden.

This issue is usually caused by file permissions issues or your site’s .htaccess file. On a WordPress site, the error may be caused by a problem with the plugin you are using.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always a problem you can fix, even if you find an error on your website. However, there are some easy solutions you can try. Alternatively, you can contact your hosting provider for assistance.

How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error In WordPress

If you encounter this error, do not panic, go through several methods that may help you fix it. You can choose the one that suits your current situation: of the website user or of the website owner.

If you’re logging into the site as a front-end user, you’ll want to start here. However, you may want to try the following steps even if you own the site, to make sure the error is not on your end.

Let’s start with some basics. The first thing to try (if you haven’t already) is to refresh the page. Sometimes a 403 Forbidden error is caused by a minor error, and you just need to reload the page.

How To Make Folder Access Forbidden Hosting

If that doesn’t work, the next thing to look at is the URL. Make sure you typed it correctly. Additionally, links may end in “

What Does A 403 Forbidden Error Mean? How Do You Fix It?

“, or something similar. If not, you may be trying to access an area of ​​the site reserved for administrators.

Alternatively, you may be following a bad link. In that case, try accessing the site from another source. You can also contact the link publisher and see if they want to use a different URL.

The browser uses cookies and cache to store static information. While this can help the site run faster, it may also retain incorrect settings that can cause a 403 Forbidden error. Therefore, clearing these two items can be a wise first step.

We’ll show you how to clear the cache in Google Chrome below, but we also have a whole post on how to clear the browser cache in all popular browsers.

Desktop Client: Access Denied With Code 510

If you’re using Google Chrome, you can start by looking for the three small dots in the upper right corner

Now, try accessing this page again. If resetting these components doesn’t do the trick, the last thing you can try is to check if your IP address is blocked. If your IP is blacklisted by a website, you’ll need to resolve the issue first, which is usually by contacting the website owner for help.

In this section we will focus on website owners. If you see this error on your own WordPress site, you can try the following steps to fix it.

How To Make Folder Access Forbidden Hosting

Remember that you will need to use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client to access your site. You can check out our Beginner’s Guide to FTP for more information.

How To Fix This Laravel 403 Forbidden Permission To Access Error In My Case?

There are many high quality WordPress plugins. However, it is not unusual for a plugin to cause problems on your site, such as a 403 Forbidden error.

The best way to solve this problem is through trial and error. This means disabling all your plugins, and re-enabling them one by one until you find the culprit.

Once they are all disabled, you should be able to access the webpage if the plugin is causing the problem. You can then restart the plugins and refresh the 403 Forbidden error page after each one. Re-adding the offending plugin should cause the error to occur again.

If a 403 error is preventing you from logging into your admin, you can use an FTP client to access your WordPress files. After you connect to your site, open your root folder and navigate to

Forbidden Error. What To Do?

If you succeeded, rename the plugins folder back to “Plugins”. Then open it and rename each plugin folder one by one, check your site after each one. Again, this will help you identify the intended perpetrator. Once you know which plugin is at fault, you can remove or replace it (or contact the developer for help).

If your hosting provider uses an Apache web server, your .htaccess file may result in a 403 Forbidden error. This file controls important settings for your WordPress site, and the slightest change or mistake can break it.

File. Before proceeding, we recommend making a backup of your site. When you’re ready, open your FTP client. Then find your location

How To Make Folder Access Forbidden Hosting

You don’t need to make any changes here. All you have to do is scroll down and click

Diagnosing 403 Forbidden Errors

If this is causing your 403 Forbidden error, it should be fixed. If you’re still having problems, continue to our last step.

A 403 Forbidden error is often related to file permissions. WordPress comes with a set of default permissions that shouldn’t cause problems for website owners. However, sometimes these settings can change unintentionally.

Fortunately, this is quite easy to fix. Open your file directory using your FTP client, and locate the root folder that contains your WordPress site. It should contain

After that, you need to repeat the process. However, this time you will enter 644 in the number field and select

Http 403 Errors: What Are 403 Forbidden Errors & How To Fix Them

Button. Changing all of these files should resolve the 403 Forbidden error if the error is the result of a WordPress file permission issue.

There are an endless number of errors that WordPress sites can encounter. Trying to resolve them can be frustrating, especially if they prevent access to the site like a 403 Forbidden error. Fortunately, you can use a systematic approach to solve almost any possible cause of this problem.

If you want to improve your WordPress troubleshooting skills, we also have some other guides on how to fix common WordPress errors:

How To Make Folder Access Forbidden Hosting

Do you have questions about fixing the 403 Forbidden error? Let us know in the comments section below!

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WordPress: How To Fix A 403 Forbidden Error

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