How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting – When you are wondering how to install WordPress, you are looking for a free hosting solution for life.

In this post, I will explain how to install WordPress on multiple platforms without having any knowledge of Linux or WordPress. So you can use this guide as a beginner.

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

You should know that in order to run an application, it requires a server for the server. Similarly, we also need a server as a web server to host WordPress.

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You can get a reliable virtual server for free on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, etc.

But there is a big limitation with the above server provider. They only offer 12 months of free cloud computing resources. As always, we need servers that run free so you don’t have to move from one provider to another.

I recommend you to try Oracle Cloud which offers 2 virtual servers and other free services below:

To compare hosting prices and learn more about Oracle Cloud Always Free services, you can watch my YouTube video tutorial.

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You get 2 virtual servers with load balancing. If you have prior knowledge of Oracle Cloud and Linux, you can set up a high-availability cluster with load balancing.

In this example, I’m assuming you’re a beginner, so I’ll show you how to install WordPress on a single server.

According to Oracle’s policy, you can say that unlimited time is free, but it may change in the future. It’s up to them to decide. See this Oracle FAQ link for more information.

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

Oracle offers free servers and Linux-based operating systems, not just Windows operating systems. This is appropriate because Microsoft charges quite a lot for its Windows OS.

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So if you consider it absolutely free, we should be fine with that. No worries as WordPress is not fully compatible with Linux servers, even other hosts use Linux based servers.

Or what is range? Submit to get free domain information and know more details about domain names. But remember, the free domain is only for 12 months and no .COM domain.

For testing purposes, free domains are fine, but if you need WordPress for production. It’s best to start shopping at a very low price to avoid extra work.

This section explains how to install WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04 step by step, so you can easily install WordPress.

How To Install WordPress Locally On Windows, Macos, And Linux

Now you understand that you can get a free Linux server. So Ubuntu is a Linux-based OS that hosts web applications like WordPress.

Watch the video tutorial below for how to create a virtual server in Oracle Cloud and how to troubleshoot known authentication issues using Putty SSH.

You get a free virtual server from Oracle with only 1 GB of memory, so first I will show you how to increase the virtual memory of your server for free.

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

This method also applies to Linux server services from other providers. If you have free disk space you should try this. Ways to Increase Linux OS Server Memory

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So the trick is that we reserve a dedicated space on the server hard drive that acts as physical memory. I am using Canonical Ubuntu 18.04 for this test.

You can check this post for step-by-step instructions on how to convert file sizes in this step.

I recommend using the Bitnami WordPress Theme, which provides updated one-click settings for several of the following programs, including WordPress.

The Bitnami WordPress cluster offers a variety of solutions for installing WordPress in a Docker container or on-premise or multi-tier cloud.

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We’ll first use a Linux local installation on our Oracle server, and in the next section I’ll show you how to install WordPress on Docker.

It will then run a wizard to get all the required content such as installation path, language, component installation, credentials etc. for WordPress.

If you use Bitnami’s other deployment options you can choose virtual image .OVA format. VMware Player or VirtualBox.

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

Now that you need a great theme, you need to consider where and how to install the WordPress theme.

How To Install WordPress On Complete Tutorial In English (free Hosting)

I recommend you to install the following OceanWP theme for your business or personal blog here. This style will fulfill all your blogging needs.

I’ll explain how to install WordPress plugins, which are very important and must be on your WordPress site.

Even if your website is new and empty, you will be notified in your dashboard how many times it has been tested. Its free version is sufficient for basic security.

You can use this free version of the plugin to schedule and restore automatic backups, as well as transfer backups to Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email + others)

How To Install WordPress On Namecheap

Cloudflare provides CDN, DNS DDoS, firewall and security. Thanks to the CDN functionality, your website can be accessed quickly from anywhere in the world.

It also provides a proxy feature that hides the IP address of your WordPress server.

With the free version, you’ll find that you get free SSL for your WordPress site to access the HTTPS protocol and many other features.

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

I’m saying this because any application has a lot of benefits when installing WordPress or installing containers. Let’s find out what the main benefits are if you don’t know.

How To Install WordPress Using Softaculous

It installs WordPress with default credentials, which you can change after going to WordPress wp-admin page -> Users (/wp-admin/users.php)

If you are not familiar with Linux and are looking for how to install WordPress on Windows. I then navigate, which is very easy due to the GUI setup.

Make sure that the IIS installed on the system is not using the same port or configured to a different port accordingly.

Then open http://localhost/wordpress and enter the database name you created and provide the credentials in the installation guide.

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If you still ask how to install wordpress on localhost. It can then be installed and tested on your local system using the same steps as installing WordPress on Ubuntu or Windows.

WordPress can be installed on most OS platforms. So learn to install locally first before preparing your production environment.

This section on how to install WordPress with cPanel is another setup guide. You get it from a hosting provider like Bluehost, Namecheap, Godaddy.

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

If you have purchased a shared plan, you may not be able to access the server. That’s why you’ll find that hosting companies use cPanel to allow customers to install WordPress and manage their hosting plans.

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You get cPanel with almost all hosting platforms. So in that case you don’t have to worry and it doesn’t require any complicated planning.

In this post you will know how to get free lifetime free server and increase your memory. How to Install WordPress on Ubuntu, Windows and Docker Containers

For testing purposes, you can install WordPress locally and install it in 1-click via cPanel on your hosting provider’s server.

We will keep your data private and only share it with third parties who perform this service. Read our privacy policy. It’s easy to create a WordPress website with it, and it’s free. This company is a child company of Hostinger, and if you want free hosting, 000WebHost can be a good choice. However, with the free plan, some resources may not be enough for your needs, and if you want to include some advanced features, you can purchase it. This article will show you how to install WordPress on 000WebHost.

How To Install WordPress On Localhost (5 Easy Steps)

000Webhost provides an excellent tool that helps users install WordPress with just a few clicks. No prior knowledge of setting up databases, servers, or anything else is required. Log in to your 000wehost account and the app page will appear.

Several options windows will appear on the screen, where you need to set your admin username, password and choose the language to install.

It’s that simple. Once the installation is complete, you can login with your username and password to create your website.

How To Install WordPress On Free Hosting

The second way to install WordPress on 000webhost is to install it manually. This is a more advanced method, but still pretty easy.

How To Install WordPress Manually Using Ftp? New Easiest Way

For this visit WordPress official website – and download the latest version of WordPress.

Now check and upload the public_html folder and then extract your version of WordPress that you downloaded from the official WordPress website.

There is no need to create a database with Your hosting provider will do it automatically for you.

Now open the browser in a new browser tab and the administrator will ask for some details like your username, password and email address. Just type them in and hit the “Let’s Go” button, and you’re ready to build your website.

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