How To Login Cpanel Hosting

How To Login Cpanel Hosting – CPanel can be a little difficult to find. So here is a list of cPanel login URLs for major hosting services (read more below!):

If your DNS is not yet extended, you can try replacing your domain name ( with your server’s IP address. Just remember that your address can change if you have not chosen a dedicated IP!

How To Login Cpanel Hosting

How To Login Cpanel Hosting

For some reason I was having trouble logging into the GoDaddy cPanel URLs. I don’t know if I just picked the wrong sites or if it has something to do with GoDaddy specifically. In any case, use the GoDaddy web panel instead. You can use the URLs tested above with all other hosts.

How To Access WordPress Via Cpanel Using Your Server Url

Not all cPanel connections are created equal. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Use the following URLs in order of preference:

If it says “No security” (Chrome) or you see a red cross lock (Firefox) or just an exclamation point (Edge),

This is because you are not connected on a secure connection. Your username and password information you send over the Internet is clear text. It is hard to overstate how dangerous this is. I’m the first to prioritize comfort over safety, but even so

The reason I suggest ordering the cPanel login URL is so you can access the most secure option first. For example, this URL:

How To Log In To The Cpanel Account?

It uses port number 2083, which is clearly connected to the secure version of the cPanel login. Even if you enter a URL without “https”, it will redirect you to a secure connection. You can check this by making sure the green “Lock” icon says “Secure” or something similar.

On cPanel. Even if you enter the login with “HTTPS” it does not work. So if you intentionally call port number 2082, you guarantee that your connection will not be secure.

These will redirect to one of the two URLs above and may substitute another hostname instead of your domain. Whether they redirect to port 2083 or 2082 depends on how the server is configured. Although in tests I found that “” almost always leads to the dangerous version.

How To Login Cpanel Hosting

You can wait a while after this screen, there is a good chance that it will be automatically redirected to the appropriate URL. In case it doesn’t, try clicking on each one and see if you can connect. And if you know whether 2083 is blocked on your firewall or not, you can directly click on the one you want.

Cpanel Web Hosting

In mid-2019, SiteGround announced that they would be moving away from cPanel and launching their own custom solution. Here are my impressions of SiteGround’s new interface. As a result, normal cPanel login will no longer work for SiteGround. By early 2021, the migration of all accounts is complete. So the new SiteGround connection is:

The move away from cPanel upset a lot of people – myself included. This is one of the reasons why I no longer recommend SiteGround, especially since they increased the hosting price for their basic plan by a whopping 50%!

Due to the above issues, I now recommend NameHero to anyone looking for a SiteGround alternative. It’s cheaper, they have a better backup policy and offsite storage – and best of all, they use a LiteSpeed ​​​​web server that is super fast. It also comes with built-in cache server and an Enterprise subscription to, which gives you 10GB of free data transfer to your website every month. This is very impressive.

NameHero also has a free malware scanner, a service that SiteGround pays through the nose for. So if you’re on the fence about SiteGround due to the high price and lack of cPanel, I suggest giving NameHero a spin.

How To Access A User’s Cpanel Account Via Whm?

CPanel is a Linux-focused package. They tried to port it to Windows once, then gave up. So if you’re using Windows hosting, you’re probably using something like Plesk instead. In this case, the login URLs will be different.

And while most Linux hosting services will offer you cPanel, not all do! For example, DreamHost has its own control panel. You can access this URL: So just check if your hosting service uses cPanel. If not, they will have their own unique URL that you need to connect.

In short, whatever method you use, make sure you’re always logged in securely before entering your username and password. Stay safe!

How To Login Cpanel Hosting

I have been writing web hosting and WordPress tutorials since 2008. I also create Linux server administration tutorials and have extensive experience with web hosting products. Contact me by email! After setting up your new cPanel server, you need to login for the first time. The cPanel control panel is a graphical user interface (GUI) for web hosting that allows you to manage domains and files. Users can also control email, databases and more.

Login Ke Cpanel Di Member Area Jagoanhosting, Begini Caranya!

1. Type https://youripaddress:2083 in your browser’s address bar and press Enter to access the cPanel login screen. change

3. You are logged in to cPanel and you are welcomed by the home page. From here, users have access to all cPanel features based on the permissions they allow.

Logging into cPanel is a key function that is important to your web hosting experience. Users new to cPanel hosting have this tutorial as a good starting point. Liquid Web servers are fully managed with cPanel and get 24/7/365 support as well.

Ready to start hosting with cPanel? Please contact our sales team for more information about our managed hosting options. Additionally, our support team is available to help with cPanel functionality.

Cpanel App For Ios

Ron is a technical writer at Liquid Web and works with the marketing team. He has more than 9 years of experience in technology. In 2015, he earned an Associate of Science in Computer Science degree from Prairie State College. He is happily married to his high school sweetheart and lives in Michigan with her and their two children. cPanel is no. 1 for web hosting. cPanel has everything you need to easily manage your website, including a file manager, database, DNS, FTP, email and more!

With all our web hosting packages, we offer a .com,, .net, .org, .info or .biz domain completely free when you choose an annual payment term. This makes our web hosting service very affordable.

With the built-in Softaculous app, you can easily install the best website software in cPanel. Software includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more!

How To Login Cpanel Hosting

We provide an absolutely FREE SSL certificate with your web hosting account. An SSL certificate encrypts your website and makes it accessible via a secure https URL.

Cpanel Login Url List For Major Hosting Providers

We ensure your website is secure at all times with daily off-site backups stored for 7 days at a time. You can also access these backups from cPanel.

Our servers run LiteSpeed, which is up to 6 times faster than standard Apache. This ensures that your site will perform even better than your competition.

We offer absolutely free email with your web hosting account. This allows you to create unlimited emails accessible through cPanel and any email reader.

Our web hosting service includes a comprehensive file manager that allows you to manage all the files in your account. A file manager is available in cPanel.

Use A Control Panel To Enhance Your Hosting Experience

Our web hosting service is very powerful and we feel we are better than other local providers. We use the best servers and software in the industry, while providing reliable support.

We will not limit the features available to you. All of our hosting packages include unlimited email, databases, FTP accounts, autoresponders and subdomains.

Unlike many web hosting providers, we actually give you full access to your web hosting account. This gives you complete control over your website and email at all times.

How To Login Cpanel Hosting

Our servers and network are monitored 24/7 to ensure the smooth operation of your website. If there is a problem, our server administrators will take immediate action to resolve the problem.

How To Use A Remote Mysql® Database With Cpanel

We give you control over your hosting environment by choosing the version of PHP you want to run and the specific extensions you want to enable/disable.

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With cPanel, you can easily manage all aspects of your web hosting account, from editing your website files to creating and accessing email accounts. cPanel allows you to:

Softaculous allows you to easily install a selection of more than 300 programs that you can use to create your website. Whether you want to create a simple website or a full-featured online store, Softaculous makes it super easy with no website building experience.

Tutorial Login And Use Webmail In Cpanel Host With 3 Methods

Online Store: We recommend using Magento, a feature-rich e-commerce platform currently used by 12% of online stores!

Our web hosting service includes full email. In cPanel you can

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